Feminist tour madrid

Feminist tour Madrid

Join now Patricia's feminist tour in Madrid

Celebrate the 8M spirit (8th March, International Women's Day) and meet other fellow activists from all over the world. Join our feminist tour in Madrid now and discover Lavapiés street art and the women rights' movement in the local communities you will visit. Let's discuss about what else can be done in the society to fight for equity.

our feminist tour madrid supports the LGTBI community
Support the LGBTI community

Learn what is this social movement doing in Madrid to fight for their rights. Share your thoughts about how is it compared to your home country.

the feminist tour madrid supports social equity
Aim for social equity

Our feminist tour in Madrid protests against the inequity that exists not only in Spain, but also worldwide. Learn what Patricia is doing on this matter.

participate in the feminist tour madrid
Join the local activism

There exists a group which monthly meets to discuss about the agenda and program to follow for women rights' defense. Join it now!

shout our loud for your rights
Shout out loud!

Do tell what you think is wrong! Be the change you want to see in the rest of the world. Think globally and act locally with Patricia's feminist tour in Madrid.

What are the aims of the feminist tour in Madrid?

Explain what feminism is during the feminist tour Madrid.
Feminism is a social movement and ideology that fights for the political, economic and social rights for women. Cooltourspain team members believe that men and women are equal, and women deserve the same rights as men in society.
Identify women role models in the Spanish society through history.
We will use the street art & graffiti decorations to illustrate the life of important Spanish women like Clara Campoamor, who fought for universal suffrage in 1933 or Emilia Pardo Bazán, which educational fights for rights are still remembered.
Highlight the social injustices that women experience in Spain.
It is a fact that women receive 29,3% less salary than a man working at the same job position (source: El Economist, March 2019). Is this equity? We don’t think so!
Raise awareness for the women street art in Madrid
This mostly male dominated industry requires more governmental presence and our Feminist tour in Madrid will talk to you about women’s artworks around Lavapiés area.

Meeting Point 

Teatro Valle Inclán 

(Calle de Valencia, 1)

Lavapiés metro station


The price of our feminist tour in Madrid

Walking experience
Tour around Lavapiés district
  • Starts at 11.00AM
  • + 2 hours tour
  • English language
  • Local activist as guide
Stencil graffiti
Create your own feminist artwork
  • Development of an activism symbol
  • Semi-private
  • Completely unique
  • Female artist & activist

Reviews of Patricia's feminist tour in Madrid

Patricia was a wonderful guide. She was very friendly and welcoming to everyone in our group. I enjoyed learning about the background and history of feminism in Spain and the street art in general, as well as hearing her perspective of the local communities. I learned so much in a short time and were provided with tips for other places to go and check out.
Clare reviewed her experience with us
Clare, UK
March 2019
I really recommend this alternative tour!! Sooooooo interesting and a real immersion in Madrid's lifestyle and street art.
Sabrina enjoyed our hen do in Madrid
Sabrina, France
May 2019
Patrice was a perfect person to share the history of the community and how the art was the voice and reflection of the feminist movement. It was just the right amount of time and we got to do our own graffiti. We appreciate the passion for the art and the movement.
graffiti workshop for Lina and her friends
Lina, Belgium
April 2019

from 25€ /person

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