Prado Museum tours

Prado Museum tours

How could Prado Museum tours stand out of the rest to offer an alternative point of view?

We've given it a twist. Now, with our alternative Prado Museum tours you will hear the lesser-known stories about the most important works of art between the XVI and XIX centuries. Do we use the same perspective to contemplate the works in the XXI century? Sign up as a group or individually to discover one of the most important art galleries in the world. All this, thanks to the work of certified professional guides.

alternative prado museum tours
XXI Century values

Let us point out that our Prado Museum tours were developed in such a social. We'll compare the societies in which the works were created, to discuss about the role in art. What have we improved in and how should we continue to push for a change?

Female painters
Talking about female artists

It is a fact that many of the paintings and figures exhibited at the Prado Museum's canvases are women. However, could you tell us the number of women painters whose work is showcased? You will be that surprised that it'lll surely shock you.

Professional guides
APIT & CEFAPIT Professional guides

Experience tells us that when you count with professionals for the guided visit, then the Prado Museum tours will be a success. Cooltourspain is formed by a multidisciplinary team, graduates in art history and tourism, with the corresponding accreditation from the city council.

canvas illustration
Meaningful explanations

Whether it is the first time you visit Madrid, or if you have been here before, we have something new to show you. We bring that critical thinking necessary to understand the context of each artistic creation. Are you ready to give your opinion about the societies' evolution?

Frequently asked questions about the Prado Museum tours

Is the ticket fee included in the guides' honoraries at the Prado Museum tours?
No, the entrance fees are not included. Therefore, to know the exact price for the visit, you will have to multiply the €15 entrance fee by the total number of participants, and then add the private guide’s fee for the Prado Museum tours.
How long does the activity take?
If the group consists of a maximum of 9 people (including the professional guide) the visit can last up to a maximum of 3 hours. If, on the other hand, there are more than 9 participants, the museum itself restricts the visit to a total of 1.5 hours.
Is there any possibility to purchase a ticket at a reduced price?
Yes, of course. Educational groups, i.e primary, middle school and high school students will pay 5€ per ticket. Likewise, members of associations, institutions and foundations related to art will pay 7.5€ per person.
Is the monographic explanation of a single painter included?
No, you should know that the explanation covers in a broad way, the whole artistic history. We will not stop exclusively to talk about a single artist. Even so, you can always send us your requests. We’ll send you a quote.

Meeting Point 

Diego Velazquez’s statue 

(Paseo del Prado, 11)

*Appointment required


What's the price for the private Prado Museum tours?

Please remember that in addition to the price shown below, you will have to add the entrance fee for every guest.

Guided visit
week days- 2 hours
  • 9 people minimum
  • Maximum of 30
  • Scheduled
  • Official tour
Prado Museum tours
week days-3 hours
  • You choose the time
  • Max 8 guests
  • Professional guide
  • Alternative
Weekend tours
3 hours
  • Flexible schedule
  • Reduced group (max 8)
  • Art historians
  • Private tour

What do other participants think of our Prado Museum tours?

Jesús shared his time with our family at El Prado. Our daughter is a 1st year college student, mastering in Spanish art, and we thought it was an appropriate holidays' plan while in Spain. Too bad they don't have public groups open more often. The price was a bit high, although the service was worth it.
Kind comments about Cooltourspain
Robert, US
July 2022
We participated in a street art tour around Lavapiés, and then in a more classic one at El Prado Museum. It was a unique opportunity to discover Madrid, because first we saw the most alternative parts of the city and then we had time to explore some of the most beautiful works of neoclassical art and romanticism.
review left in by an international traveller
Elvira, Germany
March 2022
We have been collaborating with Cooltourspain since 2019, and we were surprised that they expanded their catalog of activities with this guided tour. So far, no problem.
one of the customers at the prado museum tours
Lauren, French travel agent
January 2022

from 15€ /person

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    Our Prado Museum tours are also available for high school students. Do you want to know more details?

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