How is the urban mural art changing the landscape of 5 Spanish cities?

urban mural art

Landscaping has changed enormously over the past decades in Spain. Whether we focused on touristic cities, or less famous locations, the urban mural art is a frequent tool used to improve how the streets look like.

According to a paper research published by, “cities are subjected to a strong human influence, and management decisions have profound implications for the ecosystem’s function.”

In the same vein, street art artists may indirectly control people’s minds. Their masterpieces get pedestrian’s attention, creating a particular critical thinking attitude:

What are the urban mural art’s main characteristics?

As the street artworks’ relevance increases day after day, it is important to point out what are the key features about urban mural art. Could we affirm that the graffiti community aligns the 17 Global Goals for sustainable development?

At a rough guess, contemporary art decorations may be found in the streets of over 500 Spanish cities. For example, from north to south & east-west, citizens with different beliefs will judge if the messages conveyed within the walls created a real impact on them.

Moreover, the connection that artists create with local communities shows how important it’s to state the XXI century problems.

1-. It may create a positive impact into people’s daily life.

disconnect from technology
Street artwork created by ‘El Rey de la Ruina‘ in Tetuán district, Madrid. 2020

Imagine you’re feeling blue because of the Covid-19 pandemic global crisis, and you suddenly stumble across this beautiful pattern decoration. How would you feel after reading the message created by the artist?

It was developed by El Rey de la Ruina at one of the most multicultural districts in Madrid city. Wouldn’t you say that there is a positive message conveyed within this mural urban art illustration? In other words, doesn’t graffiti help to embellish the cities?

How many hours per day do you spend in front of a screen? It’s the graffiti writer’s call to stop depending on technology. Furthermore, it should be us who control social media, not oppositely.

2-. Urban mural art frequently includes climate change in its topics.

urban mural art with a pro environmental attitude
Graffiti mural painted by Dadospuntocero in La Bañeza (León) for Art Aero Rap festival. 2020

After that, we should think about the place where we live. Are we running out of time to prevent a global natural disaster? What are human beings doing to prevent the Earth’s animals and plants disappearing? How do mural urban art artists help raise the awareness on this critical topic?

For instance, we could point to DadosPuntoCero. This graffiti writer from León usually includes recycling and other similar themes in his artworks. Have you analyzed the wall’s message about climate change?

He painted an opened hose which leeks tiny amount of water. Next to it, you’ll see a small flower which grows from the ground of an abandoned lot. Are ponds and lakes in our country low on water?

3-. Graffiti used to prevent high school dropout rates & educational motivation

urban mural art with educational purposes
Nauni in front the wall he painted at a public library in Puerto de Mazarrón (Murcia)

What’s true about the Spanish educational system, and other public sectors in general, is that there’s room for improvement. Moreover, kids and teenagers in our country are among the less rated in European scores. How could urban mural art help them?

For example, we should mention Nauni, a graffiti writer born in Girona and raised in Almeria province. He painted in the facade of a public library to attract kids to reading more often!

It’s common to see students participating at graffiti workshops, where they put into practice their drawing skills as well as communication techniques to express their own ideas.

4-. City councils promote tourism among visitors thanks to street art.

incredible mural graffiti art
Calligraffiti & hiperrealist artwork by Moxaico

Last but not least, you should take into consideration that urban mural art acts as a great resource to attract visitors to certain given areas. Cities like Málaga, Madrid or Barcelona use it to offer travellers alternative opportunities to discover the city’s lifestyle.

Similarly to what happens in other capital cities, there are private companies who offer street art tours, either walking or by bike. Furthermore, people chose these experiences because of their quirky connotation.

Other aspects to take into account about mural urban art

First of all, we stated the characteristics related to the millennium goals. However, they are not the only ones. Mural urban art, when observed as a professional job, features other key aspects.

Above all, artists’ experience will depend both on outdoor projects and studio time. They do not only paint in murals, but also in canvas! Have you seen what they’re capable of?

It helps muralists boost their career!

mural art by Sovry
2.75 7.5 mt wall painted by Sovry de Sovrino

On one hand, we could observe what artists do because of fun. That is to say, ‘for the love of art’. On the other side, we have to understand that they do have to earn their livings too! That’s the reason why they offer professional graffiti services for businesses and individuals.

While bars, restaurants and stores of many different kinds request their skillful job, other artists focus on team buildings and events for big corporations. As you may observe, the industry is huge! They even tattoo!

Mural urban art that moves from the streets to art galleries

From the streets to an art gallery
Artistic experience. Picture: Rose Rocksie SM

One of those workshops was taught by the famous post-neocubist Spanish artist Belin. He gave a masterclass to fine arts students at Murcia University. They learnt that it is possible to move one’s’ career from painting graffiti in abandoned places to sell your artwork to Foundations and art galleries.

There exists an interest from private collectors to learn about the underground & emergent artists’ community in Spain. Subsequently, the contemporary art circuit includes year after year the artworks created by post-graffiti writers.

What’s Cooltourspain opinion about the urban mural art?

We believe that there should exist more commitment from public institutions to create a street art network in the country. Local city councils usually count with the collaboration from artists, but how many cities do count with legal walls for graffiti writers to paint?

Consequently, we would like to request more visibility for our industry. We are not vandals, we do art!

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