What’s the real version of a ‘free tour Madrid’? A costless experience!

free tour Madrid for social centers

Differently to what other companies offer in town, our free tour madrid is completely costless. You will not have to grant the guide with tips. However, some rules apply. Are you interested in learning who could participate in our street art guided visits for free?

If you work at a social public center or at a private organization who provide educational services to less favoured community groups, you may get in touch with us.

Cooltourspain believes that there exists the possibility for a better world. Consequently, a group of volunteers will lead our graffiti experiences. It’s true that if the project would have to pay for these services, then you might reconsider the option. Still, we don’t think that the economic part should be an issue for you to enjoy Madrid in a completely different way.

Why should you participate in this free tour Madrid?

volunteer with a guided tour in Madrid

It has been proved that the young adults and teenagers who participated in these kind of experiences learnt by doing. Not only did our free tour in Madrid show them the most beautiful artworks in the city center, but it also allowed them to get hands on.

A vocational street art guide will lead the experience. He/she will scaffold the tour to the audience, according to the different cognitive levels present. We love our job and guiding others is our passion. Moreover, if we do it for a non-profit cause, the better!

What does the service include?

free graffiti tour madrid

Depending on the number of people who attend our free tour Madrid, there will be one or two guides per group. We always require that the organization’s instructors are present at all times.

The service includes a guided visit around Lavapiés district, one of the most multicultural neighborhoods in town. It will take approximately 2 hours to complete this walking tour. Please note that users on wheelchairs are welcome too!

Kick off point is set at Calle Valencia, 1. We’ll meet you by the entrance of Teatro Valle Inclan, right next to Lavapies metro station. We’ll finish at Plaza Cascorro. However, we’ll stop on the way to develop a street art workshop for our guests.

The importance of a stencil workshop during the free tour in Madrid.

stencil graffiti created on the free tour madrid

Above all, we believe that getting hands to work creates a great impact in our guests. It benefits them in all senses, both physically and intellectually. Furthermore, it helps promoting their creativity and imagination.

The stencil workshop is developed at the middle of the service. Once we visit the La Tabacalera’s walls in Embajadores square, we stop by Parque Casino de la Reina. This experience takes place in an outdoors location, so it will depend on weather conditions.

We have prepared several plastic base layers that our guests will use. They will paint with water-based spray cans and elaborate the image of a famous and relevant historical figure/slogan.

Madrid’s free tour previous participants

free tour in Madrid with volunteers

Cooltourspain was born at the end of 2016. Since then, the project has grown. Moreover, the number of both participants and workers/volunteers has increased. For instance, we hosted street art tours in Madrid for approximately 3,000 visitors last 2019.

Thanks to their contribution and payments, we can use this budget to invest on cultural, educational and social development in a local setting. The majority of our visitors are international travellers who spend their money in Madrid.

These are some of the previous organizations who have participated in our free tour Madrid:

Down Madrid

Their goal is to defend the rights and dignity of the Down community in Spain. This Madrid based organization works towards the integration in all aspects of life: family, school, employment...

We developed a free tour in Madrid for them in 2018. At the same time, we collaborated with the public Spanish TV Channel, TVE in a project called ‘De Seda y Hierro‘.

It was such a pleasure to share our time with them. We gave them our biggest effort because we know that they’d enjoy every single moment of the experience. Thanks for your time guys!

Down Madrid and Cooltourspain

Intress‘ participated in the free tour Madrid

These professional experts created an organization which detects needs and design projects for a specific audience. Intress community offers a longlife learning opportunity.

They helped over 34,000 people in 2019 all around the country. One of their planned activities was our street art tour in Madrid. As you may have seen in the picture, all audiences participate in the activities.

Redes Cooperativa

Patricia, a street art tour leader

This local project is based in Carabanchel district, although it was born in Pan Bendito. These two neighborhoods are known because of its working class level. It all started thanks to a group of women who cared about their surroundings.

The word ‘redes’ translates to ‘networks’ in Spanish language. That is to say, they coordinated a group of people who offered social care in the area. Almost 22 years of action towards cultural and educational development.

Patricia, our street art tour leader and graffiti enthusiast, was in charge of leading the group. They spent such a good time together, learning about modern art and different cultural interpretations.

Cooltourspain opinion about the free tour Madrid

As you may be aware, we consider that the term ‘free tour Madrid’ should be used accordingly. There is no point introducing the reference to a costless experience, when at last it is not. Call it however you like it, but do not use the term free.

Our group of experts and professionals are proud to support local communities through artistic experiences. If you are interested in participating in these activities on a free base, send us an email to info@cooltourspain.com

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