Graffiti art in street metal shutters. Madrid’s best urban art

art in street Madrid 2020

Thanks to skillful and talented artists Madrid features one of the most avant-garde cultures in Spain. Moreover, different urban festivals in town showcase post-graffiti art in the street. Pedestrians do not only have the opportunity to observe it during open air events, but also in metal shutters of private locations.

What’s more, the number of professional artists who specifically work in this industry have increased in the past few years. They have observed as business owners are interested in street art because of its marketing positive effects.

Imagine you are randomly walking around the city center. Would you stop by any coffee shop or restaurant if it’s beautifully decorated? At least, we would take a picture with our phones.

Today’s article will talk about those emergent talents who contribute to Madrid’s embellishment:

Who are the local artists that contribute with their art in street?

Firstly, let’s promote the local artists who embellish with post-graffiti art the street. It’s because of their imagination, hardwork and effort that madrileños (people born and raised in the city) may now enjoy walking in the city center, while observing the best urban art.

Artists’ careers vary from graphic design to Fine Arts. However, what’s common in all of them is that the quality of their artworks is outstanding!

1-. Javier Lobo

Street art in Madrid
Artwork created in Chamartin Station by MIEK

Murea is the graffiti art project that Javier Lobo created in Madrid in 2015. Since then, he has painted walls, canvases and interior designs for entrepreneurs who want to decorate their organizations in the most exclusive way.

Mr. Lobo adapts his artistic interpretation for every request, understanding the theme and/or idea individually. He does offer three types of services.

  • Basic: logo + slogan
  • Medium: aerograph definition
  • High-end: Professional artwork with extreme resolution

2-. Art in street by A. Murillo

Sea162 art
Artwork created by graffiti writer Sea162

When it comes to natural landscapes and fresh content, Mr. Murillo is the right person you are looking for. For instance, he has decorated wolves and human beings in Madrid’s countryside.

Both his experience on the field and a personal artistic approach will make your business outstand! Are you planning on painting an outdoor facade? Alonso Murillo will help you on the process by drawing incredible scenery!

In which places could you see his artworks?

  • Villalba,
  • Torrelodones,
  • Art in the street of Madrid city

3-. Mark Zimmermann

Art in Street bar
Madrid city as painted by a professional graffiti writer in Madrid

DMS1 is one of the longest standing urban writers in Madrid city. He has more than 20 years of experience in the industry. Apart from painting at graffiti festivals such as Urvanity Art, this local freelancer draws professional graffiti for businesses in town.

For example, you could see many of his paintings in Hortaleza district. Mark defines his artworks as futuristic projects in which lines take an important role. He draws amazing urban landscapes.

Mr. Zimmerman collaborates with Cooltourspain by leading street art tours and workshops for high school and university students.

4-. Rol TCK

Art in the street by Rolart Design
Interior design created by grafiti madrid

Wall and mural art are the house’s specialities. Rolart design is the brand he created to offer a service not only in Madrid, but also in the whole Spanish territory. Furthermore, he develops live projects and other team building events.

When working in outdoor locations, Rol makes sure to provide the right elements to the surface. He prevents his artworks from vandalism by adding a special varnish.

He is part of the TCK crew, another key figure in the capital city graffiti art scene. Illustrative art in street level to attract people’s attention and admiration.

Madrid based graffiti crews developing the best art in the street.

Later, we could observe as graffiti writers unite forces and develop their artworks as crew members. They have analyzed the art in street current panorama, observing that it is a good idea to offer their services as a team.

In other words, better quality for larger surfaces. For example, if you have a 25 x 3 meters wall, the process could take lesser time than working with only one artist. Let’s see which organizations operate in the Madrid Autonomous Community.

5-. From Kolors

From Kolors' art in street, Madrid
Garade door painted in Madrid city by From Kolors crew

One of the best things that we could appreciate from the street art community in town is how multicultural it is. When artists from all over the world unite, the power is much stronger!

That’s the philosophy with which From Kolors interacts with its customers. Their professional background and career attract businesses from different industries: restaurants, car repair shops and convenient stores.

Who are the most famous From Kolors team members?

  • Jeff,
  • Donuts NRC

6-. Monkey B

Monkey B, Madrid
Graffiti illustration for a Driving school

Last but not least organization is Monkey Business. They focus on lettering, sign boards and artistic decoration. It was in 2005 when these local entrepreneurs scaled the project from a hobby into a daily life career.

Similarly to what happens with the other projects, they target businesses. Their job is to turn the client’s idea into a painting which illustrates the companies’ philosophy and niche.

Cooltourspain’s opinion about the art in street

In conclusion, all these projects offer quality services. If you are interested in adding color and a lively spirit to your office/shop, you should then bring any of these artists to your location. Another possibility would be to use Photo murals for walls. Haven’t you heard about it?

Quotes vary in price, depending the quality of the service you are interested in. On the other hand, you could also hire a street artists

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