Prices for 2023-2024. Live scribing in Madrid for congress & events

Presentation of a live scribing in Madrid

Organizing a presentation for partners and customers is one of the most important parts for any marketing campaign, product launch, or congress. Whether a live event, or an online webinar, international brands and national companies/organizations count with strategies developed for that specific purpose. In that sense, what are the different possibilities that exist to showcase a new vehicle, idea, or merchandise? Check out what our live scribing in Madrid may offer your business!!

Cooltourspain believes that transmitting an idea, not only by word of mouth, but also through visuals, will create an impact on the participants. According to several studies, the photographic memory works in a completely different way than retaining information from a speech. That’s why we decided to broaden our services, including graphic recording. Continue reading so that you can have a look at what our professional artists will create for you.

  • Sketchnoting with acrylic markers or notepad.
  • Graphic facilitation for events
  • Visual maps from spoken content into an illustrated language

Decide which type of content you need for the Live scribing in Madrid. Physical media or digital media?

Similarly to what happens at many marketing departments, our customers may choose between different business strategies while talking about presenting goods or services. That’s the reason why our live scribing in Madrid is tailored, and offered on demand, to the final client. On the one hand, our first proposal will be the classic presentation on a white cotton/plastic canvas. However, you may also find that we specialized on notetaking with an Ipad (or any other similar tablet with the proper software).

In both cases, we mastered on the freehand technique. While the typical illustration will count with markers and dabbers of different sizes, an outstanding project will feature spray cans, letters filled with bright colors, and shades. The fact is that the more digital you become, the more options available.

For example, have you thought about the idea of video-scribing? Visual mapping perfectly works for customers who want their participants to retain information. It will help them focus on the most important words/sentences. At last, it’s just a matter of highlighting the key ideas, and turn them into a visual eye-catcher.

How should an eye-catching narrative be presented?

Live scribing in Madrid by professional graffiti artists

Whether presented on a 2 minutes short film/clip, or a half day presentation, the live scribing in Madrid will convey concepts in a dynamic and entertaining way, as it’s very pleasant to observe a person painting at the same time that others are participating on a debate. It will actually help retaining information for a longer period of time, as their brains function differently.

Here it’s where the organization is crucial. Thus logistics may differ according to the event’s requirements.

  • Is the presentation organized on a theatre like venue? Then you may leave a spot for our professional on the stage, at one of the sides, leaving according space for the canvas and easels. If the attendace is larger than 70-100 people, we would even suggest you to live broadcast it on a screen.
  • Let’s say that you would count with 20-30 guests at the event, the illustration could be then displayed next to the presenters.

Please take into consideration that there should be a small table arranged next to our professional, so that he/she can leave all the materials in an organized way.

A Live scribing in Madrid that will create an impact on your clients’ communication plan

Events in Spain and live scribing in Madrid

Experience tells us that conferences, presentations or meetings that translate the spoken content into an illustrated language, benefit from graphic-recording. Why is that? It’s mainly because the drawn panels feature a motivational and an attractive characteristic. That’s to say, the live scribing in Madrid will create an impact at in-person events. Your speakers and attendees paying full attention to what the artist scribes.

In the same vein,, the magic of live storytelling will create a memorable visual experience. Morever, you’ll benefit from social sharing as we have observed through time, that guests usually snapshot the illustration for future reference. Imagine a 2 hours, or whatever the time that last the presentation, shortened to a 3×1 meters canvas. Easy peasy.

You should acknowledge that we will share a case study & planning with you, even before the budget has been approved. The coverage that we could provide your event, will turn a great story into visual power. We considered ourselves as changemakers and thought leaders.

Storytelling & visual thinking

client observing the scribed illustration

We could define the live scribing in Madrid, or at any other Spanish city, as the dynamic illustration of an event/meeting/congress which helps participants discuss issues, start conversations or as a simple reference for a useful takeaway. This type of wall art has been widely used by MICE & DMC agencies that are looking into designing and offering a different experience.

By the time a guest is at the event, he/she will be able to recall and memore information throughout the scribed images. Numbers, lines, shapes, characters and other drawings might be included as well. It usually happens that brainstorming ideas by laying them out graphically, will encourages teamwork and collaboration. For your information, the service might also include a stencil graffiti workshop after the presentation.

When talking about the companies’ objectives and the organizational goals, there exist several mental mapping strategies that will contribute to a better topic’s understanding. T-charts, Venn diagrams and Flow charts might be included in the designs, introducing the corporate colors for an outstanding performance! Is there any special feature that you would like to include?

Why should you count with a street art and graffiti project for your live scribing in Madrid?

It was in 2016 when we specialized on the field. After years of hard work, we quit our daily jobs in order to do what we liked the most. That’s to say, painting either at events, on our free time, or in a curated way. Even before offering the live scribing in Madrid, we started leading urban art tours for adults and school/university groups. We belong to the street art community in town.

Furthermore, you should be aware that Cooltourspain is an artistic, cultural, educational and touristic local project. We’re 100% committed to sustainability and social responsibility. We believe in the 2030 agenda, and we are worried about the societies’ future. Our team is not only formed by professional artists who studied Fine Arts at college level, but also by graffiti writers to started their current profession as a hobbie.

Please note that we speak several languages, including English, French and Spanish. Thus if you’re representing an international brand, you may count with these services for an open audience. Moreover, we speak the scribing language.

Professionals on the field based in Madrid, available in Barcelona too

Live scribing in Madrid, English, Spanish and French

Graphic recording requires skills and practice, and as a matter of fact, the more the better. Consequently, illustrators and visuals designers usually specialize on such specific field, standing out of the rest of local artists. The live scribing in Madrid might be also booked through a performance, in which one of our artists will create a 2×8 meters design with spray cans over a linen canvas.

Taking into consideration the competitiveness that exist between Barcelona and Madrid, we just launched a brand new website for Catalunya. Any international event promoter may visit for further reference. Those of you interested in hiring our professionals in the Spanish capital city, may fill the following contact form, or contact us via email at info@cooltourspain, or via telephone +34638399784

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How much does the Live scribing in Madrid cost?

Last but not least, we would like to inform you about the pricing for the live scribing in Madrid. Each budget will be treated individually, according to the event’s needs and requirements. You should expect an email from us, within the next 24 hours after submitting the request. These are approximate rates:

  • Half day service: starting on 600€.
  • Full day service: TBD

Quotes don’t include neither 21% IVA (Spanish national tax system), nor -15% IRPF if the event is designed for a Spanish brand. Agencies’ commission must be added from that total pricing. Markers are all included in the budget, but plastic/cotton canvases are also to be purchased separatedly. We’ll take care of everything.

New opportunities ahead

Whether part of a business strategy, or a congress planning, the live scribing in Madrid might turn into the service you were looking for an extra added value. Likewise, it’s common to have a photo call displayed for attendees. Would you like them to sign over the canvas with spray cans and markers? Stand out of the rest by organizing a modern and unique event!

Once we finish the artwork, you’ll have the chance to have it sent to your offices by courier. Even if it’s to an overseas address. You could later use it for internal purposes, maybe as part of a visual campaign. It might be also great for team discussion and growth.

Cooltourspain’s opinion about the live scribing in Madrid

To us, it’s very important to collaborate with companies that allign with our sustainable and responsible committment. We love working with organizations that implement strategies related to ODS global goals. If that happens, we’re pretty sure that the live scribing in Madrid that we’d offer you, will outstand!

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