How many types of street art artworks could you find in Madrid this 2022?

Types of street art in Madrid

Walking around Madrid city could offer you a great insider view of the urban art’s health. Artists do create different types of street art, and today’s article will show you some examples of what you could see in the Spanish capital city.

If you are looking for something alternative to do in town, we would suggest you to participate in a scavenger hunt. Discover now with Cooltourspain the artworks created by local and international artists!

Spray painted walls & murals

The most common and repeated technique observed in the streets corresponds to the spray paint use. This is one of the types of street art that receives the highest attention from the young population, and the one that we like the most!

Madrid city is covered from North to South with throw-ups and block letters in metal shutters, highways or abandoned warehouses/buildings.

Graffiti writers risk their time and money in order to leave their mark in Madrid’s 21 districts, but only legal walls will be mentioned within this post.

Urvanity’s contributions for an increment in the types of street art featured.

Types of street art observed during Urvanity
Urvanity walls 2020. Artwork created by Gvillle, a local talent.

First festival to be mentioned is Urvanity, a unique contemporary art fair in Madrid. Thousands of visitors were able to observe during the first weekend in March 2020 the artworks brought by international art galleries to COAM, Madrid regional architecture union.

Which interesting facts could we mention about the types of street art featured in this event?

  • D*Face painted one of his famous characters in Lavapiés.
  • Art talks to debate about the current urban scene.
  • ’10 seconds, 20 artists’ project to bring artists to Madrid’s advertising.

MOS, ‘Meeting of styles’ event.

MOS graffiti Madrid
Picture by Oscar Guerra/ flickr

The graffiti culture has an important date marked in its calendar of things to do in Madrid. MOS is a global artistic project which brings the most talented graffiti writers to different cities around the world.

The festival takes place in Chamartin train station parking lot. More than 400 meters where international & local artists do what they love most!

P-A-I-N-T-I-N-G !!!

Meeting of styles is popularly known because of their contribution to the preservation of the old-school graffiti community. It’s not just a project, it’s a family of friends united for the love of the spray paint!

Paper-based types of street art

Another common technique used by artists is related to the use of paper, the better if it’s recycled. These types of street art may even include natural materials, as some creators use egg whites for their artworks.

They usually contain characters, and it’s easy to spot them around the city center. Would you like to check who are the most famous ones in town?

Sticker crew. Combos created by an international community.

the types of street art in Madrid include stickers
Some of the most famous stickers & characters in Madrid. Picture by R2hox

The European artistic network is huge! Did you know that it’s common to observe one sticker in Madrid and at the same time spot the same creation in London?

There exists a huge community of people, with common tastes, who collaborate and create combos to stick all around the world.

Madrid’s most famous & popular stickers are:

  • Wolf, a space invader style sticker
  • Bloo & Titi, is it a lion or a tiger? Choose yourself!
  • Curruncho & Mufasa, members of the markers crew!

Cooltourspain members will give you ours after the street art tour in Madrid. Have you already sticked it in your computer?

The most famous paste-up artists in Madrid.

Unpeeled paste-up
You can check how the paste-ups in town use glue to stick them on surfaces.

Similarly to what happens with the stickers, these types of street art may also have its weak points. One of them would be severe weather conditions.

Another disadvantage that they may have is the necessity to carry on large items while developing the artworks in the streets. At least, you will need to carry on long posts, a brush and a container for the glue.

Would you use artificial or organic materials for the paste-ups? Still, some of the artists you will see in Madrid this 2020 are:

Clay related materials used in Urban art

If we would have to choose a favourite material, we would probably mention those created with clay. These types of street art are resistant and they could be even interpreted by bling citizens.

It’s also interesting to point out that some of these artworks have been stolen around Lavapiés and Malasaña districts. Por favor told us once that a young kid’s grandma mentioned that the teenager stole his artworks because they were cool!

Tile figures in Madrid’s corners

Types of street art in Madrid
Hans & Nean created this cute tile decoration above Pan Adoré in Plaza Cascorro.

Assuming that you were the artist who created this colorful street art artwork, would you go piece by piece while working on it, or would you have it prepared from home?

These artistic decorations are brought from home already designed. They contain a net on the background, which help compact the artist’s creativity.

H40 is the common material used by all construction workers and perfectly fits this artistic need! Some others use white silicone too.

Types of street art where we could observe sculptures

Dos Jotas, Madrid street art artist
The sculpture created by Dos Jotas as photographed by Marta Nimeva Nimeviene.

Dos Jotas is an artist who specializes in urban planning. He integrates part of our daily tasks into artistic references, either on walls, floors or advertising panels.

His activism may be observed as an critical call to the society. Are we going in the right direction with our acts and way of living? What’s the future we want to build for next generations?

Swinton and Grant gallery has recently exhibited his artworks in Calle Miguel Servet, where Dos Jotas worked with another material commonly observed in his signature, steel.

May plastic be also used in the urban art in Madrid?

Aïda Gomez Circular Madrid
Table tennis created with recycled materials by Aïda Gomez for Circular festival

Circular is a new event in town created by Madrid Street Art Project, one of the most important organizations dedicated to urban art’s exploration.

For the 2020 edition, Guillermo, Rocio and Diana curated a list of artists who would investigate about the neighborhood and include recycled materials in their artworks.

  • Elbi Elem,
  • Octavi Serra,
  • Clemens Behr.

Do you recycle? These artists do it too with these types of street art!

Types of street art at Circular

Cooltourspain’s thoughts about the types of street art.

There are many different types of street art, and we just mentioned few of them. Do you think there should be anyone listed here? Send us an email to with your suggestions!

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