What’s the best modern art gallery Madrid? Discover it now!

Photography of a modern art gallery Madrid

Art lovers often find uncomplete a self-guided visit in town, thus they contact us for an urban art tour. Luckily for those tight budgets, we wrote a quick guide so that you can find your way around the local scene of the Modern Art gallery Madrid.

Do not miss the following information about Spain’s capital contemporary art movement:

  • Galleries and museums worth to visit.
  • Modern Art fairs and post-graffiti events.
  • People involved in the industry

What’s the modern Art industry in Madrid like?

Local emergent artist studio
Estudio Olabarria & de Sande located in Calle Nicolás Morales, 35

We interviewed our staff and close street art artists/friends to find their opinion. Let’s get into details:

Could you identify the local artistic background?

Madrid has a very active and lively art scene. It’s in the Golden Triangle of Arts where you can find three museums: El Prado, Thyssen Bornemisza and Reina Sofia. From time to time, I also visit a modern art gallery Madrid in Doctor Fourquet street .

Patricia, Lavapiés’ street art guide

Cheap rental agreements in Lavapiés area opened the way for new indoor venues. A lot of them settled in 1980’s, bringing new and different concepts/ initiatives to Madrid’s artistic circuit.

What’s the difference between a gallery and a museum?

modern art gallery madrid city
R2hox captured an image of E1000’s artworks at VAVA Gallery.

A gallery is the place where you will be able to purchase an artwork, whereas a Museum is not set up with a commercial purpose.

Both locations will offer you the opportunity to observe artworks with an educational purpose, but it’s in just one of them where you can purchase creations.

We’re used to think that galleries are places where you can go see art (free of charge), but it is also a location where curators (art critics who organize exhibitions) can discover new artists and meet fellow collectors (people who buy art).

A gallery is a place to buy and sell art.

How does a Modern art gallery in Madrid work?

Swinton and Grant gallery, Madrid Embajadores area
Italian artist Alice Pasquini. Picture by R2hox. Spray paint & markers over a traffic signal.

We could refer to two different agents involved within a Modern art gallery Madrid:

1-. The figure of the gallerist and his/her assistants (Staff members of a Modern art gallery Madrid)

  • They are in charge of the galleries’ management, as well as the side experiences to promote new exhibitions.
  • Artists’ roster: representing the local/national/international art community.
  • Attending Art Fairs with a selection of emergent artists.

2-. Modern art artists

modern art artists
‘1941’ was the name that received E1000’s solo show.
  • An updated portfolio is required to be known in the modern Art gallery Madrid world.
  • Once a relationship is established between the gallerist and the artist, the gallery starts selling their art through the gallery’s contacts. (The commission can take at times up to 60% of the total value)
  • Group exhibitions are welcomed but solo shows are considered of a higher standard in the global art circuit.

3-. Last but not least, the buyer

  • People who love art and have the resources to buy it. They are known as collectors, and they often find new artists through a modern art gallery Madrid.

Where can you find a Modern Art Gallery in Madrid?

ARCO international contemporary art fair in Madrid
Julian Stallabrass photographed visitors at ARCO Madrid / flickr

Whether you are visiting the city for the first time or you are a local interested in discovering a Modern Art gallery Madrid worth to visit, we would also recommend you checking the following events:

– Modern art fairs Madrid

Let’s check the events where you will find all modern art galleries in Madrid in just one single spot. Convenient, isn’t it?

  • ARCO: the most renowned Madrid Art Fair. It has an international & long-standing reputation since the first edition was celebrated in 1982. A must for any modern art gallery Madrid
    • When? 26th February- 1st March 2020
    • Where? IFEMA exhibiton center (Av. Capital de España, 7)
    • Price? From 20€
  • Just Mad: a contemporary Art Fair where young artists exhibit different artistic styles: electronic music, visual art, performance, literature…
    • When? 27th February- 1st March 2020
    • Where? Palacio Neptuno (Calle de Cervantes, 42)
    • Price? 15€ general entry. 7€ for students
  • Drawing Room: a contemporary drawing Fair whose goal is to approach international collectors with the local & national artistic community.
    • When? 27th February- 3rd March 2020
    • Where? Palacio Santa Barbara (C/ Hortaleza 87)
    • Price? General 10€, reduced 5€
  • Urvanity: Madrid’s most famous urban & new contemporary Art fair. Artworks from the Spanish most famous post-graffiti artists are exhibited & for sale.
    • When? 27th February- 1st March 2020
    • Where? COAM- (C/ Hortaleza, 63)
    • Price? 10€
  • Art Banchel: A sui generis young Art Fair that allows the general audience to explore art studios of local artists working in Carabanchel neighborhood, a working class district in the southwestern suburbs.
    • When? TBC May 2020?
    • Where? All around Carabanchel district
    • Price? FREE

– Modern art gallery Madrid map

modern art expo

If you are not in town for the artistic season (end of February/ beginning of March), or you just want to do a self-guided visit to any Modern art gallery Madrid, these are the spots that we would recommend you to check:

  • Swinton & Grant (Calle de Miguel Servet, 21)
  • Los artistas del barrio (Calle de las Dos Hermanas, 24)
  • Delimbo Gallery (Calle Doctor Fourquet, 30)
  • La Causa Galeria (Calle Jesús del Valle, 27)

What’s our opinion about the Modern Art gallery Madrid?

As graffiti and street art lovers, Cooltourspain supports young creators and emerging artists that come from the more rebellious side of Art.

We can nowadays observe how any given modern art gallery Madrid is realizing that there is a whole new world of opportunities in this art expression & industry.

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