Looking for a premium tour in Madrid for your next trip?

Premium tour in Madrid, Spain

Everyone loves traveling, discovering new cities or going back to those places that have a special place in one’s heart. If you have visited the Spanish capital city previously on your own, would you be opened to a premium tour in Madrid, where you’d discover it privately with a local specialist on the field?

FYI, last couple of decades were the golden years of mass tourism. The biggest appeal of the industry was to offer extremely cheap products and services, from hotels to restaurants, to the so called free tours. Consequently this model is showing little by little that it’s unsustainable, making way to better products and higher quality

The combination created by guests’ interest and the industries’ self-esteem and the opinion that quality is better than quantity, is opening a whole new wave of possibilities. 

Does a premium tour in Madrid offer an alternative approach?

It’s not new that the alternative scene around street art becomes bigger and bigger every day, as part of the luxury travel market. From art collectors to high-end travelers, the interest in this artistic expression is rapidly increasing. Consequently, a premium tour in Madrid offered by spealists on the field might be your best bet. Whether you hire us directly, or through a DMC (Destination Management company), we’re here to help you!

In this sense, 8 years of experience justify our prime quality services. No matter if it’s the daily public tour or our tailored private tours, English speaking professionals will show you the off the beaten path art routes.

Please find enclosed within this article several ideas for exclusive things to do and other activities built around the street art and graffiti communities. However, you should take into consideration that any of these suggestions might be adapted, combined or even completely adjusted to your taste.

A gallery tour to catch the best new art in town 

One of the alternative galleries in our premium tour in Madrid
Private studio at Zapadores Ciudad del arte

A private meet & greet experience at emergent art galleries was the first premium tour in Madrid offered by Cooltourspain. The number of galleries in the city has increased since 2019. Therefore, there exists more opportunities for modern art lovers.

To us, it doesn’t matter if you are an art collector or an art enthusiast. As a matter of fact, the good thing about our tours is that you may share the artists opinnion or not. Art is made for everybody! During the given time, you’ll be part of the local community and get a sense of what’s going on in town.

Tailoring the service, we’ll directly hit the guests’ interest. You’ll choose the kind of art, the area (or areas) covered, and the pick-up time & date according to your requirements. Please note that we deliver special services for the month of February, when the most important art fairs in town take place. That’s to say, ARCO and Urvanity Art fair.

What about adding a graffiti workshop to your premium tour in Madrid if you’re travelling with teenagers?

painting sneakers on a workshop

For those of you who enjoy wandering around the city with a guide, wait until you get hands on. This premium tour in Madrid will combine a walking route with a workshop developed at the end of it, where you will have the chance to spray paint and use acrylic markers.

The walking part may take place around Malasaña or Lavapiés district, while the atelier will take place at an indoors’ venue hired specifically for the moment. You will request in advance your shoes’ size and the colors you want. The guide/artist will make sure to have everything ready.

Depending on the date chosen, the workshop might even take place at an artist’s studio. You will receive instruction on how using the materials. Similarly to what happens with the sneakers’ workshop, please note that stickers, tote bags and even a mural workshop are available. Just fill in your details to receive further information.

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    Incentive options for destination management companies, DMC

    AI content at our premium tour in Madrid

    The incentives trips for companies are gaining ground in the Spanish capital city. For the 5th year in a row, the city has received worldwide recognition. That’s the reason why the premium tours in Madrid are considered as probably one of the best rewards for employees. 

    Under this product range, Lavapiés district is the most colorful and multicultural option for those who want to discover the city differently. The combination of art, authenticity and the local atmosphere makes Embajadores district an appeling approach. 

    It’s the perfect location for the rest of the plans arranged for your group and closely located to the most popular accommodations, restaurants and all kind of attractions. This could be the most authentic neighborhood to visit.

    What are the added servicies on our premium tours in Madrid?  

    During the last years Cooltourspain have expanded its offers. A group of professionals led by Javier Garcia, offers a complete service for premium tours in Madrid since 2016. Including but not limiting to history tours and art workshops. Have you ever thought about visiting Segovia, Avila or Toledo? 

    Certain 4 and 5 star hotels offer concierge services. We partner directly with them, providing daily private experiences to guests who want to visit the city in an exclusive way. Furthermore, there is a hotel pick-up service that could be granted to visitors.

    Hiring a transportation service can be a life changer for your placement

    When you’re talking about a premium tour in Madrid, transportation is one of the first concerns. The convenience of having a private transfer van / luxury vehicle around the city is a key factor for travelers looking for the best commodities. 

    No matter if it’s for large meetings or for a smaller groups, there’s always an option that could adjust to your needs. Late dinners, airport or train shuttle are just two examples. Whatever the needs, we can surely provide the required service.  

    One thing to consider if you’re a traveler that prefers private transportation is that the center of the city is a restricted area for cars. There is high risk for you to get a ticket/fine if you drive in the downtown, which is the area where the main attractions are located. Even if you’re traveling as a couple, asking for a transportation service can be a life changer. 

    Have you ever thought about football tickets or museums to a premium tour in Madrid?

    Picture taken during Urvanity art fair
    Urvanity art visitor

    Besides the premium tour in Madrid you could always visit shows, exhibitions, concerts, festivals or football matches. At times, the most difficult part comes when purchasing tickets. However, that’s part of our daily job.

    Cooltourspain team has access to them. Regardless of whether you’re interested in booking a traditional flamenco show, a modern theater production or a Real Madrid museum tour, we may help you. The truth is that over 4000 visitors participated last 2024 at one of our activities.

    No matter if your are looking at options for a family trip or for your company event, these extra services could make your stay a unforgettable one. Enjoy Spain as you have never experienced it before!

    A trip to Madrid would not be completed without a gastronomic experience

    Event co-organized for a private group

    Spain is famous for its’ gastronomy. The local or regional cuisine has received a cultural reritage status by UNESCO. Not only for its quality but also for its variety. Therefore is an imporant fact to take into consideration before hiring a premium tour in Madrid. 

    At a cultural level, bars and restaurants are the meeting point for Spanish people. It doesn’t matter if they’re young, elder, part of a family meet-up, or a friends’ reunion. When you visit a Spanish restaurant you’ll have the chance to live an authentic local experience.

    Additionally to the tailored services, our local specialists will help you finding the newest, the most authentic or the hidden gems that will surprise your culinary tastes.

    What’s Cootourspain opinion about the premium tour in Madrid?

    Tourism is one of the biggest Spanish GDP indicators. Therefore 2024 is expected to go higher than the pre pandemic levels. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), 2024 is set to see an all time record of 11,1 billions dollars, and we hope that the premium tour in Madrid benefits from that.

    As stated at the beginning of this article, mass tourism can create over crowded situations. Having a group of professionals dedicated to find for you the best options might help you reach the extra mile. Let us help you during your holidays in Spain. Contact us at +34638399784 or via email at info@cooltourspain.com

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