These are our alternative small group tours in Madrid for 2023-2024

small group tours in lavapies, madrid

From its beginnings, Cooltourspain’s small group tours in Madrid have progressed. It was in 2016 that we launched the first service for friends, relatives and coworkers interested in visiting our city alternatively. Moreover, the project just counted with one professional guide, who performed all tasks, including online marketing, guiding and administrative duties. However, as time passed by, the project grew and receveid a professional status.

For your information, the project currently counts with one full time employee, two part time members and other licensed guides who will help you explore the Spanish capital city in a completely different way. Whether you visit us on your own or with a group of travellers, let us assure you that thanks to our guided visits you will discover Madrid as you wouldn’t do on your own. At least, that’s what other tourists think about our services.

In that sense, today’s article will try to get your attention. We’ll show you which are the most requested of our services, as well offer you insider information about what will you do during the time you spend with us visiting the city.

What do our small group tours in Madrid offer in comparison to others?

To start with, we should mention that we hold the status of being the only project in town which dedicates professionally to offering small group tours in Madrid focused on street art and graffiti. Period. In other words, no other companies will offer you daily urban art guided visits as we do. Furthermore, we could inform you that you won’t find any cheaper option than ours.

To us, it all started as a hobbie, and it even continues featuring that characteristic. Despite the fact that we charge for our job, you should know that we also offer free tours for certain groups of people who live under certain risks. Thanks to the money you pay us for developing these walking activities, there will be others who benefit from that. Just check our blog for more information.

You should also note that the activities are not only offered by enthusiast on the field, but also by art historians, educators and contemporary art artists who work on the urban art industry. Their passion might be the perfect tool to engage you when you need a break from the centuries-old buildings and historic landmarks that can sometimes get a little tiresome.

Activities led by professional graffiti writers

guided visit led for small group tours in madrid
The artist Pyramid 6 Eyes with a group from Belgium

Cooltourspain management is led by Javier Garcia, who has been investigating about Madrid’s graffiti scene for the past 10 years. He’s documented those stories and created a portfolio which synthetyses the spirit of painting in the streets. However, he also took into consideration the street art panorama while designing the route for the small group tours in Madrid. Tags, paste-ups, throw-ups, murals.… There will be loads of information to learn about!

However, when we receive requests for more than 15-18 people, he counts with a team of professional tour leaders who help him lead the guided visits. He has trained a team of graffiti artists, who share the same passion and same philosophy while showing Madrid to others. You should expect from us an alternative approach to visit the city. Was that what you were looking for?

They will introduce participants into a magic world, full of color and supportive messages. For your information, part of the artists that we showcase during this walking experience are our friends. Thus we can explain about their artistic approach. Other times, the artworks you will see were created by us! As simple as that!

Our group tours in Madrid include a small graffiti experience

graffiti practice in the city center
Four participants who joined our tour last September 2022

More than just offering a listening activity, we’ll grant you the opportunity to spray paint. All the small group tours that request our alternative guided visits in Madrid include the development of a stencil graffiti. A hands-on activity to put into practice all the facts that we explained you during the tour. Will you use a tag in the artwork?

Cooltourspain’s basic category features a spray paint decoration over an A3 sized paper. In that sense, guests will use recycled materials, and their creativity to add color to their lives. It will be done at Parque Casino de la Reina. However, if you upgrade the urban art exploration, we may develop the stencil graffiti over a 100% cotton tote bag.

Similarly to what we do during our graffiti workshops, we’ll also allow guests to paint with Montana spray cans, and POSKA markers. We love observin the designs which include lettering and other graff-style related elements.

They use street art to talk about our daily life problems

public guided visits and small group tours in Madrid
Javier talking about feminism and the female street art community

After a deep analysis of the current tourism trends, we got into the conclussion that the more WHOW CONCEPT and tailored experience, the better. However, we believe that thanks to a sustainable and responsible approach, our small group tours in Madrid may contribute to the local ecosystem.

We’ve added the core values from the 17 UN’s millenium goals into the explanations. Have you ever heard of the 2030 agenda? Supposedly, every country around the world is committed towards the global change, and our guided visits will offer you information about social justice, equity, women’s empowerment or climate change, among others.

Cooltourspain is not just a team of graffiti tour leaders, but also a game changer project. We’re completely worried about what’s happening worldwide, and this is just our little contribution with the issues that the society faces. What’s your commitment? Do not hesitate to leaving your comments at the end of this page.

Who are the guests that usually sign up for our small group tours in Madrid?

Participants from all ages and nationalities are the ones who join our small group tours in Madrid. However, you should note that the most frequent traveller that Cooltourspain receives corresponds to a women aged between 25 and 45 years old. So what’s their interest in joining our services? Exploring our city alternatively. They majorly visit us from the United States and Israel.

The fact is that these sustainable approaches to explore a city are also of the agencies’ interest. They offer their final guests a unique experience related to street art and graffiti. Don’t you think that this is a differentiated kind of event?

Last but not least, kids and teenagers do also participate in our walking activities. They do it either with their families, or within a school group. For your information, Cooltourspain’s street art tours are famous among French lycées. It’s for them that we count with a team of French speaking guides.

Clients from DMC and MICE agencies

Circulo de Bellas Artes rooftop, Gran Via
Observing Madrid from its heights with Emilio

If you surfed our website because you were interested in offering your guests an alternative touristic activity in the Spanish capital city, then it’s your lucky day. Please note that our small group tours in Madrid are available in different languages and times. So what’s the specific date would you like to host it?

We could even meet your guests at the hotel/venue where they participate in a congress. Otherwise, we’ll meet them by the entrance of Teatro Valle Inclán (Calle de Valencia, 1) or Reina Sofia Museum (Calle de Santa Isabel, 52) if the group is larger than 35 people. FYI, the largest group we’ve ever hosted was for 280 guests at the same time. There was a team of 17 tour leaders. Huge, huh?

You should also take into consideration that we’ve set a suggested rate of 1 guide per every 15-18 guests. Although this is an estimated amount, we could be flexible if you count with a tight budget. As we usually justify, it similarly occurs when talking about a school setting. What would happen if one teacher worked for a group of 30 people? The instruction received would be less tailored than if there were less students in the classroom. Don’t you agree?

Families who are interested in joining Cooltourspain’s small group tours in Madrid

small group tours in Madrid and other activities for families with kids
Our activities fit all audiences

Is your son/daughter interested in graffiti or street art? Are you looking for experiences suitable for kids aged 6-12 or teenagers between 13 and 17? Then you should know that our small group tours in Madrid do count with a didactical and methodological approach to modern art. Moreover, they’ll be the ones who will most enjoy the graffiti experience.

Whether it’s their first time holding a spray can in their hands, or they’ve got previous experience paiting on walls, our activities might be the best choice to offer them a legal way to paint. They’ll count with permission, don’t worry. Furthermore, you should also visit our stickers tour in Madrid.

Among all, people interested in urban art

walls decorated professionaly
As the 2023 passes by, new artworks decorate Madrid city center’s walls. Calle Doctor Fourquet

At last, 99% of the guests who book online do it because of their interest in murals and/or street art. At times, we hear that they’ve previously participated in other similar activities and that’s why they join our small group tours in Madrid. As you may see, we’ve got many things in common.

To us, it’s very easy to connect with travellers. Due to our personal interest in travelling, our open-minded personalities and the fact that some of us do also paint, we assure that you’ll end up assessing our experiences with at least 4 out of 5 stars. If not 5 out of 5. You can check other customer reviws in our Tripadvisor page, or our Google Business profile.

Cooltourspain’s opinion about the small group tours in Madrid

The last paragraph always corresponds to our team’s point of view. In that sense, it wouldn’t be without your help that we could later offer free small group tours in Madrid for NGO’s and other socially involved organizations. FYI, we run volunteering activities which grant the opportunity to people, who live in vulnerable situations, of enjoying the best street art and graffiti in town.

Last 2022, almost 3,100 visitors from all over the world participated at any of our experiences, and part of the revenue obtained was later used to launch these integrating and cultural guided visits.

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