10 Best SEO practices for a street art gallery. Rank it the #1 in Google!

picture of a street art gallery

Owning a street art gallery does not only require good personal communication skills and a long list of contact details, but an important SEO strategy.

Does your website appear first in Google when searching for ‘contemporary art gallery’ in your city? What’s your online presence? Are you happy with your status? There is way more that you could do!

Cooltourspain CEO & SEO Analyst, Javier Garcia, teaches you today which techniques should you follow to rank #1 in Google!

  • On Page SEO techniques
  • Off page strategy

On page SEO techniques for a street art gallery

The most important thing to take into account when developing any online marketing campaign is to have a plan. Create a strategy and follow all steps written on that guideline.

First of all, you should carefully choose the Theme. Cooltourspain’s website runs on WordPress and so should you. It’s easy to implement and interactive when using the right plugins.

Our website uses Embark, specialized in tours and activities. We would recommend you to build a street art gallery with Flatsome, for example.

1-. Woocommerce platform

woocommerce street art gallery spain

Secondly, have you studied how are you going to sell your products over the internet? Paying big quantities of money requires security and a good back-end system.

Customers who buy online do not only use credit or debit card, some of them also use Paypal.

Woocommerce is a plugin that could be used by a street art gallery, as well as thousands of different businesses.

2-. Quality over quantity.

Right after a brief analysis of the 3 most important street art galleries in Madrid, Spain, we observed that none of them writes on their blog. They don’t even have one!

Writing content is the key to success for any online business. You’ll never rank first in Google if you don’t feed the machine. That is, you need to write, write and write.

In addition, you should create a keyword analysis for your niche. How many people are looking each term per month? You should publish the kind of content that people are looking for. Include memes & gifs!

We recommend posts longer than 1,000 words. The best if you type 2000.

Let’s try with the following examples of what KW that you should include in your posts:

  • Modern street art
  • Abstract art
  • Graffiti art gallery
  • Contemporary art exhibition

3-. Internal linking & heading structure

SEO writing

Writing should be done according to certain parameters offered by plugins such as Yoast SEO or Rank Math. They offer free membership, or pay by subscription, but we believe that the costless one is very effective! Another possibility is to take free online SEO courses on Cursos.gold

You should add ‘Call to action’ steps. For example, see how we introduce the following button to create an impact while you are reading!

These actions should be related to the topic, always linking to your own website. Try to set them for ‘no-follow’ and they will open in a new window.

After that, pay attention to your headings. Let’s see how Cooltourspain’s street art gallery is structured. Please remember that both the main Keyword and its long tail ones should be distributed all across the article.

  • One H1 used as Title,
  • Four H2 depending on the post’s length. Try to always end with your opinion/point of view.
  • Three H3 subheadings per each of the above ones.

4-. The importance of a calendar for your street art gallery blog

Online content for cooltourspain

Articles should be planned ahead of time. It’s common to observe how webmasters and community managers structure the posts for upcoming months.

We would recommend you to post an average of two articles per week in your website, and one at a third party site (if possible). Just in case you don’t have the enough time to write and edit, do it once every week.

Street art gallerists will have more difficulties to publish if their website is written in two or more languages. Analyze your data and check the country of origin of your audience.

How many categories does your blog currently feature?

  • street art artists
  • art galleries
  • street artists names
  • street art images

5-. Good images is the clue to exhibit your artworks

Banksy Madrid

Similarly to what happens with the text in a good SEO strategy such as the one observed at Nicola Mariani’s website, publishing high resolution pictures is important too!

Your street art gallery should count with weekly or monthly publications about the artists whose artworks are featured in your business.

We’d recommend you to include at least 6 images if your feed contains 1,000 words. Add more photos accordingly !

Best Off page SEO strategies

Do not forget to quantify the amount of information you share online in other websites. We would recommend you to use an excel document in order to log your submissions.

Let’s take a look over the following steps:

6-. Submit Guest posts to fellow bloggers

On page SEO

Above all, a street art gallery might provide with professional & accurate information about artists. Why don’t you use your expertise to write for others?

You could start by entering the following KW in Google. Just wait for the results! You will obtain at least a dozen places where you could get a nice dofollow or nofollow link:

7-. Include your street art gallery in art directories

Furthermore, galleries usually represent artists who does not only work in their studios, but in the streets. Consequently, open air created artworks might be included in specialized websites.

This is the place where graffiti hunters & urban art lovers upload photographs from walls all over the world.

These are some examples that we could observe within the urban art niche:

8-. Which Social platform do you use?

Off page SEO strategy

Sharing content in social media channels is effective too. In this sense, millennial generations are always connected through their mobile devices, searching for information about anything in particular.

Besides Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, there exists other not that famous ways to promote your work. Does your street art gallery have a profile in the following ones?

9-. Pay for high DA & PA newspaper articles

If in the previous bullet points we were giving tips on free sources, it’s now time to talk about paid press notes & reviews.

Incoming links will mostly depend on your budget. You will always have the chance to start low-cost with articles edited by you. On the other hand, you could submit your anchor, the KW to attack and a few photographs so that professional journalists edit your note.

Cooltourspain frequently uses these websites to contact editors working at high DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority) newspapers. Ever heard of them?

If you are interested in learn by doing, we would recommend you Foro Beta for SEO, branding, affiliation, CRMs & link-building. It is the biggest Hispanic eCommerce community.

10-. Extra information

street art gallery

What is a street art gallery?

We define a street art gallery as a private cultural project which promotes & sells the artworks of urban & post-graffiti artists. They could either display their products online or physically in an indoors venue.

The figure of the gallery owner and his/her opinion as an expert

Gallery owners and/or curators decide months in advance which are the chosen artists for each season. Their creations are usually exhibited for two or three months.

His/her work lies in starting a personal relationship with the creator. They are not only representatives, but admirers who found a meaning in the artists’ works.

Above all, the gallery is just a medium to transport a feeling to buyers’ homes or offices. It’s the place where creators have the opportunity to show either publicly or privately their artistic skills.

How much does a street art gallery obtains for commission?

E1000 in a street art gallery
Artwork by Spanish artist E1000 at Swinton & Grant, Madrid

The percentage obtained by a gallery will be difficult to obtain. This is because street art gallery owners are reluctant to share their rates. You could estimate between 20% and 30% per artwork, but it will all depend.

What would you prefer, a person who just sells 1 canvas and gets 30% off your product, or another gallery owners who frequently sells your artworks at a 20% commission rate?

What’s the industry like?

There exists galleries of all kinds, but what could probably differentiate them is the range of prices shown. In terms of popularity, it’s not the same to purchase a renowned master piece than an emergent artist’s painting.

The street art culture observes as galleries from all over the world participate in yearly modern art fairs.

Which are the most famous contemporary art fairs?

2020 trends for a street art gallery

picture of an art gallery

Similarly to what happens with a school year, a street art gallery exhibits from September to June. From 2019 up to now, we’ve observed how gallery owners observed a trend in the following topics.

  • Graffiti crews exhibitions, for example 1UP (Berlin, Germany),
  • Muralists into smaller size versions,
  • Abstract graphic designs,
  • Graffiti photography legends, i.e Martha Cooper & Henry Chalfant

Is graffiti similar to Street art?

No, despite what many people may think it is not the same.

What are the main differences that exist between these two communities?

  • While the feelings for graffiti are related to the fast heartbeat, street art seeks for the aesthetics.
  • Graffiti is usually related to roll ups, tags with markers and spray paint whereas street art could involve paste ups, acrylics or even wool.
  • Both of them could be related to illegality, but one is trendier than the other. Graffiti is culture itself and was born way

Discover the street art gallery industry in Europe

art gallery madrid, spain
Picture by R2hox, Spanish street art photographer (flickr)

Our continent features a great industry. Street art galleries from different countries are connected with each other. Therefore, they interact, share ideas and bring artists closer to the audience.

What are the most relevant art galleries across Europe?

Street art galleries in Madrid

It is around the National modern art museum Reina Sofia where the majority of the street art galleries are located.

Lavapies is a cool, chic, multicultural and bohemian neighborhood in the city center. You will find these artsy spots along Calle Doctor Fourquet and Miguel Servet, but also in Malasaña disctrict.

Which are the places where you could buy street art and post-graffiti in the Spanish capital city?

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