What’s the modern street art in Spain like this 2020 after the coronavirus?

modern street art lavapies

Step by step the cultural industry is hitting hard again this year after the Covid-19 virus. As a consequence of a deep crisis, all branches of modern street art reduced their presence in cities from around the world. Moreover, today’s article will focus on how emergent artists are contributing to Spain’s ‘new normality’.

Urban art festivals, modern art galleries and private requests returned to action after 8th June 2020, the date chosen for the beginning of phase number 3. Artists, as the audience may understand, are following all security procedures.

Javier Garcia, Cooltourspain CEO, researched about the newest projects developed around the country. For instance, these were several events that he found along the way

‘Insurgent’ modern street art projects in Segovia

‘Insurrecta’ is the last artistic project developed by Mr. Borondo in Segovia, a historical town located 1 hour drive from Madrid city. At this time, Gonzalo collaborated with the city council and Acción Cultural Española (AC/E).

A total of 32 artworks, distributed along the suburbs, commemorate the 500th anniversary of Segovia’s communal uprising. Furthermore, the project pays tribute to insurgents and rebels (locally known as Comuneros).

The artworks were painted over the less touristic parts of the city. Gonzalo Borondo used almost abandoned billboards around the outskirts for its development.

Meet Gonzalo Borondo, an already established modern street art creator

Modern street art in Segovia
‘Insurrecta’ image by Gonzalo Borondo

Mr. Borondo is a Spanish fine arts muralist whose career has always been linked to a powerful dialogue. His projection of contemporary art in public spaces attempts to break down the barriers between art and life, questioning the limits of the cultural heritage and its given context.

The result of such communication might be observed not only in street art festivals around Europe, but also in his home town along 5 different chapters. These are them:

  • Chapter I: El Desconocido (The stranger). The story of the Kingdom through 4 canvases.
  • Episode II: Los Antecedentes (The records). How did Segovia break up in 1480AD?
  • Chapter III: El desacato (The contempt). Villalar’s rebellion and its failure in 1521.
  • Episode IV: Las cabezas (Their heads)

Repainting the best modern street art in Madrid

modern street art in Madrid
Artist: Álvaro Óskua. Credit: En Lavapies

Spain’s capital city features amazing murals created by both internationally known artists and emergent local talent. If we would have to mention a place where the street art grows in a weekly base, that’d be La Tabacalera.

This former tobacco factory from the XIX century currently hosts a social & cultural venue which is organized autonomously, in a self-sustained way. There are many workshops where to learn about art, music, dance, films and DIY.

In the same vein, the neighborhood where La Tabacalera is located also features amazing artworks. Let’s discuss about one of the most important urban art events in the city center. Supposedly, it should have been organized in May but Covid-19 postponed all plans.

CALLE Lavapiés 2020

OttStuff Lavapies Madrid
Artist: OttStuff. Credit: En Lavapies

The seventh edition of this contemporary art project took place from 13th July to 3rd August 2020 in Lavapiés neighborhood. This multicultural area is home to many artists and hipsters. Consequently, it is the perfect location where to develop an activity of this kind.

There were a total of 50 artistic performances developed on facades, windows and metal shutters. Thanks to a project developed by the local chamberce, more than 50 businesses are decorated every year with beautiful artistic creations.

CALLE offers three prices 1200, 800 and 500€. The jury, the main sponsor (Alhambra beer brand company) and the general audience choose the winners in each field. Lastly, you could vote in the festival’s official website.

Who were the modern street art and graffiti participants?

Street art in Calle Doctor Fourquet
Artist: Marcos Casero. Caption: En Lavapiés

Among the artist roster we could find several multidisciplinary creators. Both female and male artists from all Spanish regions participated in CALLE Lavapies 2020. For example, we could highlight the following:

  • Bananocream @ Juan Raro: a critical point of view about the traditional board game: Monopoly in its Madrid version.
  • Sopas con hondas @ Acevedo: the artist’s personal interpretation about how do people see each other on the streets.
  • Gerbos Mad City @ El Druida de Lavapiés: a magical and natural world that welcomes you to a medicinal plants’ store.

Modern street art projects in Barcelona

post-graffiti art gallery

Thirdly, we will virtually visit Barcelona. Searching for the best urban art in the city, we’d recommend you to walk around El Born, Gotic and Poble Nou districts. You’ll find amazing walls painted in a commissioned base or illegally.

Similarly to what happens with Madrid, Barcelona stands as one of the most important representative cities regarding the modern street art. Not only you will find festivals in the Catalunya’s capital but also in other regions.

Furthermore, it’s popularly known by European graffiti writers that Barcelona’s MTB and Rodalies train systems are defenseless. Barcelona is dream place for whole-car lovers.

Imon Boy’s modern street art ‘solo show’ at Montana Gallery Barcelona

Spanish modern street art artists

Montana Gallery is clear example of how the street art industry is like in Barcelona. Thanks to their graffiti connection and the top quality materials that Montana store sells, the urban art community now has a seasonal meeting point.

Last artistic show on display belongs to Imon Boy, a young Spanish graffiti writer with a childish point of view. He roll painted the gallery’s walls with his name and hanged several canvases on sale.

What’s more, IMON Boy has gained a trusted position in the Spanish contemporary art scene. For instance, he has also exhibited at several modern art galleries in Madrid city.

Cooltourspain’s opinion about the modern street art

Last but not least, we’d like to share our thoughts about the industry. Based on our opinion, it’s important that modern street art festivals, fairs and events support local artists. Moreover, we count with several graffiti writers in our team.

Cooltourspain team is made up by a group of professional artists, photographers, guides and art historians. Join any of our workshops to learn the many different techniques used by the graffiti community.

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