Join the official street art Madrid tour to explore the hottest 2022 graffiti.

The only one street art madrid tour

The artistic circuit celebrates its most important dates during the end of February every year, when different contemporary art galleries and a street art Madrid tour take place.

Thanks to private organizations and projects, internationally known artists stop in the Spanish capital to sell their artworks in modern art fairs and to leave their style in Madrid’s hidden corners.

Which are the newest artworks observed in the city center?

  • Urvanity Walls & Muros Tabacalera,
  • CALLE Lavapiés urban art festival,
  • Artworks created by local emergent talent.

Which new artworks have we recently observed during our street art Madrid tour?

The Spanish capital city observes as urban art increases the number of visitors in a certain given area and thus they allow different artistic projects to elaborate their artworks right in the city center.

We are specifically talking about two projects which support the local talent. Who are they and why are they exhibited in our street art Madrid tour?

‘Se alquila proyecto/futuro’

Picture taking during our Street art Madrid tour
NSN997 crew in action for Se Alquila Futuro project, November 2019

‘Future for rent’ is a local cultural project in which over 40 multidisciplinary artists exhibited their artworks in an event which theme was “future”.

It was an ephemer artistic experience which took place last november 2019 over several abandoned shops & locations, and we pay attention to the creation of NSN997, a Madrid based graffiti crew.

We included their illustration in our street art Madrid tour because we their way of thinking is similar to ours. What are we doing with our environment? Are we taking enough care for future generations?

Muros Tabacalera

Muros Tabacalera street art festival Madrid
National artists participated at the last edition of Muros Tabacalera street art festival.

If we would try to find the most valuable street in town for street art lovers, that would probably be Calle Miguel Servet.

Over 300 square meters wall painted every other year by the most talented artists. Muros Tabacalera is an urban art festival which invites national and international artists to decorate the exterior walls of a former XIX century tobacco factory.

The most fascinating thing is that these walls are just an appetizer for what you’ll find at the indoors part of this venue. Unfortunately for us, our Street art Madrid tour is not allowed inside.

Where are the newest graffiti walls located?

Thanks to the 2020 edition of Madrid Art week, it’s really easy to step into new artworks. Not only you will see these brand new urban illustrations during our Street art Madrid tour, but also on your own if you decide to create a map with your personal picks/preferences.

To us, these are the two most famous areas for urban art lovers within the city center:

Calle Embajadores, a classic in our street art Madrid tour

Dface artwork in town
D*Face is an internationally known British artists who left his signature in Madrid

Whether you walk up or down the hill, you’ll find hot creations in both sides of Embajadores street. You should know that for years, there’s existed rivalry for the streetside walls, but something changed with Urvanity 2020 festival.

The following artists received Madrid’s city council permission to paint in a hotspot located in Calle Embajadores, 19.

  • D*Face (UK), famous for his posters & huge walls.
  • Nicolás Romero aka EVER, contemporary visual artist from Argentina.

Calle Lavapies, along one of the most multicultural districts in town

female artist at work
Participant at the CALLE Lavapies 2019 edition painting over windows.

An urban art festival called CALLE decorates almost 100 stores & business’ doors/windows/facades every Spring season.

Despite the fact that some people think that street art helps gentrifying neighborhoods like Lavapies or Malasaña, Cooltourspain believes that the work promoted by the local commerce chamber helps to decorate the avenues of what we would define as the most multicultural district in town.

Some of the female artists featured in our street art Madrid tour are:

  • Yolanda Gomez Urrea
  • Sara Fratini
  • Tropidelia

Who are the freshest artistic additions to our street art Madrid tour?

Some of our additions belong to artists who previously travelled through our country, or lived for a short time in Madrid. Thanks to the connection that we have established with them on the net, we can give you the following details.

Oncps, pure graffiti style from Santiago, Chile

Local graffiti writer at the street art Madrid tour

If there is one thing that we like to talk about in our street art Madrid tour, that’s the close details about graffiti.

It was last December 2019 when part of Cooltourspain team members travelled to Chile observing dozens of graffiti walls where ONCPS was present. It’s now that we met the artist on the streets, that we talk about his creations during the Malasaña service (as we cross over Chueca area).

We are amazed by the outlining skills that ‘Miguelito was here’ has.

Gerbos Mad city, original concept

Gerbos street art Madrid
Gerbos decorated dozens of press kiosks in Madrid city.

We have lately observed the mad creations that Gerbos has spread all over Lavapies district. Either in pink or purple colors, his creations will surprise you around the corner.

Gerbos usually collaborates with a graffiti crew in Madrid called El Keller, located in one of the workshops at La Tabacalera (Calle de Embajadores, 53).

He has partnered with Petronza Crew or Sea162 at several times, and has exhibited in different contemporary art venues like Matadero Madrid or Zapadores.

Cooltourspain’s opinion about the street art Madrid tour

We have organized street art Madrid tours for almost 3,000 guests per year since 2016, and our project continues growing. We will soon launch services in Barcelona and Málaga, offering a unique & alternative opportunity to discover the most beautiful cities in Spain.

Always a pleasure to work with guests like you!

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