Award-winning & unusual tours in Madrid. Venture off the beaten!

Cooltourspain is such a singular project. We try to differentiate our unusual tours from the rest of touristic companies not only because of our field of action, but also by the way our guides lead the experiences.

What would you say is the difference between a tourist and a traveller? Can you tell us the relationship or difference that exists between street art and graffiti?

You should know that our experts are passionate for graffiti. We do paint and we will give you insider information of an underground culture that many wonder about their insights.

How to recognize unusual tours in Madrid?

Please take into account that we hate those guides who only offer information about dates and events. We participated in many history tours all around the globe and they are boring.

Furthermore, you will never remember those dates. On the other hand, our local guides will engage you with questions where you’ll be required to think. The perfect way to wake you up!

Please receive a warm welcome from our urban art’s team. We are ready to show you our city as you have never explored it before.

Alternative guided visits

To identify off the beaten and quirky experiences, follow your instincts. First of all, check the company’s name over different platforms. Our Facebook and Instagram profiles will help you analyze the kind of experiences we run.

Our unusual tours in Madrid are offered through many online distributors, but careful because each of them charges different commission rates. Our website is the platform that sells the service at the cheapest price.

Another way we always recommend to our guests is checking for competitors. Who was the first in doing that kind of activities? Let us inform you that we were pioneers in our industry, becoming the first project who offered street art tours in Madrid on a daily basis.

What do people think about our unusual tours in Madrid?

Lastly, what do people say about the experience?Tripadvisor is probably the world’s most important travellers review platform. Do not forget that there also exist other websites which are aimed towards each different nationality.

Lametayel is Israel’s most famous website and our guests trust it because it’s almost similar to word-of-mouth.

Who are the guides for these unusual tours in Madrid?

The cultural, educational and social project created in 2015 is formed by several local experts.

Javier Garcia is Cooltourspain’s founder and CEO. He loves travelling all around the world. His passion for the discovery of new cultures took him to places such as Berlin, New York or London.

It was in these major capital cities where Garcia observed there was a trend among travellers to venture like a local through street art and graffiti. He then took the idea and created these unusual tours in Madrid. Javier leads the tours with passion for both urban art and his guests.

Passionate team members in our unusual tours in Madrid

Santiago is our longest-standing local graffiti guide. He fell in love with our vision as he documented contemporary art with his Nikon D3500. Mr. Gonzalez, as his students call him, is an English language educator in Vallecas district. He organized a street art event at the building where he works, offering the opportunity to teenagers to paint over the school’s walls.

Gerardo is a heart-transplant survivor who lives life to the fullest. The guests who get to us through the hidden street art experience in Madrid think that his communicative skills and the knowledge he has over the field are his greatest strengths.

What kind of services do we offer?

As you may have already noticed, we are experts in the street art an graffiti fields. It’s our goal to show you our city in a completely different way. That’s the audience that usually find us; people looking for quirky things to do in Madrid.

On one hand, you could join our walking guided visits. It will take you around two hours to complete these unusual tours in Madrid and you should know that the most popular one is the experience developed around Lavapies neighborhood.

The second most important will show you one of the most gentrified, and at the same time colorful district, called Malasaña. Our guests will learn about the history of urban art, the techniques used by artists and how to differenciate between street art and graffiti.

On the other hand, if you are in town for just one day/weekend, please take into account that Cooltourspain’s bike tours will fit you best as you will explore as much as double the walking visit.

Did you hear about the stencil workshops in Madrid that we offer to corporations, hen parties or birthday presents?

Do Cooltourspain’s unusual tours in Madrid fit all audiences?

Of course they do! No matter is you are a 70 years old lday travelling with your parner, a 15 years old student at middle-school, or a toddler carried by your parents in a pushchair. We do have adult & children prices, and younger than 5 go for free!

These unusual tours in Madrid are also offered for free. Did you know that our street art foundation collaborates with Down syndrome local associations to offer the opportunity to all audiences to learn about this ‘underground’ culture?

Our volunteers run these experiences every other month. Part of our revenue is used to purchase the materials that will be later used at the ‘ateliers’.

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