Madrid throw up graffiti

Who are the 2020 throw up graffiti kings and queens in Madrid, Spain?

According to Borja Carabante, Madrid’s urban environment & mobility head officer, the local city council spends 2.645.000€ a year cleaning throw up graffiti in buildings and roads. Moreover, it approximately costs 10.780€ a day to hire a team of 28 … Read More

modern street art lavapies

What’s the modern street art in Spain like this 2020 after the coronavirus?

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About street art in Madrid

2 New murals about street art in Madrid. Check the freshest 2020 artworks!

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professional graffiti madrid

Professional graffiti in Madrid. The #1 indoor and outdoor mural services

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urban art and graffiti bar madrid

Why would a bar use graffiti and street art in Madrid for its decoration?

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graffiti 2020

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free tour Madrid for social centers

What’s the real version of a ‘free tour Madrid’? A costless experience!

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nature street art by Sea162

From graffiti whole cars to nature street art. Meet Sea162’s landscape art!

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tag graffiti in the street walls

Everthing you wanted to know about tag graffiti in less than 5 minutes read

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political street art and graffiti

7 Political street art figures and controversial artworks observed globally.

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