Which 5 graffiti walls will surprise you in our Madrid street art tour?

Sr Irregular captured a moment of our street art tour

The work of emergent & well known graffiti writers is explained in this article by Patricia, our weekdays street art tour leader. She shares with our audience, the most mindful artworks in Lavapiés district. Check them out!

  • Roc Blackblock
  • Mazilax
  • Concreto Street art
  • El Rey de la Ruina
  • Mauro Entrialgo

1-. ‘They wanted to bury us but didn’t know we are seed’ by Roc Blackblock.

street art tour visited Esta es una plaza
Photograph taken from Roc Black Block’s artwork at Esta es una Plaza

Roc Blackblock is a Catalan artist who graduated in graphic design. He has mastered in stencil art, creating impressive murals since 2012. Roc’s artworks talk about Spain’s lost memories, especially those from the XX century and social movements nowadays active.

What do we talk about it during our street art tour?

It is in this wall where you can see what do two members of the Republican militia (a group of citizens who fought against Franco during the Spanish Civil War) look like.

On top of the picture you can read the sentence, “They wanted to bury us but they didn’t know we were seed” and the main figures are represented by an army man holding a little boy, which implies they might relatives.

R2hox picture of Roc Black Block
Family members from the Republican side during the Spanish Civil War

In our opinion it talks about the aftermath of the Civil War in which hundred thousands were buried in common graves.

This is a powerful message. To us, it means that when you try to shut a social rebellion down with violence, it becomes more powerful. Its message extends even more strengthfully. 

Where is it located? 

Roc’s artwork is located inside the walls of a self managed urban garden called Esta es una Plaza. You may find this spot at Calle Doctor Fourquet, next to Galeria Moises Perez Albéniz.

2-. Gentrification by Mazilax.

Madrid no frills picture
Leah, from Madrid No Frills captured this snap from our street art tour

Maz, or Mazilax, is Galician born artist whose work is completely linked to Lavapiés, our fetiche neighborhood. You’ll be able to see at least three of his pieces during our street art tour. 

He seems to be interested in being critical with all the different contradictions of the current’s Spanish society. That’s a soulful artist right there!

Which references could we point in Maz’s artwork?

Mazilax as captured by R2hox
Green colors are Mazilax signature. This Galician artist usually paints with colorful vibes.

Gentrification is an illegally curated artwork which was articulated as if it was a comic strip. Our interpretation of this mural is a reflection of the changes which Lavapiés neighborhood has been going through in the past 30 years. 

The way it tackles all the different aspects in which a neighborhood changes makes it very special, because it can be the story not only of Lavapiés, but of every neighborhood in different parts of the world.

As you may be aware gentrification is hitting hard all around the world, Florentin in Tel Aviv (Israel), Brooklyn (New York)

How to find Mazilax open-air canvas?

This mural might be found two minutes walking distance from Tabacalera Promoción del Arte (Calle Embajadores, 49). Nearest metro station is Embajadores (line #3)

3-. Luchando por la Visa / Vida by our street art tour partner, Concreto.

Concreto as photographed by El Pais newspaper
Informative & shocking wall created by Concreto Street art for CALLE Lavapies festival.

Concreto is one of those thousands Colombian citizens who tried their professional careers in Europe. He lives in Madrid and has participated in several graffiti events and is featured during our street art tour:

  • CALLE Lavapies
  • PINTA Malasaña
  • Arte al Cubo

He works as a street art artist and as freelance graphic designer, which allows him to continue developing new skills and drawing methodologies.

What’s the analysis that the general audience could make from his work?

The illustration is divided in three parts and each of them has a story to share.

  • “Luchando por la Visa / Vida” quote
  • An image of a person carrying a bag
  • Memorial to Mame Mbayé

First of all, there exist a word game in which the artists pretends us to read “fighting for the VISA”, which refers to the paperwork required to be legally employed, but pointing at the same time that people are trying to survive at points.

Mame Mbayé was an African migrant working as a lucky lucky man in Madrid. He sold souvenirs and football jerseys in the city center, but police noticed and started to chase him & the rest of the group.

They escaped, and when they got to Lavapies, he suffered a heart attack and died. The artwork is dedicated to him.

Concreto for Arte al cubo street art tour festival
Artwork created by Concreto for the 2nd edition of Arte al Cubo festival, Madrid 2019.

What part of our street art tour covers this artwork?

It’s in the uphill that goes from Glorieta de Embajadores to Plaza Cascorro where you’ll be able to find his artistic creation. Right opposite Mercado de San Fernando, a classic food market in town.

Concreto submitted his portfolio for CALLE Lavapies and was one of the chosen artists for the 2018 edition. He painted at El Rincón Guay (Calle de Embajadores, 62)

4-. ‘Socialmente iguales, totalmente libres, humanamente diferentes’ by El Rey de la Ruina

Copyright to Oscar Guerra during the street art tour
Image published with Oscar Guerra’s permission. Copyrighted picture.

El Rey de la Ruina is a Madrid based artist, born in Catalunya, who creates both in the streets and on commission base for private art galleries and collectors.

His personal lifestyle influenced his work.

It was once he was diagnosed with enlarged heart that he started painting big hearts all around the city, including social messages which could create an impact on the pedestrians.

What’s the message implied in his 400 sq. meters wall?

The theme is clear. Women’s equal rights.

Feminism is a social movement which fights for the same opportunities for both men and women. El Rey de la Ruina used a quote by a famous activist called Rose of Luxembourg.

Socially free, totally equal and different human beings

Rose of Luxembourg

He included a broken sword which represents the breakage of a patriarchal society, and a heart which could bring into the table the ideas of love, friendship, hard work…

Street art tour collaborator, SR crew
El Rey de la Ruina belongs to a graffiti crew called SR (Super Rancios)

Where is this massive painting located?

You may photograph it in Calle Embajadores, right next to Tuu Libreria, a local exchange bookshop and Ghetto Shop, one of our spray paint providers.

Nearest metro station is La Latina (line #5) or Tirso de Molina (line #1)

5-. Street art tour ft. ‘Gentrificosaurio alquileresófago’ by Mauro Entrialgo

Street art tour first stop
El Económico. Calle Argumosa / Calle Salitre. Lavapiés, Madrid

Mauro is a well known Spanish illustrator who collaborates with several national newspapers and magazines, publishing peculiar comic stories with a satirical point of view.

Mr. Entrialgo observed that street art made its way in the art industry and applied for a position at CALLE Lavapies 2018. Lucky enough he was one of the chosen artists, and his artwork has been present at El Economico since then.

What’s our opinion about his work?

Angel Sefija en
Mauro is a 55 years old artist who was born in Vitoria, northern Spain.

It’s incredible how a painted wall could represent the neighborhood at its best exponent.

There are over 10,000 Airbnb apartments in downtown Madrid. This fact is forcing local people to move to the outskirts because they cannot afford to rent a studio in the area.

The monsters drawn by Mauro would represent big companies such as Tecnocasa or Red Piso, the devils eating homes and businesses of Madrileños.

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