Street art Valencia, discover what’s coming up new on 2022!

Street art Valencia at Fallas

Spain is number 1 destination for many travellers when planning their holidays. They visit cities and places all around the country, being the Mediterranean Sea one of their favorites. Discover what’s the street art Valencia like!

  • Street art artists from Valencia
  • Trendiest places to visit
  • Las Fallas, Spain’s popular festival

Are the Fallas in Valencia opening their artworks to Street art?

It’s been several editions that local falleros use street art as an artistic technique to decorate their 20 meters high burning figures.

Workshop owners observe how their installations are the audience’s favourite artworks thanks to graffiti.

Fallas Valencia will take place next 14th-19th March 2020.

A deafening sound that covers all the city. Massive wooden structures which are burnt along the different neighborhoods participating. An incredible mass of fire which is observed by hundreds of people staring at the vibrant red, orange and yellow colors.

Last editions we have seen the work of really famous urban artists from Spain.

– Okuda, most famous Spanish street art artist.

Okudart Valencia
What’s the meaning of this artwork? Let’s discuss about it!

Okuda San Miguel decorated last 2017 main Falla with colorful patterns and 3D street art. Probably the first one in the world being burnt!

Latorre y Sanz installed an 82 foot piece at the city hall’s square, which addressed the relationship between people and animals, while incorporating various symbols that the local community might have find familiar.

Martha Cooper, a famous graffiti photographer captured several images that were shared by the artist’s rooster management company, Ink & Movement.

The artist started painting three dimensional figures with his name on abandoned buildings and train tracks along Santander province, his hometown, and is now the most famous artist in our country.

– Pichiavo, representing the Street art Valencia scene.

Pichiavo flickr picture
Antonio Marín Segovia photographed this amazing graffiti wall last April 2019/ flickr

Internationally known duo Pichiavo did also have the opportunity to decorate a Falla with their vibrant throw-ups and grey illustrated god-like figures.

It was at the beginning of 2019 when they created a monumental 26-metre-high sculpture for the Fallas festival in Valencia and held their first major exhibition in the El Carme public cultural centre.

Their artworks could be defined as a mix of:

  • graffiti
  • classical art

What are the most representative areas for the street art Valencia?

Valencia graffiti
WIP Marcel Tanniche. Picture by Benimaclet ConFusión/ flickr

The city watered by the Turia River does not only feature Spain’s best paella, but also amazing urban art.

From the central market (Mercat Central) to Valencia’s modern art Institute, you will find several creations, which techniques vary:

  • Graffiti wall Valencia
  • Stencils
  • Paste-ups
  • Stickers

– Benimaclet take over by ConFusión festival

Picture of Victor Suárez , 21st October 2018

ConFusión is a group of people who share the same social values. They are coordinated by ‘Possibility’, a local association, and altogether create a unique event in Benimaclet district.

They promote the following core principles:

  • Sharing
  • Free expression
  • Total inclusion
  • Equity
  • Participation
  • Community
  • Social responsibility
  • Cooperation

Artists from different Autonomous communities join party and collaborate with their volunteer work for the Street art in Valencia.

– The city center’s street art Valencia

Emilio Cerezo
Is the cat eating people, or is it just our perception?

While graffiti is not permitted yet in the streets of any Spanish town, Valencia’s city center avenues & buildings are painted anonymously by several well-known artists in the local scene:

  • Escif
  • Hyuro
  • Deih

Who are the most active members of the street art Valencia community?

Local artists and crews are very active in El Carmen district, a gentrified area.

It was once a run-down neighbourhood in Valencia’s Old Town district, now famous for its alternative nightlife and urban art/ graffiti.

– Julieta XLF, a local artist in the Street art Valencia.

Julieta from XLF crew
You will probably observe this little lady and her animal friends all around the city.

Julia Silla is a 37 years old Fine Arts graduate from Valencia (Spain).

Viewers will observe how most of the times she includes a small girl who represents dreams. A magic world in which she is accompanied by animals:

  • A dragon
  • Goose
  • Birds

– Hyuro, from Argentina with love (1974-2020)

Hyuro Argentina
Hyuro’s murals always reflect on a social message, but she doesn’t usually include people’s faces.

Hyuro is a female artist original from Argentina, who has been adding her artworks to the street art Valencia scene since she moved in last 2005.

The majority of her artworks invite us to reflect on our daily life’s monotony, while at the same time create a different urban setting.

She now travels all around the world to participate in well-known European art events and fairs:

  • NuArt Festival, Stavenger (Norway)
  • Bien Urbain festival, Besancon (France)
  • Urban Art Museum, Salem (Massachusetts, US)

Our opinion about the street art Valencia

Murcia and Valencia probably feature the best street art in the Spanish East coast. You could rent a car in Valencia and drive there.

Visitors interested in discovering the city in an alternative way, usually check the street art in the area as some of the most famous international and national urban artists have painted a wall or performed any other post-graffiti technique.

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