Me lata: discovering the love for street art in Mallorca

me lata in an art gallery

Ever heard of a catalan artists’ duo called Me lata?

After its success in Barcelona and surroundings, they decided to anonymously land in the Balearic islands.

Let’s see where can we observe their work…(even featured by the local city council)

me lata artwork

Who is behind this ‘artivist’ project?

  • Me Lata is a couple of lovers who practice ephemeral art.
  • They have created more than 500 interventions around the country, writing mostly in Catalan, but also in Spanish and English language.
  • Love and positive messages are clear examples of their work.

Thanks to our friends from THD, we were able to hunt around 25 canned messages distributed all around Majorca island.

These are some of the places where they found the painted cans, and you’ll be able to read some quotes underneath.

  • Palma,
  • Santa Maria del Camí,
  • Esporles,
  • Port de Sóller,
  • Alaró

“You feel great on this rock”

me lata in catalan language

This quote refers to Mallorca Island, also know as “the rock”.

Could you guess the type of can they used for their installation?

What about this other?

There is nothing easier than falling in love with you

me lata in majorca

It could be the title of a film or the season’s best seller, however it is the beautiful street art route that we can find in Palma de Mallorca.

You will find them around:

  • Paseo de Las Ramblas,
  • Paseo del Borne,
  • Avenida Jaime III,
  • Paseo Mallorca

“I found a work made of tin cans and adhered to one of the walls of a building in the heart of the city of Palma, I was in the vicinity of Calle San Nicolás, after modernist buildings, there was the first sign that welcomed me back to my city. It was a simple tin with a name, but it had that special touch that only true artists have the ability to catch the public and provoke an emotion. In my case it was joy. ”

Maria, Travel hidden places
gracias corazon por cada latido

Me Lata sells these artworks at a platform called Artevistas gallery.

In an interview with Traveller, they said ” We are two creative minds, one of us is more interested in street art and graffiti, the other side prefers the academic art”.

When was ‘Me Lata’ born?

They started back in 2014, and since then they have visited the following cities:

  • Barcelona
  • Badalona,
  • Gerona,
  • Mallorca
  • París.
  • Madrid

Messages made up of less than 160 characters that will always make you smile, similarly to what Mr. Wonderful does!

The first time that they took over El Raval streets in Barceona was to create something different and original.

It was their fellow street art peformer Art is Trash from BCN who said “Art is everywhere; not because of the fact that it is in a museum is more valuable than a trash bag.”

me lata street art mallorca

Is ‘me lata’ spreading love on the net?

Yes, of course! You can follow them in Instagram and check their latest artworks.

me lata messages

They randomly choose locations to spread their love around the cities they visit, and we can even see them in the street art in Lavapiés, Madrid.

Our opinion about ‘Me lata’ artworks.

We love to see emergent art hitting it hard. Cool local people with ambitious ideas to create a social message about love for everyone.

Isn’t that cool to be walking around, turn your eyes up, and read this positive ideas? You could even see their artworks around the Campings in Menorca available at, or just after a dive in Mallorca.

We also believe that inclusive art is to the common interest. Artistic representations available in the streets for any observer to interpret the theme and impact of a given quote.

Do you know any similar project around the world? Comment in this article!

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