Modern street art galleries in Madrid that we frenquently visit.

our list of street art galleries in Madrid

Welcome to the 2024 list of street art galleries in Madrid that any art collector should have in hand wish they decide to enlarge their private collection.

This is not a sponsored link, so please visit at your earliest convenience any of the following art galleries in Madrid city to observe the best modern street art:

Street art galleries in Madrid around Embajadores district.

First thing you should know is that the majority of the modern art galleries in Madrid are located within Lavapiés district. Why?

Reina Sofia is Madrid’s contemporary art museum and they take advantage of it’s proximity.

These are the street art galleries in Madrid that we would recommend you to visit first.

1. Swinton & Grant, book store & street art gallery.

Goyo & Sergio created, with a lot effort, a meeting point for the contemporary art in Madrid. Book shows, graffiti art exhibitions and concerts of all kinds take place at this two-store business located in Calle Miguel Servet, 21.

Why is it important for us to support this kind of street art gallery in Madrid?

  • They are cultural producers who emerged from the underground scene.
  • They bring modern art to Madrid. It’s awesome to know that European & international artists have a space where to exhibit in town.
  • They have also showcased local artwork by Dingo Perro Mudo or E1000 among others.

2-. Delimbo, a street art gallery in between Madrid and Sevilla.

Seleka and Laura Calvarro not only curate exhibitions at Delimbo, but also offer artistic residencies, allowing graffiti writers to create unique art pieces & installations; in some cases ephemeral works.

They chose Calle del Dr. Fourquet, 30 to bring postgraffiti, Urban Art and Contemporary Art to Madrid, but they also have a street art gallery in Calle Pérez Galdós, 1, Sevilla.

These are some of the artists that our guests from the street art tour in Madrid had the opportunity to meet in person at Delimbo:

  • Suso 33
  • Nano 4814
  • 3ttman
  • Sixe Paredes

3-. Los ‘artistas del Barrio‘, showing local artists’ studios.

This local project was born in 2006 with an ‘open day’ purpose. What does it mean?

Los artistas del barrio opened more than 300 local artists studios/workshops to the general audience.

It grew, and due to people’s interest in the modern art in Madrid, they opened a store in Calle Embajadores, 7 right next to El Rastro, Madrid’s biggest flea market.

Other alternative street art galleries in Madrid that you shouldn’t miss (which aren’t galleries 100%)

There are two other locations where you will be able to observe the best modern art in Madrid, which are located at unique spots.

First of them is a XIX century building where more than 3,000 women worked in the labors of the former Spanish Tobacco company.

4-. La Tabacalera de Lavapiés

It now has a completely alternative & “renovated” aspect, which makes its walls look like an illegal modern art gallery in Madrid.

If you are interested in buying art inside, from a canvas to recycled artworks, you may contact any of the workshops listed at La Tabacalera (Calle de Embajadores, 53)

Don’t forget to visit the exterior walls over Calle Miguel Servet.

5-. La Neomudejar, former railway factory.

An avant-garde center located in Calle Antonio Nebrija offers visitors the opportunity to interact with visual art, brut art or check the books of a queer book shop.

La Neo is not that known among locals (entry fee around 4€), but in the alternative art scene in town. Artists from different styles participate in residencies, selling their artwork later on at this unique -and almost- derelict warehouse.

What’s our opinion about the street art galleries in Madrid?

Last but not least, we would like to give our impression about the local scene, for which we encourage the city council’s support.

At one point, there should be more economic help & funds for those entrepreneurs who are willing to run art galleries in Madrid city, but we would also like to mention that it’s unfair for the collector and the industry in general that commission fees are close, in some cases, to the 60%.

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