Madrid art guide featuring exhibitions from January to March 2018.

Aproximately every three other months the art galleries present in Calle Doctor Fourquet change their exhibitions and consequently count with new artists who sell their artwork on an indoors space. We created the first chapter of Madrid art guide featuring the paintings available over Lavapiés area, one of the most multicultural neighborhoods in Madrid’s citycenter. Haven’t you walked over it yet? Let’s see what you will observe!

Bricks representing Madrid art guide
Galeria MPA
Blue colors represented at Madrid art guide
Almudena Fernández Ortega

Madrid art guide over the southern area of Calle Doctor Fourquet.

Whether contemporary or classic, the art is present in this street. Not only you will find it in galleries, but also at public spots such as Esto es una Plaza, our favourite urban garden in Madrid full of graffiti and street art.


The first gallery featured in our Madrid art guide is Espacio Minimo, an artsy space with more than 25 years of history, directed by José Martínez Calvo & Luis Valverde Espejo. The current exhibition features the work of Alicia Mihai Gazcue, a mythical visual artist born in Uruguay who chose some of her creations from 1971 to 2016. She now lives in Bucharest, Romania and works hand to hand with Liliana Porter and Ana Tiscornia. Mrs. Mihai talks about identity reaffirmation related to a personal poetic.

Madrid art guide in Lavapiés neighborhood.

Madrid art guide, a pictorial baptism
Galeria Silvestre
Madrid art guide by several artists
Galeria Alegria

The next art gallery we visited was Galeria Silvestre. El Bautizo Monstruo is the exhibition curated by Almudena Fernández Ortega, an artist from Sevilla, Spain who brings us an event which took place in 1936. It was under Franco’s dictatorship when the control of La Nava, a village in Huelva occurred. Supernatural and overwordly existence as seen in the Spanish history.


Chosen as our favourite pick from this Madrid art guide, we will find Galeria MPA. It was the faccade of the building which really took our attention! Fake brown bricks decorate the exterior part of the gallery. During your visit at the interior’s part, you will observe how Juan Uslé painted with an exquisite technique over diferent canvas sizes. ‘Between time and rhytm’ is the title of his exhibition which was created between Saro (Santander) and New York.

Madrid art guide from January to March 2018..

Right accross Esto es una Plaza, you will observe Galeria Alegria, a contemporary art gallery which counts with the Flat Earthers crew for its current exhibition. Madrid art guide is represented by the clip art, sculptures which fall apart in the wind and bucolic scenes of nature created by Freeman, Hood, Robertson and Rubenstein.

Madrid art guide in Calle Valencia
Galeria Marta Cervera
Madrid art guide with portrais from New York
Raha Raissnia
Madrid art guide close to Calle Valencia..

Galeria F2 is the last stop at Calle Doctor Fourquet. Its current exhibition features the work of Simeón Saiz Ruiz. His soviet soldiers are taken from the Rest after battle original piece by Yury Mikhailovich and represent a vision between fictional and real pictures. Are you going to buy any of them to decorate your house?


Last gallery visited for our Madrid art guide January-March season was Galeria Marta Cervera, where Raha Raissnia elaborated a visual arts & painting exhibition featuring 80 hand painted slides titled Throwback. The representations of an event which took place in an abandoned Indian mosque from the Sultanate era.

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