Top 5 Madrid art walks for an alternative experience in the capital of Spain

The capital of Spain is known for the quality of the public transport. Its metro is considered by many locals and travellers alike as one of the best ones in the world, beating those in New York, London or Moscow. Moreover, there are other ways of commuting in the city such as doing it by bike or on foot. We will tell you today which are the best Madrid art walks. A nice way to combine both exercising and sightseeing the city. Our group of local guides will let you know what are their favourite areas to enjoy while in town. Ready? On the meantime, have you considered joining any of our street art walking tours?

Madrid art walks by the River side.

Madrid art walks by Madrid Rio
Madrid art walks at Matadero Madrid
Jorge GC/flickr

The number one of this sightseeings would be along the River side. There are several spotlights that Celine would like to recommend you. First place to visit would be Matadero de Madrid, a former slaughter’s house which is now used as cultural and artistic center. If you keep on jogging on these Madrid art walks by the Manzanares River , you would get to Puente de Segovia (Segovia’s Bridge) built in 1582. It is from there where you will be able to observe in the distance the Royal Palace and Almudena Cathedral, which are two wonderful places to see by the sunset.

Madrid art walks by the city center.

Santi, another member of our team, loves the city center. There are several parts that he would like to recommend you, but today he is focusing on Lavapies area. He thinks that all Madrid art walks should cover this neighborhood because of its multicultural style. In the artistic terms, there is a street art festival which is celebrated every year. CALLE Lavapiés brings artists from all over Spain to decorate the stores and faccades located around Argumosa street. Doctor Fourquet is also a famous part of the city because of the number of art galleries that are present around Reina Sofia Museum. On top of that, Santi added “You should visit the best urban garden in Madrid. Esto es una plaza is a local community hub which features the artwork of the world-wide known artist called ROA. He is the one who creates these black and white animals using graffiti spray cans.

Madrid art walks at Lavapies neighborhood
Madrid art walks around Plaza de Lavapies
Tnarik Innael/flickr

Non-classic Madrid art walks.

Gerardo, known as Gerzu in the tour guide industry, would suggest you to visit Universidad district. He leads our street art tour in Malasaña and as an expert on the field, there are several spots he would feature on the fourth of these Madrid art walks. Plaza del Dos de Mayo would be one of them because of the sculpture representing those who passed away on the Napoleon attacks over Madrid city. Calle Hortaleza is also known for the art stores where you can buy different canvas, paints or any other materials you may require before puttings hand to work.


According to him, you should also pay attention to Pinta Malasaña, an urban art festival which takes place during the month of April. You should visit it not only because of the artistic component, but for the atmosphere existing at the neighborhood during the event (always held on a Sunday).

Madrid Art walks by Calle de San Vicente Ferrer
Felipe Gabaldon/flickr
Madrid art walks at Plaza del dos de Mayo
Marta Nimeva Nimeviene/flickr
Madrid art walks around Atocha train station.

Last but not least, the triangle area between El Prado, Reina Sofia and Thyssen museums features the best of Madrid art walks. Why? It will surprise you to known that two of the most avant garde centers are separated by less than a kilometer distance. First spot to visit would be La Neomudejar, a visual arts/contemporary center which used to be one of the first factories for the rail track system in Spain. Its entry fee is only 4€ and its walls will totally amaze you. On the other side, you will find Caixa Forum, which is currently (as of April 2018) exhibiting Andy Warhol. Are these places enough to start your journey in town? We hope so, but in case you need more help, take into account that you could also contact us on Facebook.

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