Graffiti and Street Art in Barcelona – Best Places to explore the creativity

street art in Barcelona, Spain

Cataluña’s capital city is known as one of the greatest destinations across the world for graffiti art. You can see writers/artists tagging and painting street art in Barcelona’s streets with delicate illustrations and bold patterns. They express their contemporary ideas and political voices through their art. Moreover, you can witness a significant increase in anti-government messages and slogans or this guide of things to do in Barcelona.

Does the weather affect the graffiti and street art movements in Barcelona?

The weather in Barcelona is moderate. The weather falls under the subtropical climate category. The Iberian Peninsula coast is on the east of the city. The city receives less rainfall, and winters are mostly dry with some rain and no snowfall. The residents enjoy seasons of summer, winter, spring, and autumn. The perfect weather to enjoy the street art in the city. Furthermore, the average daytime temperature is 21 degrees which falls to 15 degrees at night.

Winters are mild in Barcelona. The temperature in January and February ranges between 15 degrees to 9 degrees between day and night. During winter periods, the spray paint cans may get frozen, creating problems for graffiti artists. Paints, like Rusto and others, are thicker and freeze at low temperatures. 

To avoid this, it is necessary to carry some extra caps. Painting in winter is not easy. The artists use many techniques to prevent the cans from freezing. Wrapping the cans in towels and plastic bags are some methods. At substantially lower temperatures, they heat the paint cans before using them.

The monsoon season starts from July and remains up to October. However, even after a long rainy season, the city receives 25 inches of rainfall. Whether it is graffiti or any other street art performed in an open area faces many hurdles whenever it rains. 

Graffiti art requires a dry surface for better output. But the ground and walls are wet when it rains. Even the paint needs some time to dry. However, some new products in the market dry instantly, but the graffiti artists prefer other cheaper products.

Popular graffiti and street art in Barcelona

Here are some of the most famous locations where to find popular graffiti and street art in Barcelona:

La Carbonería (already gone)

former street art wall museum in Barcelona
Faccade of the building which is now gone. Picture by Jose Luis Andrés

The abandoned coal factory’s front area turned into a decorative example of graffiti artwork. The work displayed the lifestyle of the place and its neighborhood life when the residents lived in the area. 

The art also displayed the expulsion of the residents from the region in 2014. The coal factory was one of the oldest buildings of the Eixample district. The hot air balloon with crossed-bones and skull was an exemplary work of graffiti art you could see in Barcelona. However, it was rebuilt!

Turó del Carmel

The place is famous for its bunkers and the remains of the Spanish civil war during 1936-1939. Turó del Carmel is parched above the city and popular among graffiti and street art performers.  Artists showcase their arts, like street culture, music, and graffiti work. The panoramic view of Barcelona inspires the artists. The distances from the city hub have preserved the relaxing atmosphere of Turó del Carmel.

Jardins de les 3 xemeneies

legal spots to paint graffiti and street art in barcelona
Urban Rules event organized at the 3 chimneys

Jardins de les 3 Xemeneies holds the title of becoming the first open wall of the city where graffiti artists perform their artwork freely. The government decided to stop graffiti art in 2012. The three chimneys are the landmark of a Graffiti Park, also known as heaven for photographers and painters. We For your information we run street art tours in Barcelona.

The graffiti art enthusiasts visit the park regularly to pay respect to the existing work. However, the artwork does not guarantee long life. The place secures amateur and professional artwork of artists like El Pez.

Carrer de les Escoles

Contemporary designs keep on changing and developing. They remove the old ones for new ones to take their place. But works of stars like Carmen Amaya are fixed for ages. Such work from the famous artist decorates the wall of Carrer de Les Escoles situated in the Les Clots region. 

Carmen Amaya is a dancer from Barcelona who made the Barcelona Flamenco dance style famous in every corner of the world. The work on Carrer de les Escoles is of great importance to the locals.

Gracia neighborhood

door decorated with graffiti in barcelona
Graffiti decoration over a door. Picture by Cesar Casellas

You can see the well-known local artist Axe Colours designing the business shutters in pop culture characters. The local administration once attempted to clean the city and fined the graffiti artists and those employing them. The walls of the city streets are full of intimate graffiti work, some of them appealing against the steps taken by the local authorities. You can also witness the art of Axe Colours on the streets of Carrer de Verntallat, Carrer de Montmany, and Carrer de Bruniquer.

Please take into consideration that the graffiti is closely related to the hiphop music. Thus do not forget to check the best night clubs in Barcelona

Barcelona – heaven for graffiti and street art lovers

The city is a paradise for graffiti and street artists. You can find snippets of art behind the trees, down the alleyway, and the most unpredicted places. The artworks include professionals and amateurs. The city is similar to a museum displaying the art of architecture.

If you appreciate the graffiti and street art and wish to visit Barcelona to adore the work, then this is the time. Remember that the artists and art change regularly, and these arts are not long-lasting. Long term planning may not fulfill your desire. It may happen that by the time you reach Barcelona, you might encounter only the remains of these significant artworks.

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