List of prices for an official guide in Madrid for the 2022-2023 season

Official guide in Madrid at the introduction

Travelling is one of the greatest things that people from all over the world use to escape from their day to day reality. In that sense, while some travelleres prefer the peace from a hidden beach in the Canary Islands, others would prefer experiencing the rich culture from the Spanish capital city. It’s for those avid wanderers that we present the services of an official guide in Madrid.

It’s true that there exists several ways of exploring the monuments, highlights and other important spots, but we love suggesting doing it from an off the beaten path insight. It will not only grant you the opportunity to photograph and learn the the site’s history, but will also offer you the chance to meet local specialists.

Today’s article will showcase the areas that you shouldn’t miss, apart from informing you about our pricing. Whether you arrived for a short break, or longer holidays along the country to enjoy a slow tourism trip, this is what you should expect while walking around the streets with us:

  • 2 hours private tour, featuring an alternative Madrid version from 151€.
  • Alternative tailored experiences by urban bike or electric one, starting on 181€
  • Less touristy information on the major attractions during 4 hours, 253€

What are the common services offered by an official guide in Madrid?

First of all, you should know that visitors could join any of our public tours or private experiences. They take from 2 to 4 hours to be completed, although Cooltourspain’s official guides in Madrid could extend their length based on your interests and demands.

They do not only offer their experience and knowledge on the field, but their time to become your friendly hosts while in town. Speaking of which, would you say that there exists a difference between a tourist and a traveller? It’s our goal that you discover our city as you would never do it on your own. That’s why travellers hire us. Right?

Apart from that, we love storytelling and engaging our customers through critical thinking and questioning. We pretend to not offering information, without putting you on the right context first. Our guide would love to hear your opinion and comments.

Alternative walking tours around Lavapies district

official street art guide in Madrid
Calle Embajadores is one of the streets you will walk by. Photo credit: Justraveling /Pixabay

Whether it’s your first time travelling to our city, or you’ve previously visited it, there’s plenty of stuff to do around Embajadores district. Moreover, our official guide in Madrid would like you to visit the following spots, on your own, after you take part of our experiences. It’d give you a local understanding.

  • Esta es una Plaza: collaborative urban garden in the middle of the jungle. That’s to say, traffic and rush.
  • Tabacalera Promoción del Arte: XIX century tobacco factory which now hosts several artsy workshops [on the selfsustained part only, known as CSOA]
  • Contemporary art galleries along Calle Doctor Fourquet: F2, Espacio Mínimo, MPA…

What you should also know about the area is that it’s being hit by the gentrification process. Due to its consequences, many locals were forced to move from their appartments, to cheaper renting areas in the suburbs. The high rent makes these city centered appartments more appealing to investors, interested in the Airbnb appartments’ promotion. Ever heard of these effects?

What’s the price for an official guide in Madrid at Prado or Reina Sofia museums?

Discover El Prado museum with an official guide in Madrid
Panoramic view of Prado museum. Picture by Don Falcone / Pixabay

Later, you should hear the stories that an official guide in Madrid has prepared for your visit at any of the major and lesser known museums. As a matter of fact, you won’t need to worry about purchasing ticket. That part is already included in the private service. Thanks to our partnership with these institutions, we’ve direct access to group reservations.

  • A 1.5-2.00 hours tour either at Reina Sofia or Prado Museum will cost you 193€.

On the other side, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to visit an avant garde center called La Neomudejar. It’s located right behind Atocha train station, in what used to be a warehouse from the national railway system. It now hosts brut art, street art, visuals and other live artistic performances. Don’t miss it! It looks as if it was going to fall apart, but that quircky aspect defines it as its perfection.

Tailored requests

Introduction to the city
Guide’s introduction at Plaza Colón

Taking into account that we grew as an alternative cultural, educational, social and touristic project in town, we receive requests of all kinds. That’s why our official guide in Madrid broadened the capacity, now offering new tours, teambuilding activities and services. Eventhough we hope to continue growing, here you have interesting information related to your search:

  • Airport/ hotel transfers to/from Barajas Airport (economy/executive), from 1 person to several coaches.
  • Panoramic tour 3 hours service, from 181€
  • Graffiti / street art workshops for MICE and DMC agencies
  • Guided visits by urban bike or electric bike.

So far, the largest service we’ve ever hosted was a tour for a group of 280 participants at the same time. Our time divided them in subgroups of 15-16 guests per tour leader. Please note that we do not use wireless headset systems on any of our outdoor tours. We’d like you to feel us close, not far in the distance if you were wearing them.

Where should an official guide in Madrid take you to discover the city alternatively?

We were born in 2016 with a clear objective. That’s to say, solve a problem existing within the local tourism field. While travelling, our official guide in Madrid observed that there were alternative tours in cities such as London, New York or Paris, but none in our hometown. That’s why we started exploring Lavapies and Malasaña through their street art and graffiti.

Since that time, we put emphasis on the idea behind sustainable and responsible tourism. We curated and planned our services around the United Nations’ 17 millenium goals, known as SDGs, and everything which involves respect, equity and justice. At last, aren’t we all the same despite our country of origin, sexual beliefs and cultural/religious connotations? That’s what we have to fight for!

Using that idea in mind, we’ll explore and analyze different artworks and exhibitions in Madrid’s southern districts. It’ll be in Usera where you’ll be able to meet the most emergent and local contemporary art community: artist studio visits and workshops.

Malasaña, the hipster & bohemian area

Sunset in the city center streets
Sunset in Madrid’s streets. Photo credit: Ed Jauregui1/ Pixabay

Wandering around Tribunal metro station, you’ll feel the essence of a neighborhood which is both lively during the day time, and at night hours. Moreover, we’d suggest you to hire our official guide in Madrid either at the earliest times of the day, or finishing the service at the sunset given schedule. The above image will serve as the best argument. No more words needed on that sense.

On our way to Plaza dos de Mayo, you’ll find many vintage clothing stores, mixed with international gastronomy restaurants and typical tapas bars. FYI, there are two street art festivals which decorate businesses’ metal shutters and faccades too. We’ll make several stops on the way to put yourself in the shoes of a graffiti writer. Or would you prefer to become a street art artists for one day?

Here you’ll be able to find more information about the spots we would recommend you to visit during your free time in town, or with us…

  • Pinta Malasaña & Urvanity Art festivals
  • Mercado de los Mostenses, the opposite idea of Mercado San Miguel (mostly for tourists)
  • Best panoramic views in town at RIU Hotel’s rooftop (5€/10€ entry fee)

Why should an official guide in Madrid take you to discover the contemporary art galleries and artists’ studios around Usera neighborhood?

Contemporary art artists studio visit
Margarita Gámez‘s studio visit in Usera district

If you (as a traveller) ask any local or resident citizen about Usera district, they will wonder why would you be interested in visiting this specific area. Despite the fact that there is not a single palace or any other relevant monument/building related to the Spanish Monarchy, our official guide in Madrid will take you to discover what’s unknown for others. In that sense, you’ll visit several modern art related spots.

You’ll be able to meet and greet those artists who are contributing to put Usera in the European contemporary art map. It’s almost an exclusive approach to understand what’s inside the artists’ minds. Wouldn’t you agree that they are quite interesting and bizarre people? To us, art serves as a tool to both fight for people’s rights, and to offer them an escape to the cruel reality from the XXI century.

Moreover, we would identify Usera as a very multicultural district. To confirm that, you should know that the largest community in the area comes from Asia. It’s popularly known as the cities’ China town. Don’t miss the chance to grab something to eat at their numerous traditional restaurants. You’ll be completely amazed by the experience. Assured.

Discover the city center in a different way

Explanation at Paisaje de la Luz
Participants exploring Cibeles square

Last but not least, we’d like to offer you a feminist perspective to explore the city center. Taking that idea into account, our official guide in Madrid will explain the life and death of the most relevant women in our history. They became pioneers in several sectors. Thus we’ll mention what they did for us. Some of them were activists, teachers, artists, musicians…

Cooltourspain’s team members would like you to hear a different interpretation from our ancestors. For instance, apart from Velázquez, Goya, Picasso or El Grego, could you mention any female artist who has her artworks hung at the most famous museums in town? More than likely that you won’t know the answer, but don’t worry. We will inform you about all these insider details.

It’s time for us to change how the society works, to empower those who were voiiceless and to discover Madrid with a feminist point of view. For your knowledge, these tours are opened to all audiences. To us, it doesn’t matter if you are men or women. Why don’t you join us to see what we’ve prepared for you?

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What’s the opinion of Cooltourspain’s team members about the role of an official guide in Madrid?

It’s usually on the last paragraph where we state our opinion. Do you think that an official guide in Madrid should offer free tours? We don’t think so, except for those cases when the service is offered to NGO’s or associations that fight against injustices and work towards equity. Check the guided visits that we offered to Down Madrid, Intress or Cepaim, among others. The voluntary work of a professional tour leader, as in exchange for their smiles.

Otherwise, you shouldn’t hire touristic services based on tips. We’re totally against those jobs which do not grant labor rights. Don’t you agree?

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