The best souvenirs to buy on your trip

where to buy the best souvenirs?

It’s hard to imagine returning home without a souvenir that allows you to remember some of the best moments from a trip full of fantastic experiences, just by looking at it.

They come in all shapes and sizes, from little mementos and magnificent works of craftmanship, unique to each country, to irresistible gastronomic delicacies: and you’ll find them all no matter which tourist destination you choose.

Faced with such variety, it might be helpful to review some of the best souvenirs you can take home with you, depending on your destination, because this memento – enthusiastically purchased – doesn’t need to be limited to a t-shirt or mug with the classic “I went to …” motto.

In this article, we’ll show you some of the best souvenirs you can buy on your trip.

Buying art: the best memento of your holiday

best souvenirs and Italian handcrafts
Souvenirs that you can buy at a tourist shop

Buy travel prints is a fantastic idea, offering you an original and unique souvenir, with beautiful artistic quality. Why not think outside the box and, instead of opting for some of the more typical souvenirs, go one step further and take home a little piece of the country’s culture.

Contributing to the artistic production of the region you visit is an excellent way to promote cultural development.

Fun souvenirs

You can find a wide range of products that function perfectly as mementos of your trip, but part of the fun is finding something unique and special for you. Local craftsmanship is a safe bet.

A pair of Dutch clogs made using the same technique for centuries; an authentic sombrero, proof of the Mexican art of embroidery; the figure of a friendly Norwegian troll; a piece of Egyptian jewellery with the mythical blue scarab amulet; or a traditional Vietnamese woodcarving, made just as they were many years ago… These are just a few of the beautiful objects you can find on your journey around the world.

Specialist shops, craft studios, and of course markets and street markets – like those in Germany and Austria, offering the perfect opportunity to find beautiful and original Christmas decorations at this time of year – are some of the locations where you might just find the perfect souvenir.

Gastronomic specialities

This is another very popular choice, because evoking the memory of your trip through flavours and smells is always a great idea. Indian tea, Moroccan spices, Colombian or Brazilian coffee, Belgian or Swiss chocolates … The list goes on.

And if you’re taking a trip within Spain, you’ll find endless choices of fantastic gastronomic delicacies: from acorn-fed Salamancan ham, to a bottle of liquid gold transformed into extra virgin olive oil from Jaén.

More classic souvenirs

travel mementos
Little gems to take home

There are some souvenirs that immediately evoke a sense of the destination visited. They might seem cliché, but it’s hard to resist them. If you’re travelling to a certain place for the first time, they’re not to be missed. You can’t go wrong with replicas of some of the most well-known monuments from specific cities and countries.

How could you forget to bring home a little figure of the Eiffel Tower if you’ve been to Paris, a model of Big Ben from London, or the Statue of Liberty when you go to New York?

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