Was the 2023 urban art Madrid as popular as travellers said?

Urban art Madrid festival in Villaverde

Another year is almost passing by and we wanted to share with you what was hot this 2019. Check now if the urban art Madrid was as popular as the national newspapers and travel bloggers said.

In this 3 minutes article you will find insider details about:

  • The local urban art scene
  • Districts and neighborhoods where to check the best street art
  • Urban art & post-graffiti festivals

What were the 2019 most important urban art events in Madrid?

The local artist scene already counts with thousands of followers. The age range vary and we can observe how young millennial families with kids, and influencers attend these events to photograph the best urban art.

These experiencies take place outdoors and are permitted by the city council thanks to the effort of local associations and artistic projects.

Did you know that there there’s even an urban art tour organized at each event? It’s a great opportunity to meet & greet the artist and learn more insider details about this fantastic community!

– CALLE Lavapiés

Urban art
Calle del Doctor Fourquet 17. Lavapiés, Madrid. 2019.05

Ramón Amoros is a local artist who painted in one of the most famous streets related to contemporary art.

We can observe how he used acrylics to complete his artwork over the window of a Yoga and Pilates center in Calle Doctor Fourquet.

It’s due to the proximity to the Reina Sofia Museum of modern art, that the majority of modern art galleries in Madrid are located in the area.

Lavapiés is considered by many citizens as a gentrified area, but we prefer to refer to it as a trendy and hipster area which is changing due to the new renting boom.

CALLE Lavapiés festival counted with two guest artists this 2019:

  • Isaac Cordal
  • Mr. Piro

– Pinta Malasaña

Urban art Madrid 2019
Calle de la Palma 21. Malasaña, Madrid. 2019.06

Pinta Malasaña is an urban art festival in Madrid which last edition was celebrated in June 2019.

Hundreds of artists sent their submissions to participate at the event, but just dozens of them are chosen to decorate the metal shutters, windows and facades of buildings and businesses around Tribunal metro Station.

Taking into consideration the popularity of the area in which the festival takes place, local street art artists benefit from performing live as visitors may also purchase their printed artworks or studio canvasses.

Check here their official Facebook page for further information about the experiences organized during the event, and further details & pictures.

– Circular Festival

Urban art in Villaverde, Madrid

Circular is an art Madrid festival where artists create their installations with recycled materials, all of them found in the streets.

The invited artists launched a debate to the general audience, including kids. Are we responsible for the second life of daily life objects and thus, responsible for its consumption and the recycling roles of people in our cities?

This urban art Madrid event took place in San Cristobal de los Ángeles, a low socio-economic area in Villaverde district, and these were some of the artists who participated in this first edition:

  • Aïda Gomez
  • Brad Downey
  • Clemens Behr
  • Octavi Serra

Where was the urban art Madrid scene popular?

The Spanish capital has observed how the street art festivals is creating a benefiting impact in the neighborhoods where they are organized.

– Lavapies district, off the beaten path

Lavapies graffitis
Little sculptures glued along different streets in Lavapiés district. Artist: Isaac Cordal. Picture by Señor Irregular/ flickr

This district located in Embajadores area is a hidden gem by itself.

The majority of our guests say that walking around its streets brings them to the real Madrid lifestyle and the local culture. Travellers describe the area as ‘off the beaten path, feeling that the urban art Madrid is part of the neighborhood.

Some of the places that we would recommend you to check in Lavapiés are:

  • ‘Esta es una Plaza’, a hidden urban garden in Calle Doctor Fourquet, 24. Famous internationally known artists such as Roa (Belgium) and Blu (Italy) have donated their time in here.
  • La Tabacalera (Calle Embajadores, 53), former tobacco factory from the XIX century now turned into a self-sustained artistic venue. A must for street art & photography lovers.
  • Mercado de La Cebada (La Latina metro Station): organic fresh products sold by local merchants inside what’s a typical Spanish food market.

– Malasaña area, beautiful contrast between classic architecture and the modern urban art Madrid

Street art Madrid
Calle del Conde Duque / Calle de Amaniel. Universidad, Madrid.
  • Plaza del Dos de Mayo
  • Calle Galeria de Robles
  • Calle de La Palma
  • Calle Antonio Grilo

Write down this names on your phone and explore the area later on.

Walk and wander. Simple as that. Malasaña is the best place where to observe the contrast between what used to be a classic style neighborhood, and what it is now a modern/chic/bohemian area.

There are plenty of vintage clothing shops, barbers & hairdressers and contemporary bars with gourmet dishes. Interested in discovering it on your own or guided by a graffiti enthusiast?

– The outskirts featured in our urban art Madrid guide

Chamartin train station
Meeting of Styles Spain Madrid . Chamartín railway Station, Madrid.

We always advice our guests that the further out they go from the city center, the insider perspective they will obtain.

Chamartin and Tetuán areas are the two working class districts that we would recommend you to check, because of their illegal -and at times- legal graffiti and street art Madrid.

Who are some of the famous Spanish urban art artists that you will observe around?

  • Suso33, a classic in the local scene
  • E1000, famous for his geometrical paintings
  • El Rey de la Ruina, graffiti painted hearts all around.

Who were the local names contributing to the urban art Madrid?

There were many. Some of them are painting more frequently than others, but there exists a great activity in the Spanish capital city.

Let’s focus on two of them.

– Neorrabioso, quotes & poems in trash containers.

Picture of a trash can with street art
Calle Olivar 45. Lavapiés, Madrid.

Things which are not common to be seen usually get our attention. Whether it’s an image or a text, new stuff always surprises us!

It happened to us the first time we saw Neorrabioso‘s work.

Beautiful messages which could easily make one’s day. Social impact reflected on the streets, so that everybody could have access to it.

Have you spotted any?

FYI, check the trash containers after 7.00PM, which is the common time for the litter to be taken outside.

– E1000, urban art explorer!

Conde Duque exhibition, Madrid.

Would you be able to get a French name if you quickly read E1000 in Spanish language?

E1000 is a local artist who has focused its artworks mostly on metal bars from windows and doors. He writes his name with markers or regular home paint, making the observer participant of a hunting game.

Awesome, isn’t it?

Cooltourspain’s opinion about the urban art Madrid

The local scene is increasing and it’s our responsability to make it available for everybody.

Part of Cooltourspain’s urban art Madrid experiences are offered to travellers interested in discovering the city alternatively, but we also have a social project going on.

Our Foundation offers FREE street art tours and workshops to local associations and NGOs who are working with vulnerable social groups.

Send us an email for more information!

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