How to organize a street art workshop? 6 Key facts to run this experience

unique street art workshop

The touristic and educational industries all over the world are continuously searching for alternative experiences to recommend to their clients. Furthermore, they look for original activities and that’s why Cooltourspain created a street art workshop for all of them.

It is our interest to show you from an insider perspective, how should it be organized and structured.

Let’s pay attention to the following key details:

Which materials are required?

First of all, any organization interested in developing a street art workshop should pay careful attention on the materials used.

Similarly to what happens with journalism & E-commerce, quality should prime more than quantity. That is to say, please do not buy the cheapest stuff on the market, but top reviewed materials.

1-. Use water based spray cans for the street art workshop

Masking tape, stencil card boards and water based spray paint

Our first bullet point refers to spray cans. The key fact relies in guests, who love getting hands-on and try to practice as much as possible. There exists several materials that we use, depending on the customer’s hand size.

  • Adults use regular 400 ml. spray cans
  • Teenagers and young adults may use smaller size (see 300 ml.)
  • Children take control with 100 ml. cans

Another important fact to take into account when working with this material is the odor. It’s not the same working outdoors than doing it on an indoors venue.

That’s the reason why we only work in interior spaces with water based spray cans. It’s the only way to avoid inhaling toxic paint particles.

If you don’t want your guests to waste paint, offer them middle caps. They will limit the amount of paint that comes through the nozzle at the same time.

2-. Work with card boards and box cutters

workshop for an important brand
Participants developing the logo with a stencil technique

Secondly, working with recycled materials will add sustainable values to your project. In that sense, why don’t you buy these products in a local store where it is assured that the paper is reused?

Cardboards work perfectly for stencils. Their weight will allow participants to cut each design and apply water based spray paint over them without tearing them in parts.

Above all, it is extremely important to remember your guests to follow safety instructions while working with box cutters. For instance:

  • Never play with this tool,
  • Do not put your hand in the middle of the cutting direction,
  • Set the blocker to stop the blade from moving.

What are the human resources involved in a street art workshop?

Any street art workshop should be led by professionals, whose experience on the field will create a unique experience.

In order to support the local artistic scene, projects like ours should count with the help of emergent talents. It’s them who really need our support!

3-. Hire not only an artist, but a graphic designer

leading artist for the street art workshop
Guests while receiving instructions in the street art workshop

It is important to count with artists who have experience painting walls and murals, but it could be even more precise to hire somebody with great IT & designing skills.

The work of a freelance artist should be creating an idea into a design. What are your customers’ ideas? Think about the following, for example:

  • What’s the event’s main goal?
  • Who’s your targeted audience”
  • Is scaffolding required in street art workshop development?

4-. Choose the correct leading artist + assistants

Above all, all your human resources will require to have great social skills. It’s really important that the person who represents the name of your company connects perfectly with the group.

From our point of view, experience with groups of students and team buildings is a must. That’s one of the desired requirements before hiring an artist or another. Does he/she speak several languages?

The most fluent in English and Spanish languages, the better!

Other aspects about the structure and organization of a street art workshop

If in the first two paragraphs we talked about the human & non-human resources used, it’s now time to focus on those other aspects which are still necessary for the street art workshop development.

Organizers should:

5-. Choose the right location

venue for the graffiti workshop
Indoor spaces require good ventilation system

Celebrating an event requires months in advance preparation. Booking spots might not be possible in a last minute base,so we would recommend you to reserve as soon as you know the date.

The desired location for the celebration of a street art workshop would be an outdoors roofed venue. In case it rains, you’ll make sure that all the activities’ preparation isn’t ruined by the weather.

Tables, chairs and waste bins should be prepared before the clients arrive to the spot. It’s also important to take care of the place where you are developing the activity. You should leave it as you found it!

6-. Customize the street art workshop to the maximum possible

Last but not least, guests should receive the possibility to choose between budgets. That’s why would recommend you to offer 3 prices.

  • Basic, it would include the regular service,
  • Medium, add an extra like a graffiti workshop.
  • Luxury, what about adding drinks and appetizers for the group?

Our opinion about the graffiti workshop

guest cutting a stencil
Guest cutting a stencil with an image of a woman

We love creating original ideas for our guests. It seems as if our workshops where fresh for event management companies (DMC & MICE).

Please contact us if you think there should be any bullet point added to the list.

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