Wildstyle graffiti: 5 facts that any amateur writer must know about this style

wildstyle graffiti

Out of all artistic styles within our community there is one that stands out of the rest because of its complexity. We refer to wildstyle graffiti, a unique technique that is both difficult to achieve and read.

Artists have special geometric skills. At times, it’s almost impossible to decode the name written on the wall. Moreover, they include 3D shapes, arrows and other elements which increase the level.

These are the 5 most important ideas to learn and improve your artistic performances:

How to do a wildstyle graffiti?

Creating your own wildstyle graffiti requires time. If it’s the first time you practice with this artistic technique, check your timing. The more you paint, the faster you will perform. Will you try in a wall next time?

There are a few things that any amateur writer should know about the urban art and all the underground community in general. First rule, respect other artists artworks.

Later, you’ll find several ways to practice either at home or open air. These are the 3 key points that any artist should complete within a weekly/ monthly base.

1-. Practice with software on your tablet/Ipad

artwork created on an ipad
Xchange ospen (Colombia) Artist: Jeinst One

If you are into technology, then you should be using your screen with a digital pencil. There exist different programs available for Android and IoS, and tons of tutorials in youtube about how to do a wildstyle graffiti.

The most important fact is never giving up, keep on practicing until you reach a master level. It’s true that some people argue about the use of technology in graffiti, but it’s part of it.

For instance, the artists who practice with technology upgrade their services. It’s common to observe professional graffiti artists sending their resumés electronically.

2-. Wildstyle graffiti on a blackbook

painting wildstyle graffiti with markers
Kiszera Collaboration. Artist: Zera Ones

It’s the classic way to practice with wildstyle graffiti. You’ll only need good quality markers and a blackbook according to your taste. While some artists prefer them in pocket size, others choose A4.

One of the greatest feelings as an artist is to keep on observing your first drawings, while you’re on the top of the chart. It’ll never make you lose your roots & beginnings.

Likewise, these blackbooks are of a great value when the artists become famous. You can read the paper’s article about Suso33 exhibition in New York city.

3-. Abandoned buildings/warehouses

practicing on abandoned buildings
Wildstyle Graffiti near El Dos de Oro Yakima, WA Picture: Justin Hawkes

Last but not least practice belongs to painting in abandoned spots. It’s the safest way to perform your artworks, with no time given…just your skills, the wall and you!

Wildstyle graffiti requires its long sketching times. The most difficult part comes when you last have your design on the mural, ready to be covered with spray paint.

Enjoy every cap’s push, trace your marks properly, create shades and add your tag at the end. Dedicate it and photograph it to share on your social media profiles.

Wildstyle graffiti writers to follow in Spain

Similarly to what happens in other European countries, the wildstyle graffiti in Spain is spread around the whole territory. Either individual artists or crews paint, decorating both the rural, industrial and urban areas.

At the same time, wildstyle graffiti could be observed on the streets and galleries. While people pay millions for a Banksy piece, others are charged with expenses over €3000 for removing graffiti.

Aren’t you interested in getting to know who are the most renowned artists in the 2020 Spanish graffiti scene?

4-. Learning wildstyle graffiti from the best; The Crime Kings!

The crime kings

The crew name is TCK. The crime kings if a family of writers with common interests. riverpalm.comhttps://riverpalm.com Part of the team started painting in Mostoles and Alcorcón (Madrid province) in 1987. Likewise, they’re connected with the hip hop scene from the mid 1990s.

Part of the team members do have families already, but graffiti never died in their veins. It is part of their lives, they practice on blackbooks, private commissions and walls. For instance, these are some artists that you should follow.

  • Razer,
  • Tan,
  • Bear

Nak2 (Fuenlabrada, Madrid)

Spanish wildstyle graffiti
Artwork presented by Nak2 at Liga Nacional del Graffiti

This silver burner from Madrid’s southern bounds elaborates complex artworks using the wildstyle graffiti, although he has also painted model pastel before.

His artworks look like fireworks cracking in the air. A brilliant explosion of color in which the lines end up at points in arrows, a common technique used by writers.

Nak2 currently participates at the Spanish graffiti league, competing against other artists from this southern European country. Check more of his wall paintings and graffiti letters in his Instagram.

What’s Cooltourspain opinion about the wildstyle graffiti?

We love to see the artworks painted at the same abandoned spots where we practice during our free time. Part of our team members not only do wildstyle graffiti, but practice with other techniques too.

What’s your favourite artists? Is there any youtube channel that you would recommend us to follow?

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