How to move from graffiti & street art to contemporary gallery art.

exclusive gallery art

The contemporary art circuit has evolved in very different ways from its beginnings in the late XX century. In that sense, graffiti writers and emergent urban artists have taken advantage from the trend in order to exhibit their artworks in modern art galleries from all around the world. That’s what we call it a nice move into gallery art!

They do not only participate in events and art festivals, but also work on a commission base for private businesses. Moreover, sales representatives and art gallery owners became interested in their services because of the popularity obtained in the streets. The community is huge and some of its members are doing great things!

What are the best ways to rise your art from the streets to galleries?

Despite part of the population’s thoughts, post-graffiti artists focus their artistic skills towards embellishing the city rather than promoting vandalism. What’s your opinion on the issue? Would you accept that an artist painting over train wagons could have an exhibition in a street art museum? For your information, some of these artists use the money they make from gallery art to pay fines they receive from police and administrative authorities.

In the same vein, emergent creators mix online strategies with offline marketing techniques to reach a wider audience. The more social impact their artworks feature, the bigger popularity they might obtain from the public.

Using SEO to step up the gallery art ladder

two gallery art portraits
Jinsoo Choi / Unsplash

Whether you are about to participate in a solo-show gallery art or in a collaborative show, you need to appear in Google’s first search queries when people surf the net for “gallery art in X” (any given city). For instance, Madrid (Spain)

Search Engine Optimization is a must for painters interested in showing their artworks among specialized online magazines, newspapers or bloggers. Furthermore, you should not only apply your computing skills through social media channels such as Instagram or Youtube, but also to your own website.

Self-learners may check websites such as blackhatworld or forobeta, the Spanish language most important e-marketing forum. If you are interested in ranking #1 for Google searches, then you must appear on keywords such as “how to sell your artwork online”.

The importance of a well-structured and captivating press release

gallery art observers
Visitors photographed by Jessica Pamp/ Unsplash

Similarly to what gallery art owners do, you should count with an entertaining and attractive text to highlight your style and creative process. It’s not the same presenting your portfolio with a boring story, than doing it in a way with which the buyer would want to purchase right there a canvas from you!

What about the images you share by email with other professionals among the art circuit? Are they high resolution pictures? Do they best represent your multidisciplinary influence? Please take into account that the higher quality they have, the more they’ll help you in the selling process.

Involve your artworks with the community

As the society in the XXI century worries about the local, national and international existing problems, gallery art artists try to represent them on a painted wall. Their illustrations serve to speak about social justice, equity and/or freedom of expression.

In order to receive private commissions, you first need to decorate a certain part of your city. Thanks to those graffiti murals, people will photograph your artworks. Consequently, that will serve as free promotion. How much are you engaged with your community?

Start with small alternative gallery art shops

canvas on a living room
Kam Idris took a picture of a canvas in a living room (Unsplash)

What’s true about street art is that its most common audience is more interested in holding a cheap framed print in the living room than hiring a professional graffiti artist to paint the whole wall. As price might be the barrier for some people, it’s recommended to start selling your artworks at a bargain price. Let’s say 15€.

Contact those little souvenir stores in your city to offer them a small percentage for every sold item. It might be the catapult to a more important art gallery!

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