What could our 3 alternative private art tours in Madrid offer you?

private art tours in madrid around lavapies district

Those travellers interested in discovering the alternative essence existing in the local and national cultural scene might join our private art tours in Madrid. We’ll offer you a quirky point of view in order to understand the current artistic panorama. Isn’t that what you are interested in?

A group of professional educators, graffiti writers and photographers will lead an exclusive experience. You’ll not only discover the modern art industry, but you’ll also receive the opportunity to create a stencil graffiti over a 100% cotton tote bag. In that sense, we developed the idea back in 2016, trying to offer something new in the tourism industry.

These are some of the highlights that our VIP guests will be able to enjoy:

How are the private art tours in Madrid organized?

First and foremost, you should know that these guided visits create an impacto into the participants. Whether it’s your first time in town, or you’ve previously visited the Spanish capital city, our private art tours in Madrid will offer you a unique and tailored activity.

Cooltourspain’s routes cover different characteristics about the urban art community, including but not limiting to graffiti, paste-ups, throw-ups and even artworks created with recycled materials. Furthermore, we’ll explain the main features of a street art mural and the social elements that artists might include within an open air wall canvas.

Apart from visiting well-known areas within the city’s art circuit, you will receive the opportunity to walk in modern art galleries around Reina Sofia Museum, the most important contemporary art center in town. Ever heard of Picasso? How would he paint if he was a street artist? Ever heard of Belin’s postneocubism?

An insight towards the local street art community, as observed by professional graffiti writers

private madrid art tours around gran via
Artwork by Spok. Madrid based artist

A group of experienced guides and art curators are in charge of leading walking private art tours in Madrid that will serve as an opportunity to dig into the local artistic scenario. Moreover, you’ll hear insider stories about local artists born and raised in town.

  • Why is there a ‘fight’ between graff writers and urban artists?
  • What’s the fine that you’ll pay in case police officers catch you while painting?
  • How are the murals commissioned/organized?

Among others, these are some of the questions that our guides will ask you during the 2 hours long activity. We would like you to participate in an engaging & artsy experience for the whole family. It also serves to differentiate and find the similarities between urban art and graffiti. Are they the same approach?

Talking about the social perspective in our private art tours in Madrid

private walking art tours in madrid city center
Former Solar Maravillas in Calle Antonio Grilo.

What’s generally true about urban art is that it contains a social component. By the time artists paint in the streets, they may represent the local communities that surround the murals. In the same vein, our private art tours in Madrid will showcase those artworks. We’d like to discuss about some of the people’s worries. Would you join us to chat about it?

For example, we use the throw-ups painted by DEFO, RUCA, NEKO and KILER to speak up about feminism and domestic violence in Spain. We also feature Yksuhc Juan’s canvas and Guillermo J Bueno’s art approach to mention the current situation for many migrants from Africa and the Middle East. Last but not least, we use Okuda’s mural to open up a debate about gentrification. How is mass tourism and real states affecting the house rental pricing?

On top of that, you should know that local NGO’s may benefit from our free tours. Cooltourspain’s foundation has partnered with several organizations such as Down Madrid and Intress to promote street art among their users. Does it sound appealing to you? Your contribution for the VIP service will be then reused with a social purpose.

Developed both indoors and outdoors

guided vistis on contemporary art fairs
Urvanity art fair. Picture by Oscar Guerra

Depending on your interests, our private art tours in Madrid might be completely led along the streets or stopping by several contemporary art galleries around Calle Doctor Fourquet. Whether you’re an adult participating in a team building or visiting us with teenagers or kids between 5 and 12 years old, we’ll surprise you!

If you arrive to the city within the first week of September, or by the end of February, we’ll guide you through several exhibitions which are only taking place at that time of the year. For instance, while Madrid Gallery weekend sets the artistic calendar’s beginning, ARCO, Estampa and Urvanity are three of the most important modern art fairs in town. We’ll lead an exclusive approach to how art trends are becoming influencial in the XXI century society.

What you shouild take into account is that we’ll not show you Madrid throughout La Gran Via, Plaza Mayor or Puerta del Sol. Our professional guides will talk to you about the local culture and how artists are using the urban landscape to create an impact into pedestrians’ daily life.

What alternative neighborhoods are visited during the private art tours in Madrid?

Similarly to what happens in other European capital cities, our cultural, educational and social project analyzes the art industry from an alternative point of view. What’s more, the private art tours in Madrid have been available since 2016. More than 5 years working on what we love! Showing our city to other fellow travellers, as if they were our 1-day friends.

It was by that time that we launched the first daily street art tour in town for graffiti lovers. Since then, we became pioneers and we’ve even extended our services to other popular areas in town. Are you familiar with Malasaña, Chueca, San Bernardo and Noviciado districts?

We specially curated the guided visits for those travelllers interested in getting to see the real Madrid. For example, through its urban landscape or thanks to private projects that embellish the city. Moreover, we could start the visit just by the entrance of your location. Did you know that we offer pick-up service upon request?

Modern art galleries around Atocha Renfe Station

tabacalera promocion del arte madrid 2022
Picture by Fred Romero, Flickr

The first service that we would like to showcase is the walking guided visit that covers Reina Sofia Museum’s surrounding streets. This is one of the most popular private art tours in Madrid due to its tailored feature. At last, you’ll visit 3 contemporary art galleries along calle Doctor Fourquet.

In terms of huge avant garde spots, there are two XIX centuary buildings that we’d like to suggest our guests. The one we always talk about is called La Neomudejar, a unique art location in town, which is located right by Atocha Railway Station’s parking lot. It was formerly used as a railway factory & warehouse, but it now features brut art, visuals and urban art.

Last but not least, Tabacalera Promoción del Arte. It’s a tobacco factory turned into a public (and free of charge) artistic center. At its interior, you’ll not only be able to visit its photography exhibitions, but you’ll also walk around Spain’s most important women’s strike spot during the era. Did you know that at this 16,000 sq. meters building worked over 3000 female labourers?

Private street art tours around Lavapiés, Madrid

street art around Lavapies and Embajadores
Street art festivals

As you may have seen in our street art blog, we are specialists on the field. In that sense, Cooltourspain’s team members have been offering private art tours in Madrid for almost half a decade. Through all that time, many guests reviewed our Lavapies guided visit with 5 stars on Tripadvisor and GMB.

It’s around this neighborhood where participants will be able to discover how multicultural the area is. You’ll explore Embajadores district through an artistic point of view. Apart from that, our customers will get to see several community projects such as:

  • La Canica, an occupied ‘bank time’. Ever heard of that concept?
  • EKKA, also known as ‘Eskalera Karakola’. Madrid’s first transfeminist squat.
  • Tetoux’s urban art project. Right in front of Tabacalera.

Please take into consideration that the walking experience kicks off by the entrance of Teatro Valle Inclan (Calle de Valencia, 1). It is planned to end up by Plaza Cascorro, next to La Latina metro station. In case you were interested in visiting an alternative food market, we’d suggest you to walk towards Mercado de la Cebada.

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Walking guided visits to join in Malasaña area

private tour malasaña
Street art might be found at almost any place

Whether it’s your first time in town, or you’ve previously walked around, we’d lastly recommend you to check the artistic vibes & great atmosphere around Universidad district. In this case, our private art tours in Madrid will take you over Malasaña neighborhood. Did you know that it’s one of the most hipster areas in the city center?

To start with, we’ll inform you about the existing hidden war between graffiti writers and street art performers/creators. While some of them claim that they risk their time and money, others affirm that they embellish the city in a completely legal way. What side are you in? Later, we’ll explain you about La Movida Madrileña and the figure of ‘Muelle’.

For your information, Juan Carlos Argüello is considered by many as the pioneer of graffiti tagging in town. Thanks to his interest on an artistic approach that came from the United States, many other enthusiasts are now inside the game. Are you part of it as welL? We’re in too!

Cooltourspain’s opinion about the private art tours in Madrid

It’s a pleasure for us to offer private art tours in Madrid. Not only because our guides have the chance to meet a single group/family, but also because it helps us to make our services more popular. Thanks to our guests’ comments on the internet, we receive more visits!

Do not hesitate on sending us your request. Please include your phone number and email address. You should also include the number of participants, and the service/time that you would like to join us.

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