5 street art photography influencers that you should follow this 2020 on IG

Street art photography meets legend graffiti writer

Spain is observing how the number of graffiti related events and urban art festivals is increasing. The general audience is more open-minded than ever, and the street art photography captures beautiful artworks all around the country.

Let’s pay attention to those Instagram accounts that you should follow:

  • Spanish based photographers
  • Worldwide professionals

Spanish based Street art photography editors to follow this 2020

Most of these photographers’ career started even when the urban art wasn’t that popular. It was just known as graffiti, a way of expression used by groups of friends painting over trains or walls without permission.

Now it is important to make emphasis on the importance that this professionals have, as it’s their task to capture the feelings associated with the emotions that artists are willing to tell within their artworks.

With over +3 years of experience, these people have been contributing with their street art photography to a new wave of followers around the modern art around the country.

Oscar Guerra, aka Sr. Irregular

Oscar Guerra Hernandez is a street art photography enthusiast who was born in Salamanca. It’s in his hometown where his interest on this special type of illustration started, reproducing the local artists’ artworks.

He now lives in Madrid, and has shot beautiful images at several urban art and graff festivals:

  • CALLE Lavapiés
  • PINTA Malasaña
  • MOS, Meeting of Styles

Mr. Guerra works as engineer, but he loves spending his free time walking around the areas where the graffiti is prominant.

Do not forget to follow him on flickr, where he uploads

R2hox, street art photography at different festivals around Spain

R2hox was the online editor of Arte en la Calle, a Spanish language graffiti-related blog which closed in April 2018.

He started it in 2011 as a personal project, and despite he doesn’t know if his professional career will be linked to urban art any longer or not, he’s been one of the most important street art protography filmer.

It’s false that Street Art has turned street into a museum…
Street Art has turned street into an amusement park!

Black Socks movement, MOCA (Los Angeles, US)
  1. Art in the streets isn’t domestication of artists
    …it’s freedom for artists.
  2. Art in the streets isn’t people manipulation…
    …it’s an approach to people.
  3. Art in the streets isn’t city decoration…
    ..it’s a reflection about cities.
  4. Art in the streets isn’t governments advertising…
    …it’s a criticism about how governments are doing.
  5. Art in the streets isn’t market speculation…
    …it’s free, for all the people!
  6. Art in the streets isn’t art on museums, nor art on galleries, nor Street Art…
    …it’s just art in the streets.

All his photographies, unless specified, has been shared with Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Vandal Voyeur, specialized in illegal graffiti

Dug Da Bug is a street art photography lover who has probably visited more tunnels, warehouses and train tracks than any other graffiti writer. All of it, without touching the spray paint.

He specializes in illegal graffiti, and despite many people have usually asked him for exact locations, he denies to share the information as he believes that it’s part of the game to find your own spot.

Vandal Voyeur is the blog where he has shared his images and written stories for several years. Did you know that a book edited with his photos might be found in a printed series?

Me sorprendo, train wagons as captured from his camera

This anonymous street art photography artist takes his camera to hidden locations and from time to time shares videos in his youtube Channel.

His passion for graffiti has made him travel to different spots & locations around Madrid’s Autonomous Community, and its surrounding provinces.

We rarely use Twitter, but here you can find him on this social network.

Guilloso from MSAP

Ver esta publicación en Instagram

el papel de la publicidad en la ciudad

Una publicación compartida por Guillermo de la Madrid (@guilloso) el

Guillermo de la Madrid is not only one of the most relevant figures in the Madrid street art photography scene, but also an urban art curator & cultural project co-manager.

He loves capturing images during his daily walks around Madrid city, either commuting by public transport or walking. What does he usually feature in his Instagram account?

  • Poster boards and advertising
  • Traffic cones
  • Graffiti tags

Escrito en la Pared was his personal blogger platform, but it has not been updated since 2017.

Fer Alcalá, artists’ close-up views.

Fer Alcalá is a Barcelona based street art photography representative for the Fujifilm X-T100, the model he uses when trying to understand the artist’s concept.

He combines both outdoor & indoor panoramic views and has collaborated with several Street art festivals & best-known artists.

Mr. Alcalá is member and producer of the following Instagram accounts:

  • RSA Graffiti
  • TV_streetart_
  • TV_strideby
  • Dsb_Graff

Best-known street art photography legends!

In today’s article we specially wanted to say thank you to two street art photography members who have contributed to the graffiti movement for such a long time.

They are quite known within the community and everybody respect them! Let’s pay attention to their profiles.

Martha Cooper, the industry’s legend

This Baltimore photographer was born in 1942 and during her career as journalist for the New York Post she covered many events, but she became famous for her relationship with the NYC’s hip-hop and graffiti communities.

She documented the 1970’s and 1980’s graffiti boom in New York city and you can follow her pictures at NY city snaps.

Mrs. Cooper has participated in collaborative exhibitions, among them:

  • Whole In The Wall: 1970 – Now
  • Graffiti NYC: Artists of the Third Rail
  • Subway Art

Henry Chalfant

Known for his impressive & massive Subway graffiti art archive, Chalfan is a resident of New York City and has exhibited his photo-documentation in different capital cities around the world.

Henry is an important street art photography contributor as he dug in the culture, interviewing those writers who are still alive and taking shots of young graffiti artists during the 1970’s and 1980’s.

Cooltourspain members of the graffiti & street art photography

street art photography gallery exhibition

Gerzu is our Spanish language team leader and loves taking #WIP pictures, and so does Santi, who has travelled to Castellon (Spain’s East coast) to photograph a street art festival called Fanzara.

We also believe in the promotion of urban art through videos and you’ll be able to find several clips in our Youtube Channel.

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