Where can you find Banksy style street art in Madrid? Any leads?

graffiti banksy madrid spain

While the street art and graffiti art are increasing in Spain’s capital, have we seen a Banksy in Madrid?

Here you will find information to photograph street art and explore the city in an alternative way.

Banksy in Madrid. Genious or vandal?

Last opportunity that street art in Madrid lovers had to see his work was at an exhibition held at IFEMA, the city’s biggest congress hall.

It was great to see for the first time a Banksy in Madrid, but the overall experience of observing the illustrations indoors, shocked us!

The ‘Banksy exhibition’ brought private collectors to the city.

Unfortunately, the exhibition is now over, but you still have the opportunity to observe graffiti like Banksy in Madrid

Friends of Banksy in Madrid, the word of a stencil.

The street art in Madrid is alive thanks to local artists who anonymously create their artwork, sometimes at a risk.

There are several places where you we would recommend you check. For example, any of these self-sustained centers may help:

  • El Keller, a crew working on the street art and graffiti in Madrid.
  • La Ingobernable, squat located in a former university’s library.
  • La Traba, an abandoned cinema close to Palos de la Frontera station.
  • La Neomudejar, the Banksy in Madrid style created by local artists.

1-. ‘Por Favor’, what’s the message behind your work?

A local artist with a aka called ‘please’. Why would you say that he chose this nickname?

  • The idea got stuck after visiting a walking clinic with his grandma.
  • He uses this quote frequently as in “porfa”.
  • Create an impact with his stencils, politely asking for things.

He has participated in graffiti festivals in Madrid such as CALLE or Pinta Malasaña, where our street art tours take place.

2-. C215, French friend of Banksy in Madrid.

Christian Guémy is a french artist who decorates faces of anonymous and famous figures in the streets from all over the world.

He pretends to create an impact in the society, creating stencils of people who live unfortunate situations.

3-. Brodbus, collaborating to the street art’s legacy in Madrid.

A local street art hunter and graffiti artist has pasted-up his stencil graffiti in Madrid.

He collaborates with El Keller, the workshop where you can learn graffiti art every Tuesday from 6.00PM to 10.00PM.

Other members of this street art crew are:

  • Ze Carrion
  • Keru de Kolorz
  • Will Yakome

Cooltourspain’s opinion on the Banksy in Madrid.

It’s great that private investors focus their attention in the graffiti of Banksy in Madrid, but we should remember that when the artworks are in the streets, it’s public and free to see!

We officially invite one of the most famous artists in the world to paint in Madrid, Spain.

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