graffiti letters

26 Graffiti letters & typography that you should introduce in your blackbook

According to the Spanish economic magazine Cinco Días, the online modern art industry moved 3,419€ millions last 2017. Furthermore, artists observe this boom as an opportunity to share on social media their daily inspirations. If you are an amateur painter, … Read More

art of street

Art of street dedicated in June 2020 to George Floyd. I can’t breathe

While the whole world is raising up against racism, graffiti writers are contributing to the cause with art of street. They have joined movements such as #Blacklivematters or #justiceforgeorgefloyd in order to illustrate this brutal attack in the North American … Read More

the best urban graffiti art

Most memorable urban graffiti art locations. The best 6 around the world

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art in street Madrid 2020

Top 6 Professional graffiti art in street metal shutters. Madrid’s best only!

Thanks to skillful and talented artists Madrid features one of the most avant-garde cultures in Spain. Moreover, different urban festivals in town showcase post-graffiti art in the street. Pedestrians do not only have the opportunity to observe it during open … Read More

street tour Madrid

Explore Madrid at your own pace. A street tour to wander around the city.

Among the 21 districts in the Spanish capital city, the majority of urban art decorations belong to the center. Urvanity Art and other public/private projects collaborate with the local art industry. As a matter of fact, the number of painted … Read More

how to do street art

How to do street art? 4 Steps to follow before developing your own artwork

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street art vs fine art 2020

Street art vs fine art. 3 Differences between these two modern art styles.

According to the last data research published by Statista, the TOP 5 worldwide art auction houses moved an approximate amount of $11,000M in 2018. Moreover, this boom became partially possible thanks to the street art vs fine art clash. Christie’s … Read More

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X reasons to participate in a Madrid alternative tour with local specialists.

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tour groups for young adults

#1 Offbeat tour groups for young adults in Spain. Such an experience!

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Madrid street food guide. 10 unique spots in town for alternative travellers

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