6 Characteristics and price of our unique concierge services in Madrid

visiting the walls of a former tobacco factory

Last tourism trends revealed at IMEX Frankfurt and IBTM Barcelona showed that travellers are nowadays way more interested in participanting on exclusive experiences than they were in the past. In that sense, Spanish event agencies have changed in the past decade, and we have observed as the graffiti & street art may perfectly fit in the concierge services in Madrid.

Being honests, tourists may find over dozens of cultural experiences available in the Spanish capital city, but none of them as mastered as ours in the field. Over 3000 participants hire our expertise each year. We’re experts on leading engaging and genuine tours and workshops for people of all ages.

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  • Professional graffiti artists for your teambuilding in Spain
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Which neighborhoods will you explore with our concierge services in Madrid?

Whether this is the first time you are travelling to our country, or visiting us again, there is something unique about our job. The following concierge services in Madrid that you are about to read, will show you our culture in a completely different way. FYI, the majority of our guests say that they discovered a part of town that they wouldn’t have explored on their own.

Taking into consideration that there are classic attractions and monuments to visit such as Plaza Mayor, Puerta del Sol o Prado Museum, and quirky/bohemian districts where to wander on your own, which ones would you prefer to discover if interested in the off the beaten path?

For many residents, Lavapies and Malasaña districts may seem as gentrified areas, however others love them because of the amount of street art murals and commissioned artworks. Visitors enjoy photographing them, and the graffiti that covers building faccades.

Lavapies, much more than an alternative district in town

Local specialists for the private guided tours in Lavapies
Javier interacting with two guests

It’s located next to Reina Sofia Museum and it’s considered by many as an open air modern art museum, where you won’t pay a singles penny to enjoy its cultural style. That’s the reason why we decided to run these concierge services in Madrid around the area.

Lavapies is home to many migrants, being a multicultural melting point. Indians, Senegalese or Moroccans are among the different nationalities that you will fin. At the same time, it’s a colorful area where business metal shutters, windows and walls decorate Calle Argumosa, Doctor Fourquet or Miguel Servet.

A former tobacco factory from the XIX century, a unique urban garden and several contemporary art galleries will welcome visitors as soon as you start walking from the national museum. To us, it’s one of the most avant-garde districts. Are you ready to join any of the guided visits that we offer around Lavapiés?

Graffiti workshops for concierge services in Madrid

Graffiti workshop for private groups
International workers who attended a congress in town

In case you were interested in an experience, rather than a tour itself, we’d recommend you a hands-on activity while hiring Cooltourspain’s concierge services in Madrid. FYI, the graffiti workshop could take place both indoors and outdoors.

At first, the nearby town of Alcalá de Henares might be the perfect spot to paint open air walls. They’re legal and your decoration will last until the next street art artist decorates it. Morever, our proposed design will fit participants who don’t have previous experience while using spray cans.

On the other hand, we could rent a dedicated venue where your family, group of friends or coworkers might enjoy the activity. There will be a previously set-up wall made with a metalic structure known as a truss, and a canvas. Alternatively we could develop it with card-board boxes. Furthermore, you’ll get the chance to spray paint over 100% cotton tote bags, that you’ll later take them home as a present from the activity.

Malasaña and Gran Via’s rooftops in an arquitecture & historical guided visit

Concierge services in Madrid at Circulo de Bellas Artes rooftop, Gran Via
Views from CBA rooftop, next to Cibeles square

Next walking tour, offered to guests who would like to count with us for their concierge services in Madrid, will take them to discover the city from its heights. What does that mean? It refers to a guided visit where you’ll explore the national history from two of the most famous and important rooftops. That’s to say, Circulo de Bellas Artes and Hotel RIU.

Along the way, an active freelance architect will explain you the details of several well-known buildings such as the cities’ first skyscrapper, Museo Chicote or Loewe Foundation. It’s importat to note that we will engage you in an interesting manner during the 3 hours. The activity fits all audiences.

From the 7th and 27th floors along the Gran Via’s most iconic terraces you’ll be able to observe:

  • Casa de Campo, the cities’ biggest green area. Over 1700 hectares of unpolluted air.
  • Cibeles Palace, home to the local city council and its governing body.
  • The recently renovated Plaza de España.
  • San Isidro and La Almudena cathedral.

Who are the professionals involved in our concierge services in Madrid?

What you should know about our concierge services in Madrid is not only information about the districts that you’ll discover with us, but also who are the professionals involved in the guiding job and the ateliers. We’re specialists on the field, receiving several awards in the 8 years that our project has been active.

Madrid was the city that saw us growing, although we’re now present in the rest of the country. Barcelona, Valencia, and Málaga are the other cities where our private services are available. We are a group of multidisciplinary artists who teamed up to offer alternative activities.

Our knowledge on the field comes from higher education or a self learning process. We’re professional artists, graffiti writers, official guides and dedicated freelancers who will offer you a unique point of view to discover the local culture.

Local graffiti writers awarded in 2023

Hector aka Pyramid, Madrid graffiti
Pyramid won the 2023 edition of a local street art festival

Pinta Malasaña and CALLE Lavapies are among the street art festivals where our team members have participated during the past years. For instance, we could talk to you about the concierge services in Madrid offered by Pyramid. Hector, the real name behind this graffiti alter ego, will show you the artworks that he has painted along CALLE Argumosa or La Palma. They’re both located in Embajadores and Universidad districts.

According to our guests’ opinion, there exists an added value when it’s the graffiti writer the one who speaks about the community itself. There’s nothing better than counting with a person who interprets the walls from his/her personal experience.

Similarly to what happens with the guided visits, the workshops are led by artists who will share their spray painting knowledge. They will teach our guests how to use the masking tape to decorate specific portions, how to use the cans and caps according to each situation or how to display the background before the details. Doesn’t it sound like fun?

What’s the price for concierge services in Madrid led by official & certified guides?

concierge services in Madrid for families and visitors
An American-Swiss family in Madrid last December 2023

Starting on 181€ for 2 hours, you could book any of our concierge services in Madrid. Please note that this quote excludes ticketing for any of the most touristic and iconic highlights in town. That’s to say:

  • Prado or Reina Sofia National museums.
  • Downtown historical areas: The Habsburgs, Plaza Mayor or Puerta del Sol.
  • Royal Palace and the newly opened Galeria de las Colecciones Reales.

Licensed professionals, who have passed the required examinations in the Autonomous Community of Madrid, offer these guided visits. Despite the fact that they’re all Spaniards, they fluently speak English, French and German. What’s the country of origin where you’re visiting us from?

Educators and art historians mastered in contemporary art

concierge services in Madrid at contemporary art galleries
Visiting VETA art gallery, Madrid

The team led by Javier Garcia (Cooltourspain’s CEO) is made up by passionate members who has a wide knowledge on the modern art circuit. Whether you’re interested in the national or the international art scene, our concierge esrvices in Madrid will perfectly fit you. Why?

Along the year, several contemporary art fairs are organized at city centered venues. ARCO, Estampa, Urvanity Art or Art Madrid are among the most respected ones, and we’ll grant you VIP access and the opportunity to meet and greet the gallery owners and the artists being exhibited.

Fine artists and art historians will be in charge of leading the experience. They’ll inform you about the painters’ biography, and they’ll offer you his/her personal opinion about any given artwork. How does it connect to you?

Cooltourspain’s opinion about the concierge services in Madrid

The keyword used for this article was concierge services in Madrid, although we could have also targeted it as private tours, or genuine guided visits.

Please note that there are many possible terms, but just one idea to express the passion involved in our duty as local hosts. We love working with people from different nationalities, hearing their feedback about our job at the end of the performance.

We’ll always ask you what was the thing that you liked the most, and what could we improve for a better experience.

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