Getting In Touch With Ibiza’s quieter Side

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Ibiza has long been a notorious buzzword for loud, decadent and chaotic nightlife. However, as The Guardian highlights, prominent Ibiza-going countries like Britain have offered up more of the relaxed tourist in recent years, eschewing the nightlife and hedonism in favor of exploring the quiet side of the isle. In doing so, they’ll have unearthed one of the earth’s absolute vacation gems. Ibiza has a long and colorful history that extends far past its nightclubs; between its amazing architecture, vibrant arts and culture, and world-class culinary scene, the quiet side of the island is well worth an adventure.

Architecture in droves

Oliver Thomas captured this beautiful picture in Ibiza’s villages

Historically, Ibiza was an island of great strategic importance, both militarily and in terms of trading. This rich history has led to the amazing architecture that can be seen in the Puig des Molins Archaeological Museum and the World Heritage Site at Sa Caleta, according to the official Ibiza tourism site.

This architecture has influenced modern day developments. According to insiders, the best apartments and hotels dotting the island seek to blend in naturally with the sun washed shores; they prioritize the whites and sunbaked reds of what would have been the ancient settlements, providing relaxing yet inspiring landscapes. Weary travelers can also access one of Ibiza’s best features through this principle – the beaches that provide amazing relaxation and views from essentially every corner of the island. Don’t take it for granted how the ancient architecture of the island has influenced the modern day.

Searching for art

The island boasts two types of art. In graffiti and Ibiza street art murals you can see the low-key and beautiful work of locals. In installations, such as the Forbes-featured Stonehenge, a taste of the ancient and the modern. That particular artistic monument, created by cirque du soleil founder Guy Laliberte, brings in the very modern sense of style associated with the islands while also nodding to the ancient history. It’s a testament to the enduring appeal of Ibiza and its incredible history that these installations are so poignant, and travelers stand to gain a lot from the experience of going to see them.

World-beating cuisine

Image: Luc Vlekken

The nightlife scene of Ibiza thrives on cheap food – kebabs, quick tapas, fast food. Greasy and quick, to help settle drinks in the stomach. At the same time, a dining scene that The Telegraph describes as eclectic and delectable has sprung up, providing everything from haute cuisine to laid back farm-to-table dining. The newspaper recommends El Chiringuito Es Cavallet for the best tuna anywhere in the Med; Finca La Plaza provides a quiet, relaxed, out-of-the-sun dinner that brings together the world’s delights, including babaganoush and kumquat confit.

Ibiza has access to the best seafood the world has to offer; it’s only right that its restaurants would offer that. What this shows is that this Mediterranean paradise is no longer a trip that needs copious amounts of alcohol and dance music to make fun. The quiet nature of the island and its gentle, influential history, shines through.

*Cover picture by Michael Tomlinson

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