Top 4 street art Madrid tour found in Tripadvisor. Explore the city differently

Moment during the street art madrid tour

We invited a local influencer to our Street art Madrid tour and these were his impressions:

A very nice way to discover the city. I live in the district and love how many murals decorate the streets of Lavapies!

Diego Araujo, 2018

What Diego didn’t know by then was that we are now organizing different services to which he could be invited to…

  1. Street art Madrid tour in Lavapies
  2. Malasaña graffiti experience
  3. Urban art Madrid bike tour
  4. Street art feminist tour

Which are the areas covered in the street art Madrid tour?

The covered areas are located within ‘Madrid central’ area. A side of town which holds a traffic prohibition to several vehicles.

Any of our street art Madrid tour covers from Tribunal to Embajadores neighborhoods.

They are both considered as hipsters and trendy, and we will show you what the alternative parts of Madrid are like.


1-. Lavapiés, multicultural district.

Check the video to see what are the areas covered within the street art Madrid tour.

There are graffiti walls which decorate Argumosa, Miguel Servet and Embajadores streets.

Lavapies is considered by many as Madrid’s most multicultural zone and it is full of bars which a young vibe like the ones at Mercado San Fernando or Café Pavón (same street).

2-. Malasaña, hipster neighborhood.

Tribunal is one of the busiest meeting places in Malasaña. People from many different lifestyles and likes, do hang out around a place full of vintage clothing stores and chic local & international food restaurants!

The other Plaza is Dos de Mayo, where hundreds of young adults gather in the evenings. It’s specially busy during Spring and Fall seasons.

Our street art Madrid tour will also take you to:

  • Galeria de Robles, ‘Los Bolardos’.
  • Calle La Palma.
  • Corredera Alta de San Pablo.

3-. Chueca & Plaza de España.

It’s of special interest, a location called Plaza de España.

At the moment, there is construction works in place so that the whole park is covered with green colors and open spaces.

Right next to it, a corridor that connects a V.O Cinema with a parking lot completely taken by street art walls in Madrid.

A festival called ‘Arte al Cubo’ decorates the hallway in which there is also a famous Techno night club called Pirandello.

4-. Embajadores & El Rastro.

Lastly, the biggest flea market in town. Please make sure you fix some time in your calendar during your holidays in Spain.

It’s a must-do thing among any local or traveler in Madrid on Sunday mornings.

The area is full of:

  • Tags, among them DEFO & RUCA
  • Stickers, see for example KANS.
  • Paste-ups, NEAN and Ze Carrion.

How is the street art Madrid tour organized?

– Walking

– By bike.

– Private car / van

Our opinion about the street art Madrid tour.

We can observe as the tourism in the city increases when the high seasons approach. Spring and Fall bring the majority of travellers but did you know that you could participate in many experiences offered in a daily way, not only at the months of April, May, September or October? Our alternative guided visits are available on a street art Madrid tour, which will best represent the local lifestyle present in Lavapiés and Malasaña neighborhoods. In today’s article we will also explain you details about how the community projects like ours create an impact on people’s daily life or how are the street art festivals in Madrid organized; let’s talk about CALLE, Pinta or Urvanity.

What companies do offer a street art Madrid tour?

Street art Madrid tour showin the work of Will Yakome
Javier Garcia/ flickr
Street art Madrid tour walking over a warehouse

Cooltourspain is the main service provider for this kind of service, but there are over a dozen companies which offer the same product on the internet. Some examples of it might be Airbnb, Tripadvisor (through Viator), Get Your Guide or Lonely Planet. They charge the minimum price per person set by us for the street art Madrid tour and then add a commission which varies from the 15% to 25%. Our guests should know that all the experiences are run by a similar group of people, so the reviews about all the activities mentioned talk about the same guides. Have you read any of them? WHat do they say? Would you participate in the experience just because of the comments left by previous guests?

Is the street art Madrid tour recommended for all audiences?

The official Instagram account from the street art Madrid tour will illustrate with pictures who are the people that participate in our activities. The most common audience for our public tours is a 25-45 years old couple from the United States, followed by Israeli women who come with their relative by word of mouth. We do also receive the visit of many French, Australian and British people among others. As the project is growing, new services are available such as the hen party in Madrid. Groups of friends participate in a graffiti workshop where they put into practice the stencil and paste-up techniques learnt during our walking visits. Have you ever painted with a spray can? Easy, isn’t?

Then you may find groups of scholars who participate in our experiences. They come either from Madrid or abroad, Belgium, French or the Netherlands, with different group sizes and they enjoy a lot! This activity is meant to engage our groups and it’s impossible for them to get bored. University groups from the US and Canada also take part of this unique way to explore our city.

Street art Madrid tour in Embajadores neighborhood
Street art madrid tour showing Muros Tabacalera
Javier Garcia/ flickr

Can I get a discount for the street art Madrid tour?

Of course we can discuss if you can receive a voucher! Write us an email before you purchase the experience and we will answer you back. We receive many submissions which are treated individually, specially from high school or middle school groups. They want to participate in the street art Madrid tour but sometimes the schools orsummer camps are not covering the fee, so we set up student prices that are affordable for all budgets. Will we see you next time? Do not forget we also have stencil workshops leaded by local artists. We collaborate with Fundacion Down Madrid and our guides and graffiti artists host events for free when there is a social project involved. Stay tuned on Facebook for more information!

Street art Madrid tour leaded by Javier
Cooltourspain/ flickr
Activities offered during the street art Madrid tour
Giovanni Colomo/flickr
Where in Atocha do the street art Madrid tour meet?

The meeting point is located by the two baby head statues created by the famous Spanish artist Antonio López. The artworks’ height is over 2 meters, so you will see them even from a far distance. How do you get there? The nearest metro station for the street art Madrid tour is Atocha RENFE. To find the statues, you will head towards Hotel Only You Atocha. The statues are just across the hotel’s entrance. The other option would be asking someone for directions to the terrorist attack victims monument. In case you do not find it, please call us to +34638399784.

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