What’s the street art in Ibiza like at the moment?

graffiti and street art in ibiza

One more season ends in the white Island, and today we are here to talk to you about the street art in Ibiza, not just about electronic music.

We are regular visitors to paradise beaches, and on our way from the apartment we always try to hunt the best graffiti around the Balearic cities.

These are some of the projects/artists we would recommend you to check:

  • Bloop Festival
  • Hosh graffiti
  • Facebook page for the graffiti community
  • Adda Gallery
  • Jerom artist

Projects currently contributing to the street art in Ibiza

festival attendees at bloop
Phlegm for BLOOP’s Open air gallery

One of the most important cities in the underground & music industries around the world is also making their way around the modern art field.

Local, national and international contributors (artists, performers, writers, curators…) are putting Eivissa in the map thanks to hard work & continuous effort.

Let’s see who they are and what are they doing.

1-. Bloop festival

Interactive installations, open air live art, and things to do with kids are among the activities you will be able to participate in this alternative festival.

Well-known artists who have participated in different editions are:

  • Said Dokins
  • Ben Eine
  • Koba.K24

Bloop festival is the world’s first celebration entirely dedicated to proactive art. It came to life in 2011 in Spain.

Every edition addresses a specific theme, which artists build their aesthetics on. Their works communicate a clear message, encouraging the spectator to reflect proactively and critically.

street art ibiza sabek

2-. Adda Gallery, curators of street art in Ibiza

ADDA is a contemporary art space founded by Anna Dimitrova and based in Paris (France) and Ibiza (Spain).

It presents contemporary artists with a focus on urban art:

  • Sabek, Madrid
  • Uriginal, Barcelona
  • Abel Iglesias, Valencia

Okuda & Remed are the next two artists with a solo exhibition of street art in Paris.

Who does represent the graffiti in Ibiza and its’ community?

Not only you will find street art in Ibiza, but also graffiti writers and a huge travel community who are interested in painting a graffiti wall in Ibiza

These are some of the most active members of the graffiti community in the island:

graffiti community ibiza

3-. Hosh graffiti

A contemporary muralist, as he prefers to define himself, who is influenced by graffiti, cartoons and pop art.

Joshua started painting graffiti in 1991 and since then he has turned into a multidisciplinary artist, with exhibitions both for the street art in Ibiza and national art galleries (Barcelona, Madrid…)

We would say that Hosh best represents the Ibiza’s old school graffiti and Barcelona’s Hawaii Computers crew.

Picture by Fer Alcala
Picture by Fer Alcalá

4-. Jerom artist

The hyper-realist figures, faces and bodies painted by this local artist have been supported by social & cultural associations from all over the island.

His arworks have a clear impact on society, and these are some of the themes in which he has recently worked:

  • Climate change
  • Stop Domestic violence
  • Feminism

One of the many pioneers for the street art in Ibiza, who has even painted Valentino Rossi’s figure.

Private collection in Ibiza by Jerom
Photo courtesy by Jerom artist

5-. Hize and Supremos crew

Hize’s lifestyle has always been related to urban rhythms and hip hop and his performance team called Supremos crew traveled all around the world to collaborate with the most famous singers:

  • Snoop Dogg
  • David Guetta
  • Spanish rock band ‘Dover’.

From a very young age, Manuel discovered that Breakin was his preferred style. He obtained numerous awards and represented Spain in Breakin International Championships .

hize hip hop graffiti ibiza

Our opinion about the street art in Ibiza

Despite the white island is known for its luxury services and the electronic music parties held from spring to fall seasons, you can still observe that the graffiti and street art in Ibiza still remains as an emergent industry.

There should be more public walls offered by the city council for young artists to color and enlighten the areas which remain plain.

What do you think?

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