7 Street artists names to have in mind for a school paper

The world's most famous street artists names

Are you a student currently working on a paper related to graffiti and urban art? Then you should check out the following street artists names.

Their careers and fame made them do it to the top of the list:

The most famous British Street artists names at all times.

Whether you have travelled or not to the UK, you may have seen these street artists names on the news. Are they familiar to you?

1-. Banksy, the world’s most famous urban art artist.

Banksy street artists names
Is it the UK making it out of the European Union? Let’s see what happens with Brexit.

If there’s someone who doesn’t need an introduction that would definitely be Bristol born artist Banksy

Something he’s done quite well until now is to keep his identity in secret, even though you can find a lot of theories about him.

For example, some people think he could be Massive Attack’s front man Robert del Naja.

Despite the massive media attention he’s got so far, Banksy has made his way up to be respected in the street art community with sharp and critical artworks.

He’s also travelled the world and addressed different tragic political situations which proves that he cares about what’s affecting people worldwide. 

His artistic representations are performed by using the stencil art technique, inspired by other street artists names like the French, Blek Le Rat.

A hotel with views to the wall

Banksy hotel in Bethelem
The walled off hotel might be considered as the hotel with the worst view.

Banksy’s Walled off Hotel is probably one of his boldest initiatives.

Unlike Dismaland, a very distressing amusement park in which Banksy represented all the modern world problems, The Walled Off Hotel is actually a permanent exhibition space.

The Hotel is located on the border between the West Bank and Israel, in Bethlehem. You could find all sorts of artworks by Banksy:

  • A lounge with stencil artworks
  • A Bar / Restaurant featuring Banksy’s prints
  • A museum where palestinian street artists names are on display.

Banksy kept the whole project’s preparation in secret. The hotel workers were very coherent with its spirit.

2-. D*Face, comic based pop-art

street artists names and characters
English multimedia street artist D*Face, Bushwick Collective, Brooklyn

Dean Stockton is one of kind. Despite being one the world’s most famous street artists names from London, UK, he hasn’t forgot the NYC’s graffiti roots that influenced him.

D*face started his activity in the graffiti world by glueing hand painted stickers all over London, but he’s experimented with different media throughout his career:

  • Spray painting,
  • Stencils,
  • Wheat paste posters

This British man’s artworks have been inspired by Sheppard Fairey’s comics aesthetics and by other street artists names such as Roy Lichtenstein.

Mr. Stockton’s art is absolutely critical with capitalist societies and their influence on our lives. What do you think about him?

Who are the popular French street artists names?

Similarly to what happens in England, there exists several other street artists names/ collegues who are really famous in France.

3-. Blek Le Rat, street art history.

Blek Le Rat
Artist #WIP Blek Le Rat

Xavier Prou, also known as Blek le Rat is a Parisian artist who is considered to be the father of the modern stencil movement in the Graffiti and Street Artists names.

Born in 1952, Xavier had a classic art education in a Fine Arts school. He started creating art in the streets with the stencil technique.

Did you know that he has greatly influenced artists such as Banksy and Shepard Fairey? Blek has always stayed true to his responsibility to address unfair situations everywhere he goes.

4-. JR, known because of his political posters.

photography street art prints
Street art installation by JR in Los Angeles, US

French artist and photographer JR, whose real identity remains unknown to us and many others, is another of the big street artists names that has worked his way to the top.

From Paris, he has become well respected because of his giant-sized installations and posters boards all over the world.

Since JR is both a photographer and street art artist, you can definitely enjoy realism at its best with his giant art pieces.

He has travelled to many countries and he is committed with many different causes. His giant photographs are realistic portraits of the inhabitants of the chosen location.

For example, the project “Wrinkles of the City” is one of JR’s most notorious projects. He added pictures of some of the town’s older generations in almost derilict places.

Other important post-graffiti artists around the international scene.

Let’s keep on adding street artists names to the list:

5-. Blu, from Italy with love.

Blu, street art from Italy
Graffiti wall in Berlin, Germany, decorated by Blu.

Blu is one of those street artists names familiar to those passionate with muralism.

His identity has always been kept anonymous and Blu doesn’t consider himself as a star within the modern art industry. He is just a spokeperson for many others!

Huge murals with different social topics decorate buildings all around the world. Blu’s most epic action was in 2016 when he decided to get rid of 20 years of his own artwork in order to avoid the capitalization of these walls through its exhibiting during an art show/fair.

Blu’s style is very unique, often representing a bald, suited men who in our opinion, could be representing the 1% that holds the world’s biggest wealth.

6-. Os Gemeos, Brazilian masters.

Street artists names, Os Gemeos
Famous building in Lisbon, Portugal.

Os gemeos is an artists’ duo created by Otavio Pandolfo and Gustavo Pandolfo, both twins from São Paulo (1974).

These brothers have developed a code of symbols attached to each other which that talk about daily lives in the modern Brazilian cities, where there exists a noticeable class division.

 You can easily recognize them because they paint characters with lemon green faces.

These duo are pioneers not only as Brazilian street artists names but also worldwide. They have been active since the 1980’s. It’s with them that the Brazilian folklore has turned into the development of a very specific style.

7-. Above, upwards all the way.

Nashville Mural Hunt 2017.
Artist: Tavar Zawacki and his famous upwards arrows

Tavar Zawacki (also known as Above) is an American born, nowadays Berlin based artist, known internationally as a consecrated contemporary artist. But, did you know he started doing graffiti?

He started painting trains and at young age moved to Paris in the year 2000. It was by then when he created this unmistakable symbol which has made him famous worldwide: The arrow. 

Above has painted his signature/ arrow over 60 countries all over the world. This ‘pointing upwards’ symbol has a very interesting message, to rise above any obstacle or situation we need to face in life as human beings and societies.

Above’s up facing arrow can also remind us to look outside the box, instead of keeping our eyes down all the time.

Since 2017 Above has been using his real name to create an artist career in which he’s developed more of a geometric abstract art.

Cooltourspain’s opinion about the street artists names

Banksy graffiti street art
One of Banksy’s famous artworks

Despite we introduced you to the most famous street artists names around the world, there should always be a place for the emergent and upcoming ones, and for equal rights.

We’d like to recommend you check the following names, all female figures:

  • Lady Pink
  • Maya Hayuk
  • Indie184
  • Alice Pasquini

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