What are the top 3 murals observed in the street art tour around Valencia?

alternative services on the street art tour valencia

Practicing sustainable tourism turned into a trend several years ago. In that sense, XXI century travellers who, eagered by their interests and commitment to discover any city alternatively, put emphasis into meeting the local communities. That’s how our street art tour in Valencia became alive. Thanks to graffiti related professionals, we’ll make sure that your dream comes true!

Not only we’ll talk to you about the problems that exist in our society, but we’ll also dig deeper into the emergent artistic scene. How familiar are you with the most famous crews and artists in town? Whether you’ve previously participated in a graffiti tour before or not, you’ll get the chance to meet fellow travellers in your same travelling purposes, which are: sustainability, feminism and political graffiti.

Along today’s article you’ll find relevant information about the services that we offer. Let a group of local guides show you the Mediterranean Sea’s capital city in a different way. Join our guided visits to explore the city center as you would never imagine.

Why should you participate in our street art tour in Valencia?

There are many reasons that we could mention. However, the guests who have previously participated in our street art tour in Valencia say that if it wasn’t because of us, they would have probably not walked around these areas. We’re very glad to hear these type of commentaries on the internet! As you’ll tell on your own, we’re very passionate about what we do. It all started as a hobbie, but we then turned it into our full time job.

Moreover, the activity may include the development of a stencil graffiti on top of an A3 sized paper, or a 100% cotton tote bag. It’ll all depend on your budget. In that way, we’ll make sure that the activity is not just listening and observing, but getting hands on. To be honest, that’s the part that usually attracts the most to our participants.

Our graffiti experiences were born in Madrid, where Javier Garcia started developing walking tours, to later expand the idea all over the country. Our expertise has been shared with people from all over the world since 2016. We’re now a team of 10+ professionals distributed around Spain: Barcelona, Málaga, Lugo…

Facts & details about the graffiti characteristics

graffiti tour valencia
Could you recall the name of this famous artist in town?

Karin has been a city guide for many years, but according to her words “it was not until I started to observe the city through its graffiti that I enjoyed the urban landscape”. She has documented the local artistic scene, and uses her knowledge to lead the street art tour in Valencia. As it happens with many other guides who collaborate hand to hand with our project, her proposal is to wander around town, focusing on the urban art pieces.

She will explain you details that not all the people know:

  • When and where do artists paint?
  • How long does it take a graffiti writer to cover a wall with his/her skills?
  • What’s the price to produce a large scale street art decoration?

For your information, graffiti is a settled culture itself. It involves many aspects, such as friendship, empowerment, respect. At this moment, it might be studied at professional schools. However, people usually learn it because of self motivation and personal interests. It might be related to hip hop music aswell.

Discussing about the longest standing walls during the street art tour in Valencia

murals observed in the street art tour in valencia
Talking about the meaning of the artwork

How do you think the artist developed the artwork in such height? How many days could have taken the artist to paint it? These and other questions are common resources in our street art tour in Valencia. We understand that there might exist curiosity in the guests’ minds. Consequently, we engage our audience through critical thinking questions. It’s not just listening, but interacting with the rest of the gruop.

It’s because our friendship with different members of the Spanish street art movement, that we will be able to give you further details about their murals. Similarly that what happens with other services, we also investigate on social media. We’very active on Instagram and Facebook. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be updated about the newest & freshest stuff.

The fact is that not only is height one of the main characteristics of a great wall, but also its longevity. Imagine you were the artist, observing year after year your artwork in the streets. Some of them even older than 10 years. Let us show you the meaning of them, creating an analysis about the message.

Artworks developed with a social message

graffiti Jwarx
Mural painted by local artist JWarx

Our street art tour in Valencia will bring into the table social aspects that might be controversial. Furthermore, it will be of our guests’ interest. If you are interested in getting to know the neighbors opinion, you may just check its streets. Political graffiti, social urban art and different events that will create an interesting discussion. For instance, this one about former Spanish king, Juan Carlos I, where you can observe him sailing on his boat called Bribon. FYI, that word is used for mischievous people.

We are a crew of multidisciplinary artists, tourism leaders and professionals with the mission to create a unique tour approach where your payments go back to developing socially impact programs in diverse communities. Did you know about our free tours in Madrid for NGOs and similar organizations?

At last, we’re interested in leading activities for curious participants. Cooltourspain was born half a decade ago, with the aim to solve a problem. That’s to say, speaking up about political corrumption, bankrumpy, social injustice, domestic violence and gentrification, among other aspects. Would you like to hear more details? Join us now! Fill up the following form to receive a tailored quote.

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What kind of organizations usually request a private street art tour in Valencia?

Please take into consideration that our street art tour in Valencia is not publicly available. That means that all bookings require previous confirmation. These alternative services are offered for groups larger than 5 participants. Taking this fact into account, we may start the activity at any given time. If you are currently organizing a trip around Spain for a group of students or coworkers, you should know that we offer two services in town.

The first tour will take place around the city center. Its meeting point is located at Plaza dels Furs, just below the Serranos Towers. A 2 hours experience around Roteros area. For your information, the group will walk divided in 15-18 maximum guests per guide. Guests will walk along Plaza del Carmen, Plaza del Tossal, Plaza de Tavernes de la Valldigna, calle San Ramón, Beneficencia and the IVAM (Valencia’s modern art Institute).

Secondly, our team members might show you what’s considered by many as the most hispter area in town. That’s to say, El Cabanyal. Once a former fishermen’s district, it now hosts cultural centers, a nice amount of street art murals and graffiti decorations, as well as the spirit of a vibrant atmosphere: music concerts, restaurants, the beach itself…

High-school students and university groups

explanation during the street art tour in valencia

So far, the highest amount of guests corresponds to young adults in between 16 and 20 years old. Whether part of the school curriculum, or during on holidays, the part of the trip in which we are in charge will amaze both them and their teachers. Our street art tour in Valencia focuses its purpose on getting their attention at all times. From the very first moment in which we meet them, until we say goodbye.

Our background as former educators, both for middle, high school students and university groups, makes us the perfect candidates to host your guided visit. We know how to interact with young minds, allowing them time to discover the Turia’s River capital city in a different and captivating way. Does it sound interesting to you? Contact us via email at info@cooltourspain.com or by phone /whatsapp +34638399784

In terms of citizenship, the highest amount of students come from France, followed by The Netherlands. They usually travel during Las Fallas, or at the end of the second semester, which is from April to June. The most common amount is groups of 50 students, although the biggest tour ever made was for 120 people at the same time. It of course included several guides, and different routes.

A unique street art tour in Valencia for MICE, DMC and incentive travelling

street art tour in valencia city
Explanation about the street art techniques

Similarly to what happens with our graffiti guided visits in Madrid, the street art tour in Valencia is chosen because of the companies’ interest in hosting a corporative event in a mild weather location. This coastal city is the perfect setting where to organize a team building experience. Would you be interested in hearing the add ons? We could even organize for you a workshop for work colleagues.

Let them engage in a different setting, where they don’t talk about their daily tasks as junior or senior staff, but talking about art. It’s nice to get to know your partners’ points of view. Our tours are offered in English, French and Spanish, although we would highly encourage you to immerse culturally with a Spanish speaking guided visit.

We collaborate with local coworkings and artistic centers where to end up the guided visit. Due to our interest of expanding the project into a nationwide sense, we’re currently looking into establishing new partnerships. Don’t forget that our walking tour might be even organized by bike. We also host these kind of services.

NGOs, and other socially involved organizations

discovering the modern art around the city
Artwork by Xemayo

Lastly, you should know that part of our revenue is later used in social causes. What’s that? We use the money that foreign and Spanish visitors pay us, in order to later offer a free street art tour in valencia. Cooltourspain is a cultural, educational, social and touristic project which hires volunteers to run the guided visits at no cost. We’ll explain the whole information without waiting for your tips. That’s not a real free tour for us.

So far, we’ve collaborated with Intress, CEPAIM, Fundación Barró. You can read further details about the services in their blogs. It’s a pleasure to know that someone who might not have the resources as to pay for a private service, may have the opportunity to enjoy this cultural experience. For instance, one of the artists that guests will see is Xemayo, a local graffiti writer who creates real masterpieces with the spray paint cans.

Cooltourspain’s opinion about the street art tour in Valencia city

If you read all the way through here, you should know that our main goal is promoting the graffiti culture. That’s the reason why we will end up this article about the street art tour in Valencia, by mentioning the necessity that exists about legal walls in town. Now!

It shouldn’t be the case that we were explaining about urban art, while others are risking their time and money. We demand the local authorities free walls in Valencia. More precisely, in each district!

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