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professional graffiti madrid

According to the data published by the Spanish Statistical Institute last May 2020, there were a total of 157.295 small and midsize businesses in Madrid. Each of these enterprises count with marketing strategies to boost their sales, but here is how professional graffiti in Madrid could increase your companies’ sales.

While experienced street art artists decorate the companies’ interior spaces with almost real artworks, graffiti writers paint the exterior walls to attract possible customers’ attention. Do you think that your guests could enjoy a better user experience if you painted your organization? Why? Why not?

Today’s article will show you samples of previous illustrations created with markers, spray paint or aerograph. Business owners called us to receive a quote, and ended up decorating their venues with professional graffiti in Madrid. These are the types of work that our skillful team members will develop for you:

What kind of artistic artworks could we develop in interior places?

landscape painted on wall
Lake landscape painted in a living room. It looks as if you were right there!

Cooltourspain team members are in charge of developing professional graffiti in Madrid. We will adjust to your requirements and needs, offering at all moments a tailored service to your indoors locations.

The materials used when working in an interior place vary from those we operate with in exterior locations. For instance, we use water based spray paint so that the smell doesn’t affect your daily job. Our artists don’t bother to work while others are doing the same!

Please check the following illustrations we have developed for other customers who were interested in decorating their businesses.

Professional graffiti at homes in Madrid and province

Japanse graffiti panoramic view
Japanese building and the sunset over Mount Fuji

Whether you are interested in decorating the living room, the kids room or your garden wall, Cooltourspain will paint a mural as if it was almost real! The decoration might be developed using different materials, according to your budget.

As you may observe in the images exhibited in this article about graffiti art, the quality of the artworks speaks up! Moreover, you should know that our customers’ satisfaction is one of the most important values when working for others.

The professional graffiti in Madrid is oriented for families who are interested in decorating their home with mural art. Are you willing to add some art to your daily life? Are you a home based freelance tired of observing the same old canvas for years?

Modern art for bars and restaurants

Interior decoration for a bar
Asian figures and typography in a restaurant wall

Next service refers to interior murals drawn for the hospitality industry. Local, national and international cuisine restaurants have observed the power of street art. Consequently, they request professional graffiti in Madrid for their venues’ decoration.

Depending on the spot’s size, we could develop larger or smaller artworks. Furthermore, our creative proposal will align with the business’ strategy. The design concept brought to the bar or restaurant will boost your sales. Isn’t that a great marketing opportunity?

The majority of our customers do have a previous idea of what to do, but in case you’re doubtful about it, we’ll offer you our opinion through three different presentations.

How do professional graffiti artists paint outdoors in Madrid?

Graffiti artists make use of multiple resources to paint outdoor walls. From cherry pickers (also known as scissor lifts) to ladders, rappelling or roll painting. In other words, their abilities to work open air proof that professional graffiti in Madrid might be observed as the perfect opportunity to highlight any business in the city.

Certified professional artists and muralists have been collaborating with Cooltourspain since 2016. More than 100 businesses have decorated their facades and warehouse walls with the most talented urban art.

Some of our artists roster artworks made it to the local newspapers. The new aspect that some organizations now feature, shocked the general audience. It created a completely different urban landscape!

Professional graffiti murals for businesses of all kind

Mohamed Ali professional graffiti in Madrid
Graffiti decoration for a gym & boxing club in Madrid

A painted mural could add a modern atmosphere to your company. If you’re a business owner, you should think from the customer’s point of view. Would you like to step in a place with a beautiful artwork at the entrance? Of course people do!

Law offices, ecommerce platforms and mechanic shops have already added some color to their stores and offices. Some of them have even joined our team building activities for employees. They are a good way to make people work as a group and develop collaborative tasks.

After the project is studied by our artistic department, one or several artists from Cooltourspain will be in charge of painting the walls that customers request. You can check more details about our staff in the following link.

Enterprises which paint their commercial exteriors

professional graffiti Madrid services
Wellness center decorated using typography and natural symbols.

Our artistic approach will highlight from warehouses to mid sized shops. Would you like to see your companies’ slogan painted in the store front with big letters? For instance, we could use calligraffiti techniques to decorate them, or use figurative decoration to complete the commercial exterior project.

Public art is often referred as a great technique to get people’s attention. Furthermore, hand painted murals for shops give the wow factor to commercial and retail exterior spaces. Did you know that durable spray paint materials are used for outdoor decorations?

Companies’ presence stands up in the streets when they are painted entirely. Professional graffiti artists in Madrid will provide a customized service, attending both to your needs and budget.

Roller shutters for shops

professional graffiti Madrid shop

Last but not least service refers to roller shutters hand painted. Our staff’s craftsmanship special! Decorate your business with the brand’s logo and a catchy quote to attract customers’ attention. If you are interested in improving your company’s’ visibility, what best than doing it with street art?

As you may be aware of, there are taggers and ‘bombers’ all around the city (the term refers to graffiti writers developing illegal painting). They usually paint over unpainted metal shutters.

If your business shows tags or throw-ups (bubble graffiti letters), you should use street art to add a new look to your organization. That’s what we did. Javier’s artwork changed how our bar front looked like!

Antonio Pastor, Cerveceria del Rio (Calle Palafox, 25. Madrid)

What’s the process to hire Cooltourspain’s professional graffiti services in Madrid?

You could use three different ways to communicate with us. For example:

Your request will be processed by Javier Garcia, Cooltourspain’s CEO. He will ask you several questions regarding your request. We normally offer three quotes so that you can choose according to your budget.

  • What are the walls dimensions?
  • Is it an indoors or outdoors artwork?
  • What’s your dream decoration?
  • Tell us more details about your business, its audience, what do you want to achieve.

How does Cooltourspain deal with payments related to professional graffiti in Madrid?

At first, we will inform you about the pricing. There are three different quotes, according to the artworks’ difficulty.

  • Basic price: logo + slogan with spray paint.
  • Medium quality: high definition graffiti wall with spray paint or aerograph
  • Top service: ultra detailed artwork with a mix of acrylics, spray paint and aerograph. There exists the possibility to add a special coating to prevent extreme weather conditions and vandal graffiti (*).

Once you choose the service, we will create a digital sketch to show you. It will illustrate what kind of artwork could we develop. If you agree on the decoration, pricing and terms, our work will start.

50% down payment is required before the project’s kick off point. By the time the artist finishes the whole decoration, you’ll submit your second payment.

(*) There exists a supplement for coating materials.

What’s the payment process like?

Cooltourspain offers several payment possibilities. We accept the following methods:

  • Bank Transfer to Bank Sabadell.
  • Paypal payment
  • Credit/debit card (visa, mastercard…)
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