What’s Madrid La Tabacalera project like and when does it open?

artwork seen at la tabacalera

La Tabacalera is self sustained project set in a former tobacco factory from the XIX century.

It’s a 16,000 sq. meters area occupied by a 3 stores building and a huge outdoors garden.

It’s divided in two parts:

  • La Tabacalera ‘Promoción del arte‘- contemporary cultural center.
  • CSOA La Tabacalera, local community.

We will now explain you insider details about the second project. A free access location which probably features the best graffti in Madrid.

Where is La Tabacalera located?

Getting to La Tabacalera is really easy if you use the public transport.

Take the yellow metro line from Sol to Embajadores metro station. Exit towards Miguel Servet street.

Entrance located by the metalic door round the corner on Calle Embajadores, 53 .

La tabacalera interior walls

The area, a multicultural side of town.

Lavapiés is probably Madrid’s most multicultural district. There are citizens from all over the world and it’s becoming a trendy and hipster neighborhood.

El Rastro, Madrid’s biggest open-air flea market is nearby and you will also find two local food markets, ‘La Cebada’ and ‘San Fernando’.

Workshops to be found in La Tabacalera de Lavapiés.

These are some of the workshops where you could be part of a local community with common interests. Check these places out:

  1. El Keller, the graffiti and street art community.
  2. Recicleto, bike community where to learn how to fix your gear.
  3. Roots & culture, dancehall, reggae…
  4. Tabahack, computing & free-software.
  5. Molino Rojo, contemporary dance & live performance.
Recicletos, bike workshop

El Keller, street art and graffiti workshop

Were you interested in La Tabacalera because of its graffiti?

The interior walls are decorated by local, national and international street art artists who anonymously paint with amazing style!

  • Open-days on Tuesday from 6.00PM to 10.00PM
el keller workshop
@emea ft. El Keller

When is La Tabacalera opened?

Doors are open Tuesdays-Sundays.

  • Tuesday-Friday access granted to workshop members from 6.00PM to 11.00PM.
  • Saturday & Sunday, everybody welcomed!

For an updated events’ listing please subscribe to their weekly email feed or Facebook.

la tabacalera biggest room
Reggae soundsystems take their roots and dancehall to La Tabacalera.

Frequently asked questions

  • Can I take pictures inside?

Yes, you can. Please tag and credit the artists accordingly if you are uploading any images to social media channels.

  • How do I contact La Tabacalera’s organization?

If you are looking for general information or a press release, please contact them at comunica@latabacalera.net. Workshop’s related questions might be sent to programacion.tbc@gmail.com

  • Can I take a dog inside?

Yes, they are welcomed. Please have the on a leash.

  • Can I paint a legal graffiti wall in La Tabacalera?

Please write an email to elkellertbk@gmail.com . This street art workshop in La Tabacalera partly curates the walls.

La Tabacalera members

Our opinion about La Tabacalera.

Such an amazing place. If we would just had one option for things to visit in Madrid, we would spend it that way!

It reminds us to Berlins extinct warehouses, full of graffiti.

La Tabacalera is such an alternative place. The building itself, the artworks that decorate its workshops and the atmosphere. Totally worth the visit.

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