Top 3 street art painting samples in the urban art industry. What are yours?

street art painting in Miami

Artists all around the world need to update their skills in a constant basis. Street art painting is now just one of the many techniques that exist in the artistic industry, but we’ve come across with some other impressive artworks.

The following artworks will hopefully create the same impact than it produced on us. Astonishing! Check them out:

  • The mix of classic art and graffiti styles,
  • Canvas/ street art painting in huge walls,
  • 3D artworks in building facades.

1-. Pichi and Avo in Wynwood Walls

Artists at work
Spanish duo ‘Pichiavo’ as photographed during the Wynwood Walls fest

Pichi and Avo are two artists from Valencia, Spain, who create unique figures inspired in classical sculptures, mixing them with the aesthetics of graffiti in matters of writing and use of colours.

They combine Greek mythology figures with modern techniques to create what we believe is one of the greatest street art painting in contemporary times.

Could we define it as ‘mythological graffiti’?

Wynwood walls festival
Artists at work. As you may check, they use safety elements to spray paint on the wall.

As a result of Pichiavo’s sketches and thoughts, this artwork was the first one that the Valencian duo painted in the United States.

It features a mythological god on the left hand side. The background is covered with graffiti tags, and spray paint lines create a woman’s figure in the opposite side.

The artwork is in Wynwood Walls, Miami (Florida), but they are that famous that Pichiavo’s creations are also in:

  • Las Fallas, the most important event in Valencia,
  • Bristol, (UK) for Upfest 2016,
  • Utsira (Norway) & Rome (Italy)

Why do we include them as the best street art painting crew?

street art painting by pichiavo
Pichiavo’s throw-ups & tags photographed by Katie Wheeler and shared on flickr

Cooltourspain team members love them because of their combination of classic images with graffiti. It’s quite interesting to observe how it didn’t exist spray paint thousands of years ago, but how history found a gap to connect them!

Could you imagine the legacy that Michelangelo or Donatello would have created if they had the opportunity to spray paint over their sculptures?

Conor Harrington’s street art painting for Warsaw Fight Club.

Street art painting in Poland
Wouldn’t you stare at this artwork for hours, trying to analyze the artist’s message?

Conor Harrington is an Irish artist, born in Cork, whose career started as a graffiti writer. He started at a young age and never quit!

Mr. Harrington considers himself a painter more than a street art artist, and despites urban art criticism he’s gained the respect of the graffiti scene.

How could we classify Conor’s style?

Conor Harrington, Irish street artist
Ghost-like figures created by Conor on a private building. Pictures by Ferdinand Feys/ flickr

Similarly to what happens with Pichi & Avo, Conor also combines in his street art painting images of Art History with modern day graffiti.

His most iconic representations feature soldiers from Napoleon Bonaparte’s times. These army men always look fade among tags and throw-ups.

Which insider details could we tell you about this street art painting?

Conor Harrington detailed picture

The Polish capital counts with a street art painting created by Conor Harrington, and these are the key facts that you should know about this artwork:

  • The scene represents an image of two men about to start a fight, imitating images of the 1999’s David Fincher movie ‘The Fight Club’,
  • It features a classic twist with Napoleonic soldiers.
  • The artwork was created over 5 floors,
  • Realism of the scene & intentionally not finished parts.

The meditating man that Alexandre Orion painted in Frankfurt (Germany)

Street art painting by Alexander Orion
Panoramic view of this 2 floor urban art decoration

Above anyone else, there’s a Brazilian artist who has become known as the world’s pioneer artist for ‘reverse graffiti’. It’s an environmental friendly technique that allows the artists to create his/her ‘graffiti’ by wiping the dust.

He’s also known because of art pieces that he entitles “Metabiotics” . The act of creating a street art artwork and then wait in the spot to take a picture of a person passing by, or interacting with the piece.

What did we like about Orion’s street art painting?

Alexander Orion Frankfurt Germany
Jürgen Telkmann photographed this image in 2013

Alexandre has proven to be one of the most creative multidisciplinary artists of the past decades. This piece was made in 2013 in an art initiative which aimed to promote Brazilian street art.

Why did we fall in love with this artwork?

  • The way the artist played with the building’s structure is amazing!
  • The two sides/ perspective offers a unique view of a floating meditating man.
  • The figure represented is a man, hiding his face with a riot mask. Would this be considered as contraposition of topic and figure?
  • White and grey colors that give an eerie vibe.

Alexander Orion’s metabiotic artworks are mesmerizing!

Street art Brazil
Brazilian made street art in Frankfurt, Germany

Our opinion on Street Art Painting.

Despite some artists novelty, the quality of artworks observed around the world is incredible! Whether a street art painting is commissioned or created illegally, the aesthetics and beauty transmitted is something to admire.

We live in times that people don’t have time to stop and think. Thus we’d recommend them to analyze the message included within any given artwork.

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