One of the most alternative things to do in Blanes? Join a graffiti workshop!

things to do in blanes with teenagers and kids

Whether you are planning a visit to the Costa Brava with a group of friends or with your school students, there exists the possibility to discover this beautiful town in Girona through a list of alternative things to do in Blanes. We could not only take you to several hidden gems and almost private beaches, but also to spots where you’ll be able to paint a mural/ wall with spray cans. Have you ever used them before?

Professional graffiti writers and street art artists will lead a unique experience while in Spain. In that sense, high school participants will enjoy the final outcome. They will observe and photograph the process of decorating with tags, throw-up letters, and even with stencils. Perfect experience while in Blanes or Lloret de Mar. Would you be interested in leaving your artistic signature with a local artistic entrepreneur?

Most of our activities take 2/3 hours to be developed, including the safety instructions, planning and runtime. For your information, they could follow any theme you give us. Let us know your groups’ holidays slogan and we’ll transform it into a live event! How long will you stay around? We’re fully flexible. Thus just send us your request! Here are some of the choices you may check:

Things to do in Blanes for teenagers and school groups

The whole idea of offering alternative things in Blanes came when Javier Garcia, Cooltourspain’s CEO moved from Madrid to the Costa Brava. By that time he observed the huge touristic opportunity that existed among middle school and high school students who travelled in order to enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle. Thus he started promoting the service among student travel agencies such as Voyages Triangle and Cahier de Voyages.

Today you’ll find information about graffiti and street art related activities. Moreover, it’s thanks to the educational, cultural and social aspects conveyed within these artistic approaches that both the youngest and the oldest ones will enjoy from the begging to the end. Whether you’re travelling with a group of 14 or 54 participants, we’ll grant your group a unique and tailored experience!

Do not forget that the whole team-building has been designed following the methodology that Mr. Garcia has used with students from Spain and United States. Apart from becaming an entrepreneur in 2016, he holds a teaching degree with an English language mention/specialization. For instance, Costa’s level of thinking.

What are the coolest things to do in Blanes? A live graffiti experience!

activities for teenagers in blanes, costa brava
Participants photographed while painting with spray cans

Once you offer hands-on activities to kids and teenagers, they will be more engaged with the tasks involved. In that sense, what do you think that students would prefer while participating at alternative things to do in Blanes? Listening to artists instructions or painting with spray cans? It’s obvious that they would choose the latter option. However, you should know that all our activities start with safety instructions.

Thanks to Javier’s experience as a bilingual & art teacher in Odessa, TX and Denver, CO, the graffiti workshop will involve your students even before the project starts. We will send you worksheets and materials so that you can prepare the trip in advance, while learning about contemporary art. Including, but not limiting to videos, crosswords and questions regarding the urban art movement.

In the same vein, we’ll request an idea for the design. Did your educational center set up a slogan for the kids’ holidays? For instance, we’ve designed projects in which the school coordinators requested to paint about equity, hard-work and even about the climate change! What’s true is that the more involvement students show, the best they will learn!

Graffiti & street art workshop over a 100% cotton tote bag

creative workshop for students in blanes

We admire teenagers creativity! While some students may use natural elements to develop their artworks, others will create their designs with masking tape. What’s sure about the alternative things to do in Blanes is that if you hire our professional graffiti writers to lead the experience, kids will never forget about it! Join our workshop to learn more details about street art.

Cooltourspain’s second most requested service corresponds to an art ‘atelier’ in which participants will not paint over a wall that will remain in Girona, but over a clothing element that they will keep and take home. Furthermore, we’ll provide several stencil patterns, and if it’s of your interest, we could design your school’s logo with a recicled xray film. Let us inform you that we love to reuse and reduce plastic consumption.

Please take into consideration that our guests should bring appropriate clothing. That means wearing clothes which doesn’t matter if they get dirty. We will provide them with plastic gloves, but you never know what kids are capable of. We will take photographs of the activity so that you can bring back to your hometown a cool memory of your holidays in the Costa Brava.

Explore the best panoramic views around town

alternative things to to in blanes at St Joan castle
Viewpoint located at St. Joan castle

In case you were not only interested in beach time, we’d then suggest your group a hiking activity. Whether you plan your alternative things to do in Blanes along Camino de Ronda, or through any of the countryside trails, there is one spot that highlights among the rest. It’s called Saint Joan castle and it will not take you further than 30 minutes to get there walking from the city center.

The path is well structured. Basically because you know where you’re heading at all times. Keep on walking all the way up, until you’ve got no other place to go. By the time you reach the top of the hill, enjoy the scenery, take photographs with your friends and go back through a different path. We’d suggest you doing it from the little trailtrack located next to the parking lot, facing north.

It will take you through a typical Mediterranean landscape. At last, you’ll reach a Botanic garden called Marimurtra, where hundreds (if not thousands) of different cactus, plants and trees will welcome you. Is there anything healthier than walking while you’re on holidays?

Is this list of things to do in Blanes friendly with graffiti writers?

Yes, of course it is! Actually, we support the local emergent scene in many different ways. For instance, we comission legal walls and help businesses decorate their metal shutters/walls with contemporary art. Some of the artworks that you will observe while walking around Lloret de Mar and Blanes were painted by our team members. Moreover, we love meeting other writers from different parts of Europe.

In case you were interested in painting in our area, please submit your request through the following form. We’ll gladly show you around and take you to abandoned spots, where to paint at no risk. There are several warehouses and buildings that have been painted over the past years by passionate urban artists. We love creating personal relationships with people who love graffiti.

[formidable id=”1″]

Check its abandoned buildings and warehouses.

Abandoned building in the Costa Brava
This is the aspect of an abandoned factory. So dope!

Cooltourspain team members come from many different backgrounds. While some of these alternative things to do in Blanes are led by people who have studied Fine Arts at university, others are educators with professional experience on the elementary school setting. Others such as Secta, started painting graffiti at the age of 15 and have developed their artistic career in the modern art industry. Did you know that they now sell canvas and pictures to contemporary art galleries such as L’Arcada gallery?

Some of them still paint in the area. The image that you could observe in the upper paragraph corresponds to a hiperrealistic decoration painted by Sav45 in the outskirts of Blanes. As you may figure out, the way these buildings look like are nothing but completely grubby. However, it’s a completely quircky experience!

What’s our opinion about the alternative things to do in Blanes, Girona?

We moved to the Costa Brava because of the life quality that it offers. Living 3 minutes walking distance from the beach, it’s nothing you can compare to the rush and caos of a big city like Barcelona or Madrid. There are many things to do in Blanes, and these are just 3 samples of what you could do. Have you ever tried kayaking?

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