This expo brought a graffiti from Banksy to Madrid. Is it still on?

graffiti banksy madrid audience

Círculo de Bellas Artes (Calle de Alcalá, 42) will host the world’s most famous street art artist unofficial solo show. The exhibition, which shows the graffiti by Bansky in Madrid, will open in November at this local cultural center.

“BANKSY: A Visual Protest” is an expo curated by Alexander Nachkebiya. According to his words, “the organization pretends to help participants develop their own idea. Is it art or vandalism?”. Is he the world’s most famous vandal or one of the most successful entrepreneurs?

For instance, the show will offer a new opportunity to visit:

  • Over 30 original artworks,
  • Limited edition prints,
  • Artistic installations, sculptures and videos about the artist,

What should we explain about the graffiti by Banksy in Madrid?

original artwork by graffiti banksy madrid
Money Parliament. Picture by Oscar Guerra

First of all, we should start with a brief introduction about the British artist. The graffiti Banksy Madrid exhibition is not only a chance to see his artworks, but to also understand what’s behind his artworks. Does the general audience know his real name?

Furthermore, his artistic performances are represented as a parody about politics, ethics, culture and war. Above all, he uses stencils to get the audience attention.

For instance, his fellow artist Shepard Fairey catalogued Banksy’s illustrations as a metaphor which goes beyond linguistic barriers. “They are simple, accessible and brilliant.”

These are his most famous (and expensive) artworks.

volvo decorated truck
Street art performance by Banksy over a Volvo Truck
  • ‘Turbo Zone Truck’ is the world’s most expensive Volvo F6. Banksy decorated it with flying monkeys and different tech hardware. Moreover, the vehicle travelled around Europe and South America to promote a circus performance and Bonhams auction house sold it later on.
  • Secondly, a $1.4 million shredded painting sold at Sothebys. What’s interesting about this artwork is that by the time it was sold to a private modern art collector, a mechanism started shredding the print placed at the canvas’ interior.
  • The hotel with the worst view. Banksy developed The walled off hotel in the controversial barrier wall which separates Israel from the Palestinian territories. It is located in Bethlehem.

Who did influence the graffiti by Banksy in Madrid?

The artist loved the graffiti letters developed by American writers in the early 1970s. Young creators developed their tags in an illegal way, and that’s probably what keeps Banksy creating his artworks.

Likewise, the graffiti Banksy Madrid offers the audience a community feeling. It’s somehow a countercultural movement which evolved enormously in the past years. However, it kept the same feelings as its beginnings.

Apart from that, the hip hop and the underground punk musical industries influenced the artist. Banksy quotes the “minor players” and the “beautiful losers” in his artworks.

Who are the organizers behind the graffiti Banksy Madrid expo?

graffiti banksy madrid
Two participants photographing the particular version of the British Queen

Sold Out is a producer, promoter and organizer of all kinds of live entertainment events, creating unique experiences. For instance, they were behind the graffiti Banksy Madrid exhibition developed last year at Ifema congress hall.

Over 100.000 participants visited the exhibition, enjoying the whole experience with original artworks and other relevant illustrations.

Will you find his artworks in Madrid streets?

No, unfortunately not. The British artist has never painted in our country and the only chance for us to see his artworks is through this kind of commercial events.

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