9 Street art images and creators that could easily make your day!

street art images in Cyprus

In a lockdown time when we are all forced to stay home, people need to find things to do over the internet in a daily (almost hourly) basis. That means that we could spend few minutes checking for artists and street art images.

Cooltourspain is constantly scouting the latest trends, styles and techniques. We love to research about new stuff, but there are some artists who will not stop surprising us!

You’ll be able to check the following names within this article:

  • Vhils (PT)
  • Paparazzi (GE)
  • Jef Aérosol (FR)
  • Li-Hill (CA)

Vhils, carving the walls with construction tools!

Vhils carved wall
Vhils carved wall in Los Angeles. Photographed by Lord Jim/ Flickr

Portuguese artist, Alexandre Farto a.k.a. Vhils is one of a kind. His artworks keep on amazing street art lovers who attend exhibitions, or open-air events, which feature his carved surfaces.

As a result of his work, we may explore how the artist studies the sociological phenomena that takes place in our world. For example, he’s interested in the relationships between our dreams and the goals set on your daily realities.

Vhils calls his own work as “creative destruction”, which in a sense means that there’s beauty in everything, even in the perishing parts of our cities.

Which street art images created by Vhils are you familiar with?

Master technique, Vhils 2011
Street art images shared on the internet by Vhils fans

Farto’s murals always depict faces of different people. You can see their eyes, noses and other features. The style is realistic and the proportions make the art very intimate and striking to the viewer’s eyes. 

However, his representations doesn’t only amaze us!

No brush or spray paint needed, just drills.

Alexander’s most iconic pieces are part of series of projects called “Scratch the Surface”. He uses the natural walls’ decay & carving techniques in order to create images.

The steps Vhils take to make these pieces are the following:

  • First, drawing the outline of the faces with spray paint.
  • Using the outline as a guide, he carves the wall with drills, hammers and sometimes with his own hands.

Who is the artist spreading solidarity worldwide?

Urban art by Paparazzi
Whirling Dervish for Yukablend festival in Nicosia (Cyprus)

Paparazzi is the nickname of Achilleas Michaelides, an artist who was born in Tbilisi, Georgia and now based in Cyprus.

Self-proclaimed one of the most important artists in this Mediterranean island, Paparazzi has opened the path for new young artists interested in graffiti and urban art creations.

Similarly to what many other artists do, Paparazzi’s intention is to bring together street art to fine arts. His style is figurative, his work represents different people from different countries, ethnicities and backgrounds.

What are the different types of street art images shared by Paparazzi?

Paparazzi artist
‘You are not alone’ talking about 2015’s Nepal earthquake

This Cyprus-based artist explores a variety of themes and topics. In some of his artworks we can observe different issues related to social causes. For example, he painted several walls featuring refugees. Other common solidary street art paintings show tragedies or catastrophes in different parts of the world.

The tools he uses the most are roll-ups & spray can paintings. His murals are commonly observed in large dimensions on building’s walls! He also became known for the creation of pieces using empty spray cans, playing with the colours in order to form sculpture-like street art images.

Check him working in the process!

Cyprus is a beautiful country, with great people, but by the time we visited the island we didn’t see those many artworks in the streets. It is now thanks to the internet that we just discovered him!

Follow him on Instagram here!

Shall we talk about a French master of street art images?

Street art images in France

Time for a little quizz! How many artists do you know with over 30 years in the front artistic line?

Maybe you have a couple of names in your mind, or maybe you have none. Either way, let’s dedicate some time to one of the most important figures of French graffiti and street art images.

The story of Jef Aérosol. Great name, ain’t it?

Jean-François Perroy was born in France in 1957, and is known in the artistic panorama as Jef Aérosol. 

He started making art in the 1970s, exploring the technique of copy art. It consists of street art images created with photocopy machines. 

He is considered one of the stencil godfathers. Just like Blek le Rat or Speedy Graffito, Aérosol started creating human size stencils of different characters, always in black and white colors. He also painted them with red arrows.

Jef Aérosol works with people silhouettes. Due to the fact that he includes famous international icons, you will easily recognize some of them,

Street art images of famous people.

Street art images created by Mr. Aérosol
Julian Mason shared in Flickr the street art image “Chuuuttt”, a giant mural created by Jef Aérosol in Place Stravinsky (Paris)

Would you be able to recognize any of the following ones?

  • Street art icon, Jean-Michel Basquiat.
  • Super star musician, Bob Dylan.
  • American beat-generation poet, Allen Ginsgberg.

Although this is a common element in his work, something interesting about this artist is that he’s equally interested in representing famous celebrities as well a “anonymous” and ordinary people.

Aérosol takes time to represent the working class heroes that, according to him, keep the world running.

Deconstructing street art images and dimensions with Li -Hill

Photo credit to Pranavgohill
Mural in New Dheli. Photo credit to Pranavgohill/ Instagram

Canadian artist Aaron Li-Hill is one of those art creators who constantly thinks about how much could street art evolve?

In other words, will graffiti change the way we see urban landscapes?

Li- Hill creates pieces which explore the limits of perception. When we stare at mural art, we are still looking at large dimensioned street art images. Materials and techniques alter what we observe, but what’s sure is that Aaron’s artworks will blow your mind.

What does Li- Hill style look like?

street art images by Li-Hill
“Pale Green Ghosts” is a mural created by Li’ Hill in Reykjavik (Iceland). Rob Oo/ Flickr

His murals represent moments from a dynamic perspective.

For instance, if you see a tiger attacking a person, in Hill’s mural you could enjoy all the different stages of this fierce jump. 

Although this may come across as a super technology-like type of art, the study of movements has been present in art for centuries. It is considered to be the beginning of motion pictures, as we know it now.

The principle of freezing each steps’ movement is what allowed the creation of phenakistiscopes, a wheel device that allowed people to enjoy animation in the XIX century.

What does the artist want to say with his art?

Photo taken from RAN
‘Not opposite, but divided’ was painted in 2016. Photo credit to Random Art Nyc

Aaron’s creations are full of meaning! Mr. Li explores the idea of what capitalism does to individuals; how it affects them and changes them. 

Furthermore, working as a street art and graffiti artist influenced him. Thus he always had in mind the idea of ephemerality and fragility in his pieces, representing them in every possible creation.

He also talks about the world’s speed and the complex layers of modern day society. 

Our opinion on these powerful street art images

There’s amazing artworks being created all over the world, even in the most remote places. Artists keep evolving and keep surprising us in every way possible.

We think these four artists deserve to be known worldwide because of what each of them brings to the game.

Don’t you think so? Would you add any other artist to the list?

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