#1 Offbeat tour groups for young adults in Spain. Such an experience!

tour groups for young adults

Are you currently planning a trip to Spain with a group of university students? There exists countless experiences oriented to classic visits in the whole country. However, how many activities focus on the alternative tourism? Keep reading, these tour groups for young adults might interest you.

The Official Cervantes Institute currently offers DELE programs in more than 100 cities. 430 language schools across Spain receive college students to help them improve their conversational skills.

We have partnered with some of them in three of the Spanish most populated cities. For instance, have you ever heard of Lavapiés, Poble Nou or Lagunillas? These neighborhoods will surprise our guests who visit any of the following places:

Discovering the alternative areas in Barcelona

We believe in offbeat tourism because it offers the possibility to make you understand the society’s cultural facts and problems. Furthermore, the tour groups for young adults organized by Cooltourspain, hit several educational settings. Our team members always work with goals. Should you inform us about what’s your university’s trip slogan?

Students will enjoy every explanation within the experiences. We do not focus on historical facts. Instead, we prefer to talk about something in which our expertise speaks up!

Contemporary art tour

tour groups for young adults 2020
Live show after the modern art tour in Barcelona

The artistic scene in Barcelona is amazing! Firstly, we should mention Gaudí. You’ll find several of his designs in buildings and parks across the city. Secondly, Dalí was another important contemporary art artist in Catalunya.

As you may observe, there exists different tastes. However, we would like to focus on the contemporary art that anybody could find in the streets. We define it as urban art and it’s the choice we like the most when discovering the city.

That’s why we have curated tour groups for young adults which specialize in modern art. Thanks to local partnerships, we launched Cooltourspain services in Barcelona.

What are the neighborhoods covered?

  • El Raval
  • El Born & Gotic
  • Poble Nou

Graffiti workshop. A cool extra for the tour groups for young adults

tour groups for young adults in Barcelona
Participants listening to an explanation during the graffiti workshop in Barcelona

After analyzing the new tourism trends, we learnt that visitors prefer things to do than just an activity where they’ll be able to watch something. That’s the most important feedback we received from our guests.

Our educational background taught us that it’s better learning by doing than anything else. Are you ready to get hands on? Local graffiti writers will lead these unique workshops. Moreover, you’ll get into their private studios!

Above all, this experience will cover the basic steps for the development of a graffiti wall in Barcelona. The whole group will rotate through the two workstations prepared for the event. The first consists of cutting the stencils, while the second focuses on background painting.Bamboo bike route

Bamboo bike route

tour groups for young adults in Spain
Try the coolest bicycles during your trip in Barcelona

Are you only in town for 48 hours and then moving to another city? Don’t worry! There’s time for everything. Start your journey with a walking tour to see the most classic highlights. Later, join our panoramic bamboo bike tour!

We’ll show you the biggest and most beautiful street art murals in Barcelona. The tour takes approximately 3 hours to be completed. You’ll use our cool bamboo bikes. How committed are you towards climate change?

During our guided visits, you’ll hear several stories related to global societies. Have you ever heard of the term ‘gentrification’? How is the street art scene contributing towards representing the everyday life’s problems?

Explore the options. Tour groups for young adults in Madrid

Second city you’ll find in our list is Madrid. For your information, the Spanish capital city offers more than just gastronomy, history and classic monuments. There exists alternative things to do in town as well! Our original tour groups for young adults is just one of them!

For instance, have you ever heard of La Tabacalera, La Ingobernable, or EKKA? All of them are social & cultural centers that might be of the students’ interest.

Street art tour around Lavapiés district

Graffiti walking tours Spain
Javier photographed in the middle of a street art tour. He’s our Madrid tour leader

Embajadores area is not only one of the most multicultural ones, but also an unfinished museum of urban art. There are several festivals and events organized every other year in the neighborhood. They are inclusive and help support the local entrepreneur system.

CALLE Lavapiés, Muros Tabacalera and Urvanity Art decorate walls and facades. Internationally known artists decorate colorful open air canvases. What’s more, Calle Doctor Fourquet features the largest number of contemporary art galleries in town.

The tour groups for young adults might even include the development of a stencil graffiti over a piece of paper, or a 100% cotton tote bag. What would be your favourite choice?

Feminist guided visit

alternative tour in Spain with Patricia
Talking about the rights granted to the society

If you are looking into offering an alternative point of view to your students, there’s a perfect guided visit for them. It’s principle is equity. That’s why we cover the life & death of important female figures.

To us, feminism consists of social values that are related to having the same rights. The term is widely spread not only in Spain, but also in the rest of the world. Tourism has leveled up the tour groups for your students. This is how we would like to contribute with the system.

Patricia is a local activist who will share with you her knowledge in the field. Our team members are local freelancers. Each of them is specialized in one topic, so that the quality stands up in our walking tours!

Street art Madrid bike tour around Malasaña district

madrid bike tour with javier
Cycling along Calle Antonio Grilo, next to Malasaña district

Last but not least option in Madrid takes almost 3 hours to be completed. It will show you the whole city center. Our offbeat tour starts in Calle Montera, 32 where we will hand in your bicycles. Do you prefer a regular or an electric bike?

Once we kick off, the group will explore Chueca, Malasaña and San Bernardo. After crossing Gran Via street, there will be time to photograph the artworks created for ‘Arte al Cubo’ festivals.

On our way to Lavapiés, we will cross through Mercado de La Cebada, La Latina and El Rastro. This is the biggest and most famous flea market in town. The activity will end up in a spot called Esta es una Plaza, the most beautiful urban garden within the city center.

Which activities are offered in Málaga city?

As you may know, the Mediterranean Sea is one of the top destinations in our country. Travellers choose it because of its perfect climate all year long. Besides that, the art scene in town has been changing over the past 10 years.

More specifically, the urban art has greatly contributed to change Malaga’s landscape. Both the city center and the outskirts’ walls are decorated with street art. Have you ever walked around the riverside before visiting CAC, the contemporary art center in town?

Is there any walking tour around SOHO?

street art in MAUS soho
Alejo, our local partner during the street art tour in Málaga

What could be the result of featuring the artworks of internationally known artists such as D*Face or Roa, plus the creations of a local talent called Dadi Dreucol? An amazing project called SOHO, which is also known as MAUS (Málaga urban art).

This specific part of town used to have a very low reputation, but in the recent years everything has turned around! Another consequence of gentrification? Maybe, but what’s sure is that it has completely changed.

Our local partners will show the history about graffiti, when & where did it start, and the most famous street artists names. Have you ever heard of the Spaniards Suso33 and Belin?

Our opinion about the tour groups for young adults in Spain

Our project started as a hobby and it has turned into our day job. We love showing travellers Spain in a completely different way.

If we were to travel to any other country with a college group, we would choose different things than the usual. That’s how they will enjoy the most! Offer them an unforgettable Spain trip.

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