Partners around worlwide street art cities

Partners from around the world

These are some of Cooltourspain's global, national and local partners

Through the years we've met several other entrepreneurs with a similar vission. We do not only share passion about street art and graffiti, but we believe there exists room for a more coloured world. Each of the different partners and art projects within this page, contributes to their local urban art communities.

Street art cities Antwerp
Street art cities

The first global online platform and app for street art lovers, hunters and photographers. Share your pictures, walls and spots with other travellers. More than that, it’s a community where to meet fellow art activists from all over the world. Don’t forget to join their forum!

liga nacional del graffiti, spain
Liga Nacional del graffiti

A unique community of graffiti artists, formed by the best writers in Spain. Only the best hiperrealist graff artists competing for the first price in the Spanish national graffiti league. Check their Twitch events all around the country! B-R-A-V-O!

I support street art
I support street art

ISSA is a non-commercial website designed to inform and support street art from all over the world. A huge database of artists, galleries, interviews, upcoming festivals and exhibitions. It’s also an independent and open sourced urban art platform run by a small team of street art enthusiasts. They’re located in several countries and driven by a common passion.

Supported street art tours and graffiti workshops

Similarly to what Cooltourspain does, there are other partners who offer daily art services for both the local and international communities. They are commited to showing their cities in a completely different way. They also belong to an Instagram in which we share relevant information about modern art. For instance, you could check the hashtag #streetartcities

lisbon street art tours
Lisbon street art tours

A Portuguese cultural and artistic project which runs graffiti and urban art services for both international travellers and locals. Thanks to Yesyoucanspray project, street art lovers will be able to get hands on through a cool workshop with local writers.

bogota graffiti
Bogotá Graffiti

Their tours are meant to be an urban experience. They’ve been in the game since 2011, reinvesting the money that they receive from their services, in the local graffiti scene. The project is run by an Aussie street artist and a Canadian graffiti writer who decide to share Bogota’s unique and prolific urban art scene.

soffia graffiti tour
Sofia Graffiti tour

First graffiti tours in Bulgaria. Guide’s mission is taking visitors to the capital’s off-the-beaten-tracks to experience Sofia’s alternative atmosphere, layered with stories and urban art. They organize exhibitions, workshops, the annual Sofia Graffiti Battle festival, and local initiatives to improve the urban space.

juma art tours
Juma Art Tours

The goal of Juma Art Tours is creating a positive and sustainable change in Cape Town. Juma promotes responsible tourism in which guests are able to make an impact, while immersing in the local culture they are visiting. Juma connects the wealth of local artists who are eager to get their voices heard to the public, and brings the tourists from all over the world to the social daily life of South Africans.

Happy Strasbourg
Happy Strasbourg

A team of independent guides who will show you the very best of Strasbourg and what does it mean to be Alsatian. Interested in the local folklore and other cultural events? Join any of their guided visits!

Awesome athens experience
Awesome Athens experiences

Kalliopi and Thomas, a young Greek couple who will grant you the opportunity to explore the different neighborhoods’ large and small streets, and access to the wonderful street art surrounding Athens. Join them on an journey if you are a passionate graffiti lover.

Professional graffiti services

The relevance of urban art around the world has made that some of these partners also ellaborate commissioned artworks for companies and private individuals. Their skills decorate and embellish street art cities in Europe, United States and other overseas countries.

Wallin Belgium

An organization led by two street art lovers which creates opportunities for artists and upgrades the streetscape. They specialize in murals and projects where graffiti is the leading actor. Creativity, transparency and quality are their portfolio most important values. Check them out!

another scratch in the wall
Another scratch in the wall

This is speally curated blog & cultural project which raises awareness about the street art and graffiti movements across Italy. They are based in Milan, where they also run urban art tours for visitors who are interested in discovering this beautiful Italian city in an alternative way.

Art in Progress
Art in Progress

A non-profit organisation which focuses on the design, development and implementation of artistic, cultural, environmental and educational events. Their main goal is bringing the contemporary Greek and international artistic artworks to the citizens of Patras.

Partners in Spain

It is thanks to other local guides and artists that we develop our services in several Spanish cities, such as Barcelona, Valencia, Málaga or Ibiza. Here you'll find more information about them, and why did we choose these sustainable and responsible projects to work with in Spain.

official guide in valencia

Guided tours in Valencia adapted to the needs of groups or individuals. Discover the most emblematic places in the city: tours through El Carmen or Velluters neighbourhood, the place where silk was produced in town.

Caminart Valencia

A group of professional tourist guides and art historians who share their time and knowledge with locals and travellers alike. They are located in Valencia, although their inspiration comes from all Comunidad Valenciana area.

Other online collaborations

frankfurt guiding architects, Germany
Frankfurt guiding architects

An experienced architect will show the cities' highlights and hidden gems, and other technical & serious information with a touch of humor.

Les visites de Theo
Les visites de Theo

Unusual tours in Paris offered by professional local tourist guides.

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