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After 6 years of dedication and hard work, we’ve learnt that there are many visitors who are interested in discovering the Spanish capital city in a different way. In that sense, those professionals participating in a medical, scientific or technological congress always reserve a morning or an afternoon to discover the city center. However, how many of those who hire business travel in Madrid are searching for different things to do in town?

For your information, you’ll finnd many “classic” guided visits around Puerta del Sol or Plaza Mayor, but do they focus on sustainable and responsible tourism? Have you ever participated in such an experience? TO us, sustainability does not only relate to walking/cycling instead ot taking a private transfer. It relates to the 17 Milenium goals (2030 Agenda) and the commitment to change the world. What’s your contribution to that? Are you interested in escaping from mass tourism.

  • Tailored activities which create an impact – ‘legacy’ in local communities
  • Professional / official guides vs. free tours
  • Street art and graffiti for all audiences

What are the business travel opportunities that we offer in Madrid?

Local, national and international event agencies partner with Coooltourspain in order to offer their final customers a quality and differentiated service. Our team of experts curated tailored business travel activities in Madrid for those interested in a WHOW concept.

To start with, we’ll suggest you exploring areas such as Lavapiés and Malasaña. They’re considered by many as gentrified and hipster areas, but the truth is that they are away from the city center’s burst. Among other characteristics, you’ll find our that they are totally colorful and multicultural. Let us explain you the stories that lie behind street art festivals such as CALLE and PINTA.

Later on, you could discover the most quirky and unknown stories about our recent history. Thanks to the contect that our guides prepare during their free time, you’ll be able to observe buildings and squares with an alternative point of view. Still focusing on what we consider as a city tour. Is this the first time that you’re hosting a professional event in town?

Alternative graffiti and street art experiencies

group activities for incentives

As time passes by, business travel requirements in Madrid change. Thus we addapted to the newest tourism trends. That’s to say, experiential urban travel including but not limiting to street art tours. These services are offered to coworkers who want to experiment something different. In other words, listening to stories that they would have never discovered on their own.

A group of specialized guides that will inform you about the following information. Please note that all these stories will be shared with you because we belong to the local artistic community.

  • When & how do artists paint if the do not count with the owners’ permission?
  • How long does it take them to spray paint on walls?
  • What could happen to you if you’re ever caught while on action?

These are the city tours offered for business travel in Madrid

Later, you could find out that Cooltourspain counts with a team of licensed and certified guides all around the city. Why is that? We do it mainly because we want 100% quality for our business travel services in Madrid. If you counted with such group of professionals, then the guided visits will certainly get people’s attention.

These are some examples of what we do, although our jobs isn’t limited to the following list of things to do:

  • Alternative tours and stories at El Prado Museum. How many women artists are featured in there?
  • Madrid city tour + panoramic point of view
  • Contemporary art around the galleries located in Calle Doctor Fourquet
  • Royal Palace + Toledo or Segovia. You choose.

Sustainable and responsible experiences in town

free tours for +75 years old
Thanks to your cooperation, this group participated at a free tour

At last, we could inform you about the activities that we promote in Spain in order to create an impact into the local communities. Please note that our business travel in Madrid could include the development of graffiti workshop in partnership with local NGOs.

In that sense, we’ll invite participants from these social organizations to our experiences. The final customers will not only get the chance to hear the stories from our city, but they’ll also receive the opportunity to meet and greet citizens who live in the area where the activity takes place. It’s thanks to their personal stories that they will be able to enjoy a cultural event.

You should note that we got to this point because of the social impact we’d like to achieve. How many times in the most recent times have you heard anybody talking about the 2030 agenda or its goals? As you may observe, we’d like to turni in to the change the society needs. Thus this is our little piece of sand into the castle. Would you like to join us?

Why should you hire Cooltourspain’s business travel in Madrid?

There exists no better reviews than those obtained word of mouth, but you could still read on Tripadvisor or Google Enterprise, what other customers think about our business travel in Madrid. The fact is that some of us quit our daily jobs to dedicate to what we like most. That’s to say, painting graffiti and talking about street art in a professional way. We’re very lucky to manage our own schedule, and not depending on an office like job.

We also count with several partnerships, both locally, nationally, and internationally. Thanks to global customers, we’re proud to say that over 3,000 guests participated last 2022 at any of the experiencies we offer to MICE and DMC agencies. For instance, some of them are Kontiki, Nuba or Cititravel. It’s usually them who contact us when they want to offer something different to their guests.

Professional graffiti writer & architects

amazing rooftop views
Panoramic views from a city centered rooftop

The workshops and walking guided visits which focus on street art and graffiti are led by professionals on the field, whereas the arquitecture tour around Gran Via street is run by an active modern architect. Differenty to what we do with the other services, these business travel in Madrid are directly offered by people who spend their day to day painting, or among building projects. Either that, or curating exhibitions related to modern and contemporary art.

When we say ‘meet and greet’, we’re refering to a unique experience in which you’ll hear what’s not seen in a wall. That’s the information that our partners will inform you about:

  • How do graffiti writers live? Do they make a living our of what they paint?
  • What’s the process to turn into an art influencer?
  • Which tools do they use in order to paint on big walls, paste-ups and other commissioned artworks?

The fact is that they’ll also show you their paintings on the streets. Cooltourspain collaborates with local artists such as Pyramid, Tetoux, El Rey de la Ruina, DMS or Miek. Their tags and legal walls are observed during the graffiti tours in Madrid. Does there exist a better way to explain the tags and throw-ups?

Business travel in Madrid with official and licensed (certified) guides

visitors at La Tabacalera
Two of the participants for a private tour

On the other hand, we count with the best professionals to lead experiences on classic spots such as Prado Museum, the Royal Palace or Reina Sofia Museum. In that case, our business travel in Madrid is offered by APIT & CEFAPIT members. It’s them who curated unique routes designed specially for residents who want to explore neighborhoods that are unfamiliar to them.

All these services perfectly fit small groups and large companies. For example, you should know that the biggest event that we’ve ever hosted was held for 280 participants. The activity started with a brief introduction at the guests’ hotel, followed by the groups’ division. There were 17 official guides. Each of them worked for a smaller amount of people. In this case, 16 per professional.

All of them started at the same point, and ended up at the requested location. There was no more than 3-5 minutes of difference between the first group to arrive, and the last one. We perfectly hit timmings, so that the whole group could later attend the restaurant where they book tables.

Your contribution will create a positive impact in town

stencil graffiti practice for groups
Graffiti decoration with recycled stencils

Last but not least, on behalf of all Cooltourspain’s team members, and the NGO’s which frenquently collaborate with us, THANK YOU! There are many benefits that we could recall while talking about business travel in Madrid. We promote educational and social equity among all human beings, and due to your companies’ contribution, there will be someone in town who will benefit from your event.

That’s the type of tourism that we’d like to promote in our country. As we usually say in our blog posts, we believe that there exists a difference between a tourist and a traveller, and if possible, we prefer working with groups of visitors who are interested in sharing their time with our people, while offering something in exchange.

What’s our opinion about the business travel Madrid?

Please note that we’ve already worked with associations such as CEPAIM, Intress or Barró, and that we also partner with MCB, which is the cities’ convention bureau. Our business travel in Madrid is available to any kind of audience, without any limits. Would you like to discover our city soon?

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