Madrid wall art is increasing. Your map should include these 5!

Madrid wall art by Boa Mistura

The cultural opportunities and experiences available to travellers getting to the Spanish capital city are countless! There are several Madrid wall art projects that you should add in your map. Pay attention!

Which are our TOP 5 street art canvases?

  • La Tabacalera indoor & outdoor walls
  • City center’s facades
  • Local street art crews developing their work in legal spots
  • Graffiti writers who belong to the international community
  • Urvanity project

Madrid wall art spreading awareness over the less favored ones at La Tabacalera

This is a very touching piece by Sr. Papá Chango, that depicts two creatures, some kind of adorable monsters, mother and son inside a cage with a very sad look in their faces. 

The bright colours the artist used for the piece gives these creatures a sense of being taken out from children’s books.

Sr. Papa Changó, another visitor at El Keller

Madrid wall art at La Tabacalera
Picture taken by Oscar Guerra/ flickr

Jair Meza is a very successful illustrator who was born in Mexico and whose work has been featured all over the world.

His fantasy-like style is constantly creating a dialogue with the viewer trying to tackle everyday’s topics. Would you identify yourself searching for happiness, or being obsessed with social media?

It’s his cartoon characters who made the connection possible!

The location of ‘Prisoners’

La Tabacalera Madrid wall art projects
One of the outdoor entries at La Tabacalera as captured by R2hox

This expressive mural is located inside an old Tobacco factory called La Tabacalera Centro Social. El Keller is the art crew who organized this collaboration between local and international artists.

Did you know that artists are invited to paint at this warehouse in a monthly base?

Getting here is easy! Take metro Line #3 and get off at Embajadores station. You just need to follow the street art decorations, the entrance is right opposite a public high school called Cervantes.

Boa Mistura, local crew in the Madrid wall art circuit.

Madrid wall art members
One of Boa Mistura crew members painting at Mulafest, MAdrid

It all started as four friends with amazing designing skills, and they are now a group of 11 people who has left their trace in countries from all continents.

They started paiting mostly with black and white colored murals, but then they went on a trip to Brazil, where something just popped in their career.

Boa Mistura has been experimenting with colour since then and they have developed a new stage in their artworks, playing with 3 dimension mural messages for us to decipher.

Where to visit their artworks in town?

Aceptando el mundo comienzas a cambiarlo
Black & White Madrid wall art created next to Alonso Martinez metro station

This mural is located in Calle Hortaleza, 113 right in between Chueca and Malasaña districts, but if you are interested in taking more pictures from this crew’s artworks, please check:

  • Calle San Dimas, 2 Madrid wall art paintings next to their studio.
  • The outdoor walls at Mercado de la Cebada, La Latina metro station.

What’s the message behind their projects?

Boa Mistura is a respected crew in the art world, who has made possible that the regular audience would fall in love with street art.

It’s their commitment to many different causes that caught people’s attention. Boa Mistura uses art as a tool for social change.

They always try to represent Spanish population problems and/or the pollution problems and their environmental consequences.

Suited men stealing each other’s wallets

Madrid wall art by the river side
Blu’s artworks will always create an impact in the observer. Picture by Oscar Guerra

One of the oldest Madrid wall art murals we have in the city centre is this one created by an Italian artist called Blu, internationally awarded within the street art community.

It shows a circle of bald men, wearing suits, alike looking and trying to steal each others wallets from their back pockets.

Who’s behind the artwork? Blu!

Blu is an artist from Italy
Close up view from the artwork developed by Blu next to Matadero Madrid.

You may have probably heard about this artist a thousand times before, but Blu’s career is long and full with great critical pieces. 

Blu is a committed artist. He does not look for fame, glory or money. He’s devoted his life to guerrilla art in a very admirable way. 

Would you leave your work to dedicate yourself only to activism? We know very little about who’s the real figure behind the name, but his prolific work proves that he’s an active artist.

Where is it? Directions to find this Madrid wall art piece!

You can find this mural in the city’s southbounds, right next to the riverside, Madrid Rio. The exact location is on Avenida del Manzanares with Calle Eugenio Caxes.

If you are also looking for some shopping, there is big mall called Plaza Río 2 next to it.

Could Madrid wall art create an impact in Spanish students?

Madrid wall art observed next to La Latina area
This graffiti wall in Madrid is located next to a public preK school

As educators we believe that the sooner kids are exposed to art, the more creative their minds will be.

Our educational street art tours in Madrid for elementary, middle and high school students, will hit several curricular goals:

  • In depth analysis of paintings.
  • Social & communicative skills in a foreign language, whether English, Spanish or French.
  • Learning about Madrid history and culture.

What’s special about these artists?

Caption taken at the former Campo de la Cebada, a unique spot in town for urban art.
  • SABEK: Alberto is a young talented artist based in Madrid whose career in the contemporary art industry is just starting. He both works in the graffiti’s illegal side, as well as for modern art fairs & galleries all around the world.
  • JM YES: an active member of SR crew (Super Rancios) who illustrates abstract designs in his paintings. You may have seen his works at Muros Tabacalera festival and few other graffiti related events in the Spanish capital city.

Where could you locate this street wall art?

In order to find this wall art piece, you will have to get off at La Latina metro station and then walk for approximately 10 minutes.

This artwork is located in the corner of Calle de las Aguas & Calle de Tabernillas.

Our opinion about Madrid wall art projects.

Cooltourspain management thinks that the city council should be more involved with urban art.


It’s true that they allow artists to paint over the city center’s facades once they have a permission and all security measures, but there doesn’t exist a single spot in town which can be continuously used by young Madrid wall art performers in order to develop their creations.

We believe that the city major should create a designed graffiti wall in each district so that local & visiting artists could freely develop their work and do not pay for fines when working illegally.

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