An alternative guide to enjoy Madrid nightlife. Early evening to late hours.

enjoy Madrid nightlife responsibly

From captivating street art to its renowned museums, there’s plenty to do in Madrid during the daylight hours – and that’s to say nothing of being able to soak up all the glorious sunshine. With so many brilliant things occupying your days in Madrid, you might be tempted to grab some early nights to replenish. However, if you want that truly authentic Madrid experience, you need to stay up past 11 pm at least once during your stay.  

Nightlife is just as integral to Madrid’s culture as its scenic beauty spots and spectacular architecture. In fact, Madrileños are even known as gatos (cats) thanks to their appreciation for late nights on the town. There’s truly something for everyone to enjoy after dark here, so read on to discover the best hotspots.  

What restaurants would we recommend you to start enjoying Madrid nightlife?

Being home to an almost dazzling array of eateries, Madrid’s culinary landscape can be overwhelming for visitors. Luckily, here’s the scoop on several restaurants for the finest food in town.  They might not be the cheapest, but if we recommend you these spots is because of a reason. Just visit them, and then you send us an email for this Madrid nightlife guide. Simple as that.

Step into Mercado San Fernando on a Saturday afternoon, and you’ll see

If you are looking for an off the beaten spot in town, between 8.00pm and 11.30pm, where to have dinner and enjoy the atmosphere, then this might be your choice. What it used to be a local food market, typically owned by butchers, fishmongers and fruit shop assistants, has now turned into a trendy location for the young adults, just before starting to enjoy Madrid nightlife.

There are several choices in terms of food. Venezuelan cachapas, mexican tacos or Spanish tortilla which might be followed by a glass of wine or a local beer. The truth is that you won’t find any tables where to sit down. All standing.

Madrid nightlife starts at Nakeima

nakeima restaurant
How does this dessert look like? It’ll taste better. Guaranteed.

One word. Delicious.

 C. de Meléndez Valdés, 54. No reservations available. Just try to get a spot in the queue.

Other awarded restaurants

The first restaurant in Spain to receive 3 Michelin stars, Zalacaín, offers a superb menu that seamlessly blends traditional and contemporary cuisine. Signature dishes include pequeño búcaro Don Pío (quail egg, smoked salmon and caviar), Tellagorri cod and a unique take on steak tartare.  Doesn’t it sound appealing to start your groups’ Madrid nightlife party?

The popularity of the restaurant with locals makes walk-ins virtually impossible, so reserve a table well in advance if you’re planning to indulge in a romantic meal or celebrate a special event. 

When in Rome, do as Romans do…

It would be a shame to visit Madrid nightlife and not enjoy the splendour of some of its cultural institutions and historic buildings after dark. Don’t miss a trip to the following. There are several activities, places or events that we’d like to recommend you?

Casino de Madrid 

Playing casino games has never been more accessible than it is here in the digital age. Platforms like PokerStars Casino make it easy to play leading slots titles like Big Blue Bounty and Tomb of Ra from the comfort of home. However, casino fans and people who’ve never stepped foot inside a gaming venue before will marvel at the Casino de Madrid.  

It is the place where people flock to play games like roulette and blackjack, but it’s also been a feature of the city since as far back as 1836. The Casino de Madrid is an architectural wonder, resembling a palace more than a gaming venue. 

One of the trendiest things for locas about Madrid nightlife? ‘Bingo para señoras’

night show for all audiences
Lorena Castell, in green color, is a Spanish actress and TV presenter

There exists an alternative way to enjoying the beginnings of Madrid nightlife. That’s to say, attending a show-spectacle which is hilarious and refreshing at the same time! The event includes a bingo game for all atendees, and serves perfectly for someone/group who is looking for quirky things to do in town. That’s the best, probably.

Visiting Teatro Real

Teatro Real is one of the most prestigious opera houses in Europe, presenting an impressive selection of classical and contemporary music concerts, dance and theatrical performances. The opera house was designed and constructed in the mid-1800s. It has since undergone extensive renovations, which have resulted in the magnificent auditorium being expanded to seat an audience of up to 1740 people. 

Tickets for performances are also reasonably priced, but be quick if you want to attend, as tickets can sometimes sell out months in advance for some productions. 

Pure techno underground music

techno sala muv
Sala MUV

If you are the kind of explorer who is interested in electronic music, and underground techno parties, then listen to this. Apart from Mondo and Fabrik, there exists a couple of places which are located in the suburbs, where techno music is the key. Madrid nightlife extended to Sunday morning, up to midday. The ones we refer to are:

Cooltourspain’s opinion about Madrid nightlife

For many years, we enjoyed Madrid’s nighlife at its best. Goa, Casette, or Twist clubs hosted the parties we liked the most! . Now we prefer going to restaurants, mixing it with a bit of party. What kind of traveller are you? Leave us your comments here!

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