What are the 2024 most important art galleries in Madrid city?

important art galleries in Madrid city 2020

Travellers are interested in Spain not only because of its history, good weather and food, but also because of its culture. Check now the most relevant information about the art galleries in Madrid city that you shouldn’t miss.

We’ll explore the artsy industry through different styles:

  • Classic paintings
  • Contemporary art
  • Alternative modern art venues

The 3 most famous classic art galleries in Madrid city.

Las Salesas area

Not that far from the place where you can purchase El Prado Museum tickets, visitors will find the most important art galleries in Madrid city, related to the classic style.

Galería Marlborough (Calle de Orfila, 5)

Classic art galleries in Madrid city
Participants listening to the artist’s explanation

Marlborough is a global chain which currently features art galleries in Madrid city and Barcelona, among others.

It focuses on the purchase and sale of old paintings and sculptures from the XIX & XX centuries, and it serves as agent for a broad collection of contemporary artists from Europe, United States, South America and Asia.

Visitors may find artworks created by:

  • Pedro Almodovar
  • Antonio López
  • Fernando Botero

Marlborough was founded in London (UK) in 1946, arriving to the Spanish capital in 1989 and to Barcelona in 2006.

Max Estrella, among the classic art galleries in Madrid city

Max Estrella, Las Salesas area
Is an art gallery the right spot where to paint over a wall?

With its opening in 1994, Max Estrella added an international connotation to the Spanish artistic circuit because of its connection with the global art scene.

Group exhibitions and solo shows take place around the 350 square meters that this gallery owns in Calle de Santo Tomé, 6.

Max Estrella has continuously worked to create a balance in his exhibitions between already internationally known artists, European artists with emerging careers and young local creators.

Where are the contemporary art galleries in Madrid city located?

contemporary art galleries in Madrid city at Calle Dr. Fourquet

Anybody interested in visiting the Spanish capital through its art, then should check out Calle Doctor Fourquet.

It’s in this popular street where the majority of the contemporary art galleries in Madrid city are located, and all of it comes because of their proximity to the modern art museum Reina Sofia.

Galeria MPA, Moises Perez de Albeniz

Gallery next to Esta es una Plaza
Artistic exhibition showing different Spanish journals’ covers.

Galeria MPA is one of those art galleries in Madrid city who had an early arrival to Lavapiés district.

Moises Parez Albeniz and partners found that it was about time to move from Pamplona to Madrid to start a new adventure. They do not only support well-known contemporary artists, but also to those emergent artists who are on the up-coming scene.

MPA’s last exhibition focused on the power existing on media and its different forms

  • Video-art
  • Collage from newspapers
  • Pictures & portraits from the 70’s and 80’s in the United States.

Galeria Alegria, not just fun

Art galleries in Madrid city at Calle Doctor Fourquet
Sebastián Rosselló and the art gallery he created in Calle Doctor Fourquet

Mr. Rosselló is another example of how the art industry in Spain is diverse and meets no boundaries. He created his first project in a small indoors venue located in a warehouse. That was in 2010, Barcelona.

They then moved to Plaza Cascorro, in Madrid, right where our street art tour in Lavapies finishes. It’s such a pleasure to show one of the most important art galleries in Madrid city to our guests.

Galeria Alegria has featured, among others, the artworks of the following artists:

  • Bobby Dowler
  • Joana Cera
  • Humberto Poblete-Bustamante

Delimbo, all the way from Sevilla

Post-graffiti art galleries in Madrid city
Modern art in Calle Doctor Fourquet, 30

Seleka Muñoz and Yo Soy Miami is a modern art lovers duo behind Delimbo, a contemporary art gallery with venues in Sevilla and Madrid.

Their age and friendship with young artists from all over the world made possible that renowned artists exhibited their artworks at one of the most important contemporary art galleries in Madrid city:

  • Vhils (Portugal) famous for his stone drilling.
  • Okudart (Spain). Not just an artist, but an influencer among others.
  • Felipe Pantone, futuristic patterns in town.

Alternative art galleries in Madrid city.

If you are still undecided because of the amount of time you’ll spend in town, then we would recommend you not to miss the following places, which are somehow linked to the art galleries in Madrid city.

La Tabacalera, meeting point for the art community in town

Art galleries in Madrid city around Embajadores square
Temporary exhibition observed in Calle Embajadores, 53

A former tobacco factory from the XIX century currently hosts a unique spot for the modern art in the city. By the way, completely free!

First part of this 16,000 square meters building is occupied by Tabacalera Promoción del Arte, a place for emergent art supported and paid by the Spanish Government.

Second spot (our favourite in this huge building) is a community & social center opened for locals and visitors alike. People with common interests, supporting a global artistic change.

It’s usually opened from 6.00PM to workshop members, and opened to all audiences during the weekends.

What kind of stuff will you find at La Tabacalera?

  • Workshops where to learn how to fix your own bike.
  • El Keller, street art & graffiti crew.
  • Indoor warehouses where you will get hands to work & DIY.

Artbanchel, cultural opportunities beyond the art galleries in Madrid city.

Artbanchel 2019
Guided visits are also available at ArtBanchel.

Manzanares River creates a natural barrier between the city center and the suburbs. At points, people could consider that there exists less opportunities in the outskirts than in downtown but this project is a clear example of ‘culture for everybody’.

The event is not a gallery itself, but the promotion of over 32 contemporary art galleries in Madrid city located in Carabanchel, one of the most famous working class neighborhoods in town.

The organizers/promoters have curated the following activities in these 3 last editions:

  • Music & Radio shows.
  • Open talks, debates and live performances.
  • Theater & the opportunity to invest in art

Our opinion about the art galleries in Madrid city

We believe that the these projects are working hard towards the promotion of the local talent, but thanks to what the artists themselves tell us, they charge too much for selling commission.

Consequently we would make an open call to all those investors & collectors for them to go directly to the source.

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