Would you know how to get started on a career as a street artist?

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If you love urban art and graffiti, and you would like to explore your artistic talents in this artistic field, you should get started by reading this article. It will provide you with some tips on how to get started on an adventure as a street artist.

Graffiti can bring color and life into the cities’ gray areas and public spaces. Moreover, it has a rich history around the world, starting in the US. However, there exists controversy around their names. While some people find it expressive and colorful, others would rather have it removed. Alternatively, others see it as art meanwhile the majority of the population observe it as vandalism. If you want to know more about the story of graffiti and street art, you should continue reading our blog.

The graffiti tag

A tag is an undeniable part of graffiti. Any given street artist needs a tag as a signature to mark the territory. There should be no question about which artist has created the artwork. A tag can take different forms as it can be both a symbol and a name. However, most graffiti artists have found an artist name to mark their artistic endeavors. Whether your name is your tag or not, you will need to find a good and creative one.

The truth is that deciding on a name might be a hard task. You must stick with the name you choose as the audience should be able to recognize your art. If you are struggling finding the perfect fit, you can get some inspiration through https://businessnamegenerator.com/artist-art-business-name-generator-ideas/. This site will provide you with a wide range of ideas for creative art related names. Hopefully, the website will help you make a breakthrough in the street art community/movement.

Take a graffiti trip and workshop

the studio of a street artist
Picture from Matthieu Comoy on Unsplash

There is no better way to get started than collecting inspiration from other street artists. Thus, why don’t you try visiting one of Europe’s great street art cities, Madrid? Here you can take a curated city tour through the city’s colorful graffiti. Seeing what the great street artists of Madrid have to offer will probably be an inspiring adventure.

Besides taking in the street art, you have the possibility to take a workshop in graffiti learning from experienced artists. You will be able to get a hold of the artistic practice of graffiti. This will provide you with a network of street artists and a solid artistic tool. When you have wandered around Madrid taking in all the historical, colorful and expressive graffiti art, you will most likely feel empowered to test your own artistic skills.

Get familiar with the laws

Billy Freeman on Unsplash

Before you get started covering walls with your art, you should naturally get familiar with the laws in your area. It would be a bummer getting a criminal defense for not knowing where to paint. So, you should do some research on how and where to paint around your area. If there are no spaces, you must seek out some communities where you have a common space to share and paint. But it should be possible to find some walls to paint without breaking the law. Just make sure, you are completely certain that it is legal.

Would you like to share your opinion about how to become a street artist? Send us your story!

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