Street art Salamanca: explore the 1st post-graffiti guide

nego graff creates this beautiful piece for street art salamanca

‘Castilla y León’ province features many rural and urban beautiful landscapes, and today we wanted to talk to you about the Street art Salamanca.

How would you define the artistic community’s health in the city? How many of the following names are familiar to you? Which places would you visit to take urban photography?

Cooltourspain’s guide will help you to analyze the local scene in a few minutes, attaching several high-resolution images of

  • Local & national emergent street art artists
  • Must-visit places

Who are the local urban artists representing the Street art Salamanca scene?

Túnel de la Televisión / Paseo de la Estación, Salamanca

The city center features probably one of the most beautiful architecture designs across Spain, which means that you are not going to observe that much of graffiti in its streets.

Artists respect the cultural heritage and consequently choose the suburbs and outskirt districts to paint graffiti Salamanca.

These are some of the local artists to be followed on Instagram.

1-. Nego Graff, more than graffiti art

Street art Salamanca picture taken by Oscar Guerra
Calle Antonio Espinosa 11. Barrio del Oeste, Salamanca.

2-. T decoma, local stencil master

street art artist from Salamanca
Calle Asturias 22. Barrio del Oeste, Salamanca

A professional graphic designer creates this colorful layers, using recycled x ray films or plastic acetate.

His interest on illustration started in 2008, but it was in 2004 when he spray painted for the first time a wall in his hometown.

Tomy is an active member of the stencil & sticker community in Spain, and has participated in different street art festivals and events

3-. Cain Ferreras

Graffiti created in Gran Via street
Picture by Oscar Guerra aka Sr. Irregular/ flickr

Mr. Ferreras is an Environmental science graduate from Salamanca university who believes that a better world is possible. He creates messages where people interact with the interpretation.

Not only he paints on walls, but he also tattoos on people’s skin.

  • Nature
  • Feminist ideas
  • Light colors

These ideas are common topics found on this street art artist portfolio.

Where will you discover the best Street art Salamanca?

Artwork in a building's corner
Calle Papín / Calle Juan de Juni. Barrio del Oeste, Salamanca

The city is walking and bike friendly. Salamanca is one of the most popular college towns in the country, and foreign students visit the city on Erasmus exchange programs all year long.

Urban art is becoming a popular industry and businesses observe how a graffiti decorated entrance might attract customers’ attention.

The first neighborhood that we wanted to introduce in this article is located just 1 kilometer away from ‘Plaza Mayor de Salamanca’, probably the most visited spot in town.

Barrio del Oeste, fighting the gentrification

A whole neighborhood taken by street art Salamanca
Calle de Valle Inclán / Calle Vitigudino. Barrio del Oeste, Salamanca

ZOES, a local neighbors association, alongside with ‘Lem Arte’ cultural project created several years ago an event where metal shutters of businesses are painted with vibrant images.

Thanks to this project, the street art Salamanca is alive. You will now be able to walk around an unfinished urban art museum, apart from visiting the city in a classic way.

Galeria Urbana is the name of the project, and you may check information about artists in this link about Street art Salamanca.

  • Zësar Bahamonte
  • Edu Burton
  • Srt.icolorea
  • Taquen

Parque Würzburg, old-school meeting point

Local graffiti crew in Salamanca
Parque Würzburg, Salamanca

The northern entrance to Salamanca on the A62 highway will take you straight to a public park where local graffiti crews usually hang.

Alto contraste is one of them. They are Salamanca’s roots family, promoting street art/graffiti and music events around the area.

  • Thone
  • Ochoa
  • Agü
  • Eseon
  • Ares

National and international graffiti & street art artists contributing to the urban art scene in Salamanca

Picture by Sr Irregular
Calle Churriguera / Calle Nieto Bonal. Barrio del Oeste, Salamanca

Urban artists from other Spanish provinces do contribute to the street art Salamanca. Their connection with the event’s organizers made possible that the streets in Salamanca are now covered with almost real images.

You have to understand that the budget for these events is limited, and artists do collaborate in a non-profit way. Last year’s edition covered the transportation, accommodation and material expenses of all guests.

One of them was a girl from Ourense called,

– Doa Oa, green leaves everywhere!

Street art artists from Spain
Calle Gutemberg 26. Barrio del Oeste, Salamanca

Reforestation could be the word used to define this green corner located in the Barrio del Oeste area.

She uses plastic paint on walls with brushes. Doa frequently refers to

  • Wild trees who grows around,
  • Rivers around the cultivated fields,
  • Little fruits and vegetables used to make some traditional drinks, jams or stews,

Not only we can find Doa Oa in Salamanca, but also in Madrid, where she participated at CALLE Lavapies street art festival.

Medianeras murales, Argentinian art

Beautiful owl graffiti
Calle León Felipe 21. Barrio del Oeste, Salamanca

This Argentinian duo, created by Vanesa Galdeano and Anali Chanquia, thinks that public art, besides making cities more beautiful, claims the idea of a shared place – of all individuals .

They have travelled all across Europe and South America, painting walls with almost real images like this owl. Vanesa and Anali are both Fine arts graduates.

Our opinion about the street art Salamanca

Cooltourspain believes that the street art Salamanca might be used as an alternative for alternative tourists who have already visited the city and saw the same things at all times.

Barrio del Oeste is now part of the city’s touristic/artistic circuit, and local businesses should take advantage of it.

It happens in major Spanish capital cities like Madrid, Barcelona or Málaga, and Salamanca is creating its way into the national graffiti scene.

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